– 2014 Show Report – Open Show

The main winners at the show were:  Judged by Mr Gary Gray  (Slatehouse)

Best in Show:  Mr S J Owen’s West Highland White Terrier – Egremont Seventh Heaven

Reserve Best in Show:  A Cawthera-Purdy’s Pomeranian -Phil Ch Canton Pufpride Dreamkeeper at Lireva

Best Puppy in Show :  Mr & Mrs D & MS A Hensley & Swift’s German Shepherd Dog –  Monksley Kohana At Zuberg

Reserve Best Puppy in Show:  Mr B & Miss C Jones’s Dachshund (Smooth Haired) – Hampdach Who Made Who For Adnerb

Best Veteran in Show: Mr C & Mrs S Bawden & Brown’s Schnauzer – Ch Khanate Million Dollar Baby ShCM

Reserve Best Veteran in Show: Mrs Strangroom’s Pointer – Medogold Wannabe Posh for Lappakia ShCM




Gundogs – Sarah Sevastopulo (Old Holbans)

Yeovil DCS Open Show – 30th December 2014 – Judge Sarah Sevastopulo

What a lovely atmosphere at this show, superb entry of quality dogs. Thank you all for coming and to the society for the invitation.

German Wirehaired Pointers

Graduate (2)

1st  Bareve Boken BOB &BP Excellent overall shape, Good head, expression and lovely beard. Excellent angulation, good bone, straight front, well let down hocks. Excellent texture to coat. Won on her sound free movement/

2nd Bareve Braambosch

Open (1)

1st  Adhemar Dundreggan over Milcook. Lacks masculinity and too short in body which means he overreaches on the move.

German shorthaired Pointers

Graduate (1)

1st Malmelsa Romancing Romeo at Pawnic.  Lovely young male, full of breed type. Excellent angulation front and rear. Great for size, coat, movement and overall make and shape.

Open (2)

1st  Barleyarch Trumpeter BOB. – Excellent clean cut head and intelligent eye, Lovely overall make and shape. Excellent angulation and short hocks to give sound driving movement

2nd  Adhemar Ben Retallick

Gordon Setters

Graduate (5,2ab)

1st  Graylacier Grand Illusion BOB Excellent all male Gordon, a true weight carrying hunter. Well off for bone and substance and in good coat. Loved his head type. Just needs to strengthen in hind movement.

2nd  Amscott Country Pursuits of Boyers

3rd  Flaxheath Just For Me

Open (1ab)


Junior (2ab)

Post Graduate (5, 2ab)

1st  Pipeaway Laura Louisa at Lappakia BOB. GP1. Just adored this girl, has the flowing lines so typical of a true Pointer.  Feminine head with good balance and aristocratic air. Superb angulation front and rear, excellent overall shape, bee sting tail  and just powered round the ring with grace and style. Could not be denied top honours from me today.

2nd  Wilchrimane Ace Ventura at Marissolo

3rd  Hawkfield All At Sea

Open (7, 4ab)

1st  Tenshilling Rumour Has It. RBOB. Slightly houndy in head, but good outline and angulation. Sound mover.

2nd  Wilchrimane Diamond Geezer at Marissolo

3rd Lappakia Dune Song


Graduate (6, 1ab)

Thank you NSDTR for coming and such a lovely quality entry too.

1st  Redaurora Golden Dream . Has true Toller attitude and is well made too. Excellent overall make and shape. Correct angulation, body shape and coat texture. Very feminine, and that true jaunty action on the move won her the class and RBOB.

2nd  Melanitta Fireblade

3rd  Camusmor Chili Pepper at Culmgillie – Best Puppy , he has it all there, just needs to level out in topline when stood. Great breed type and sound jaunty mover.

Open (4)

1st  Tivalake Jingle Bell Rock BOB & GP3 – have judged him before and he is now even better as fully mature. My ideal Toller for size, strength, breed type and jaunty action.  Just fits the standard to perfection.

2nd Redaurora Golden Dream

3rd  Foxdown Chiquitta of Melanitta


Puppy (3,2ab)

1st   Linjor O’Grady BP & PGP3. Excellent yellow baby, superb shape, bone, construction and angulation. Lovely barrel ribs, coat texture and temperament. Excellent front movement, just crabbing a bit behind but sound.

Junior (7, 2ab)

1st  Lembas Swings Both Ways at Milbridge. Lovely black boy, super head type, good bone and feet, correct angulation front and rear, excellent ribbing and overall make and shape. Excellent coat texture. When he settled was a sound true mover.

2nd  Gramegoli Myfunwy over Harpitts Close up to winner, lovely overall type.

