2013 Show Reports – Limit Show

LIMIT SHOW  22nd June 2013

What a lovely happy show we had .  Thank you to everyone who came and were so generous with the raffle and with your food purchases.  We seem to have a made a small profit which we will now plough back into events for you, our members.

Best in Show was Heather Mealing’s Reifrandies Muirne (WHWT)

Reserve Best in Show was  Mrs S Morrell & Mrs T Teague’s Temelora Passing Fancy J.W (Papillon)

Best Puppy in Show was Mrs M Moore’s Odivane Wizz Kid (Schnauzer)

Reserve Puppy in Show was Mrs J Smith’s Snowshoes Masked Desperado (Alaskan Malamute)

Best Veteran in Show was Mrs J E Cross & Mrs S O’Brien’s Amalek Just Like Heaven (English Toy Terrier)

Many Congratulations to you all

Alan Carter with BIS and RBIS


Alan Carter with Best Veteran in Show - Amalek Just Like Heaven

Best Puppy - Odivane Wizz Kid & Reserve Best Puppy - Snowshoes Masked Desperado







Judges Report – Mr Alan Carter

Yeovil & District Canine Society

22nd June 2013

Thank you for the committee for putting on a great limit show.

I had the pleasure to judge the Gundog, Terrier and Hound breeds and then Best in Show.

Class 1 AV minor puppy Gundog

No entries

Class 2 AV Puppy Gundog


Class 3 AV Junior Gundog

1st Mrs S Rankine, Tenshilling Rumour Has It Fyldefair, 13 month old pointer bitch, very clean bitch, lovely outline stood. Really pleasing to go over, moved well.

Class 4 AV Special Yearling Gundog


Class 5 AV Graduate Gundog


Class 6 AV Open Gundog

1st Mrs S Rankine, Tenshilling Rags To Riches At Fyldefair JW ShCM, 2 and half year old pointer bitch, very smart bitch, clean outline, straight front, enough chest, showed nicely.

Class 7 AV Veteran Gundog

1st Mr M Luczynski, Semsox Thanks For The Memory At Kanara ShCM, 10 year old American Cocker Spaniel, very clean mover for age, shown in lovely coat, really nicely proportions

Best Gundog – Winner of class 3

Best Gundog Veteran – Winner of class 7

Class 8 AV Minor Puppy Terrier

1st – Mrs Girling, Benattivo Betfred, 7 and half month border terrier, lovely type, great head, enough reach of neck, straight front, level topline. Won on movement.

Class 9 AV Puppy Terrier

1st Mrs Martin, Bortino Lady Jane, 9 month old border terrier bitch, lovely head, great coat texture, moved well

Class 10 AV Junior Terrier

1st – Mrs Martin, Bortino Red Emperor,  9 month old border terrier, litter brother to the puppy winner, good type and size, lovely head and moved well

Class 11 AV Special Yearling Terrier

1st – Mrs Mealing, Reifrandies Muirne, 19 month old Westie bitch, wow lovely shape and size, she stole my heart. Lovely expression with prue black pigment, showed her socks off.

Class 12 AV Graduate Terrier

1st – Miss Woodward, Oregill Full Steam ShCM, 2 year old Lakeland, lovely type, alert, very proud, great head, correct coat texture, well set tail

Class 13 Open Terrier

1st – Mr Ruddock, Sidewater Amy Gale, Irish 2 year old bitch, lovely outline, stood so proud, straight front, well placed shoulder, moved well

Class 14 AV Veteran Terrier

1st – Mrs Mealing, Reifrandies Mingay, 7 year old westie, lovely shape and size, lovely head and great black pigment, lovely reach of neck, moved well

Best Terrier – Winner of class 11

Best Terrier Puppy – Winner of class 8

Best Terrier Veteran – Winner of class 14

Class 15 AV Minor puppy Hound

No Entries

Class 16 AV Puppy Hound

No Entries

Class 17 AV Junior Hound

1st – Lawrence, Saraquele Steal A Glance Over Bryntreia, 17 month old whippet male, well balanced and in proportion, lovely head, clean bite, ,moved well

Class 18 AV Special Yearling Hound

1st – Mrs Fitzgernald, Kierpark Bed Of Roses, 2 year old whippet bitch, lovely outline, clean head, lovely reach of neck, well proportion , moved well

Class 19 AV Graduate Hound

1st – Lawrence, Kierpark Memphis Bell With Bryntreia, 3 year old whippet bitch, clean bitch, nice outline, well proportion shown well.

Class 20 AV Open Hound

1st – Taylor, Willingwisp Star Singer, 6 year old whippet, clean bitch, sweet head and expression, well proportion, moved well.

Class 21 AV Veteran Hound

No entries

Best Hound – Winner of class 20

Class 50 AV Brace

1st – Yeates, Cavalier, pair of ruby CKCS, scored on merit and breed type.

Class 51 AV Special Beginners

1st – Winner was an American cocker Spaniel, nice type, showed well.

Class 52 AV Special Owner, Bred & Handled

1st – Winner was an Lakeland Terrier, shown very well

Best in Show West Highland Terrier

Res Best in Show Papillon

Best Puppy in Show Schnauzer

Res Best Puppy in Show Malamute

Best Veteran In Show ETT


Mr Gary Quest


Best in Group: Moore’s Schnauzer Odivane Maid Exclusively. 16 month old salt & pepper bitch of lovely type. In good hard condition. Super finish to harsh, wiry coat. Moved out very well.

Best Puppy In Group: Moore’s Schnauzer Odivane Wizz Kid. 6 month old dark salt & pepper boy of same lovely type as Group winner. Loved his head and construction, moved very well for such a baby. One to watch. Delighted to hear he took Best Puppy in Show under my Co-judge, Alan Carter.

Best Veteran In Group: No details in catalogue. Lovely black Standard Poodle who moved like a youngster and was thoroughly enjoying the day.



Best In Group: Prince’s Papillon Temelora Passing Fancy JW. 4yr old b/w Phalene male. One I have always admired. So well made, in full coat with lovely furnishings, moved beautifully. On top form, couldn’t be denied the group. It seems my co-judge agreed as he also won Reserve Best In Show.

Best Puppy In Group: Smith’s Pomeranian Densown Lucy Locket. 10 month old cream bitch. Good coat for age, typical spitz characteristics, moved well, appearing to float around the ring.

Best Veteran in Group: Cross & O’Brien’s English Toy Terrier Amalek Just Like Heaven. 7yr old bitch in lovely condition, with an extra sparkle in her eyes. Well made all through. Moved very well. So pleased to hear she went on to Best Veteran in Show.



Best in Group: Howe & Gough’s Swedish Vallhund Starvon Veni Vidi Vici. 3yr old male. Strong, stocky well made dog. Moved with drive and ambition, looked like he could go all day.

Best Puppy In Group: (no puppies present)

Best Veteran In Group: Siviter’s Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Valestars Day Dreamer ShCM. 9yr old tri dog. Well made with level topline, held on the move. A happy, active veteran, in lovely condition.



Best in Group: Tibbotts Boxer Willrait Entrechat ShCM. 3yr old red bitch. My type of Boxer. Sound as a pound, well muscled but not to excess. Moved with drive. In super condition.

Best Puppy In Group: Smith’s Malamute Snowshoes Masked Desperado. 6 month old male of lovely type. Moved very well for age. Seriously considered him for the group. Pleased to hear he went on to Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Best Veteran In Group:(no veterans present)


Gary Quest (judge)