3rd Pudleigh Crimson Leaves

Graduate (11, 3ab)

1st  Linjor Magnolia at Jaybec. Yellow bitch full of breed type and so sound on the move. Balanced feminine head, great outline and angulation, super ribs, and well let down hocks. In good coat of excellent texture. RBOB

2nd  Oceanwood Sunseeker

3rd  Lunarpet Dawn Chorus

Open (7, 4ab)

1st   Linjor Black Tuxedo BOB & GP4. Black dog in hard condition and super sound mover, really fit for purpose. All male head with great expression, excellent shape and construction all through. Good coat of correct texture.

2nd Lembas Thank’U for the Music at Jaybec

3rd Aquadell Montgomery


Puppy (4,2ab)

1st Chativore Calico Sky over Gilcar BP & PG1. Such a classy Cocker and in full coat too. Fabulous feminine head, excellent overall construction with super angulation and good square shape. Super temperament Well let down hocks and merry, free movement with plenty of drive won her this class and the puppy group

2nd  Pepperbox Summertime, close to winner in all respects but lacks maturity due to age.

Junior (4, 2ab

1st  Shenjela Midnight  Flyer RBOB. Another blue roan out of the top drawer. Fabulous head, make and shape and in excellent coat. Strong compact body with good bone and overall square shape. Excellent on the move.

2nd  Tojamatt Lady Cecil at Cleolivia

Graduate (4, 2ab)

1st  Majestyka Winning Streak. Liver and white male with good breed type and overall construction. Excellent coat and texture, super sound mover.

2nd  Cluniters Secret Sunshine

Open (8, 2ab)

1st  Withiflor Wheels on Fire BOB. Superb black and tan girl, feminine but keeping the sturdy build and bone, together with excellent angulation and overall construction to make a top class Cocker. Loved everything about her. In great coat and condition and excelled on the move to take BOB.

2nd  Tojamatt Lady Cecil at Cleolivia

3rd Majestyka Hope N Glory

AVNSC Gundog

Graduate (9,5ab)

1st  Springcurl Pinot Noir to Nyrrela . Sussex Spaniel of excellent breed type and overall shape. Excellent length to height ratios, true Sussex head and expression, correct seal type coat. Moved really well to win this class just lost out on maturity in the challenge for best AVNSC.

2nd  Madreliath’s Omaggio BP & PG2 Bracco of excellent breed type and so sound on the move (see PG write up for more)

3rd  Fecimus Robin Banks

Open (8, 3ab)

1st  Best AVNSC Kingsheath Angelina Love at Recondy. Excellent ESS, full of Breed quality, so well made with correct front assembly that gave the typical front movement. Pleasing head with good work to skull and kind expression, good neck, topline and angulation. In full coat and sound on the move, wish she sparkled more in the group.

2nd Pepperiever Beech at Crookwood

3rd  Havelli’s The Dark Knight at Kingsmist

AV Gundog

Minor Puppy (14)

1st  Kadaka Kaman at Westcombe. What a gorgeous G Ret pup. So well made all through, superb front construction, excellent bone, shape and overall type. Great coat and condition and confident temperament. So sound on the move, should have a great future, shame he wasn’t in the puppy group. Closely followed by the second, a gorgeous Irish pup.

2nd  Redclyst Cosette

3rd  Pepperbox Summertime

Puppy (8)

1st  Kerrydown Octavia Such elegant lines and true Irish outline. Feminine head with melting expression, good length of neck that flowed in to topline and tail set, well off for bone but still with that racy quality needed. Super sound mover and in good coat and condition. Her brother was also a super young Irish, very close up.

2nd  Kerrydown One Man

3rd  Maycourt Starman by Crookwood

Open (8)

1st  Tojamatt Lady Cecil at Cleolivia. Liked this black Cocker in the breed, has it all there, when she settles on the move is a star, just needs to leave the dancing outside the ring.

2nd Harpitts Forever  Tilly

3rd  Majestyka Winning Streak

Veteran (18)

1st  Medogold Wannabe Posh for Lappakia. Excellent black and white Pointer so fit and stylish. Excellent make and shape, overall balance and super movement. A close second was a Gorgeous G Ret who is from a bloodline I like a lot.

2nd  Trebettyn GI Blues at Westcombe

3rd  Semsox Thanks for the Memory at Kanara


1st Pointer – Pipeaway Laura Louisa at Lappakia – my star of the day, never stopped showing and has that classic look of Pointers through the ages and I see was bred by a kennel that we had dogs from at home 40 years ago.

2nd English Setter – Upperwood Summer Sky of Wennvale – as all English Setters from this kennel has the style, construction, elegance and movement that is so important and the slashing tail and driving movement to go with it.

3rd NSDTR –  Tivalake Jingle Bell Rock – Dog that I judged earlier in the day, superb specimen of the breed.

4th Labrador – Linjor Black Tuxedo, fit and fabulous Labrador who had been working the day before.

Gundog Puppy Group

1st Cocker – Chativore Calico Sky over Gilcar . Excellent young Cocker with all the attributes to go far.

2nd Bracco – Madreliath’s Omaggio.  Love this young Bracco, superb head planes that give the breed their distinctive noble look, so well mad and confident for one so young. Well balanced body, excellent angulation and overall make and shape. Super sound mover, already showing that untiring stride. Unlucky to meet the more mature, older Cocker.

3rd Labrador – Linjor O’Grady, lovely pup that I judged earlier, did well at such a young age in this company.

4th Irish Setter – Siochanna Celtic Lord of Konakakela , nice enough for shape and balance, moved well. Not the quality of the 3 pups I judged in the AVs.


GUNDOGS – Patricia Rutherford


I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge a lovely quality entry at such a well-run show, it was a pleasure. Also a thank you to my steward for running a smooth ring for me.

Golden Retrievers

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for accepting a change of judge for this lovely big entry of quality Goldens.

Puppy (8, 1a)


A lovely class of babies, they could change places at any time as they grow.


1. Mrs. K. Ellis’s Tenfield Dash of Pepper.  A lovely quality puppy won this very strong class. Pretty head with a soft melting expression, arched necked set into well laid shoulders, good heart room, strong quarters and good tail set, moved confidently round the ring. Best Puppy.


2. Mrs. G.R. Brown’s Kadaka Kaman at Westcombe.



3. Woodward & Carter’s Tenfield Peppers Secret at Wylyevalley.


Junior (4, 2a)


1. Mrs. H. Hanrahan’s Helsora Kinyozi. Lovely 14month old quality bitch,  sweet head with a good soft expression, well set on neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, level topline, strong quarters, moved with drive and tail lashing.


2. Woodward & Carter’s Tenfield Peppers Secret at Wylyevalley.


Novice (7, 3a)


1. Mrs. G.R. Brown’s Kadaka Kaman at Westcombe.  Second in the very strong puppy class. Super boy with a gorgeous head, showed better in this class as he started to relax. Deep forechest and good length of upper arm, strong topline and well set on tail, lovely tight feet, moved well.


2. Mr. K. & Mrs. L.T. Ellis’s Goldleigh Midnight Skye.


Graduate (8)


1. Mrs. J. Jackson-Haines’ Leighsham Society Spice. I fell for this lovely young bitch; she took my eye from the start. Feminine head, no mistaking that this was a bitch. Sweet expression, arched neck of good length, well laid-back shoulders, level strong topline, strong well-muscled quarters. Moved confidently round the ring with tail lashing. Reserve B.O.B. Great future.


2. Mrs. H. Hanrahan’s Helsora Kinyozi.


3. Mr. K.M & Mrs. L.T. Ellis’s Shearstone Diva in Deceit at Goldleigh


Open Dog (9, 2a)


What a great class of some lovely dogs!


1. Mr. P.G. & Mrs. J.M. Lees’ Denmarella Follow the Sun (JW ShCM). This dog filled my eye from the start, full of start quality, a real showman; he oozes quality from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Handsome boy, he has a gorgeous head with a soft sweet expression, well set-on ears, strong arched neck with correctly angulated front. Short-coupled with a level topline, well bent stifles and correct tail-set. He stood four square on tight feet, flowed round the ring with ease. Pleasure to award him B.O.B.


2. Mrs. H. Mr. M & Miss L.S. Johnson’s Devonivy Diamond Cut by Niallgold.


3. Mrs. D. Coward’s Rosinante Rigadoon at Fieldacre.


Open Bitch (7, 1a)


1. Mrs. A. Smyth’s Kadaka Kompassion JW.  A lovely stamp of a quality bitch. There was very little between 1st and 2nd, a pair of lovely bitches, 2 just needed more coat. Lovely head, good soft expression, good length of neck, deep chest, good length of upper arm and laid back shoulder. Short coupled, well-angulated quarters, level topline, moved with drive.


2. Mrs. J. Jackson Haines’ Leighsham Society Spice.


3. Mrs. H. Hanrahan’s Helsora Kinyozi.




Retriever (Flat-coated)


Graduate (3, 1a)


1. Mrs. S. Parrish’s Ballyriver Blizzard. Very nice young bitch. Correctly balanced head, well put together, straight front, good angulation, lovely outline good quarters, moved well. Reserve B.O.B.


2. Mrs. N. Smith’s Pauiland Pitton Mor Dreamer of Matlor.


Open (1)


1. Mr. R.J. & Mrs. T.J. Moon’s Llantrussa by the Book. (AI).  Super type, lovely balanced head, correct eye, good length of neck set into well laid back shoulders, good level topline and tail set. In full gleaming coat, very eye-catching, moved well. B.O.B.


English Setter


Puppy (3, 2a)


1. Mrs. M. Osman’s Bournehouse Star Gazer at Marissolo. Beautiful puppy, so full of potential. Lovely balanced head with soft expression, well set-on ears, good reach of neck, deep forechest, and straight front. He is at that roly-poly stage; he had such a big topcoat. Moved straight fore and aft and will make up into a lovely young dog. Shame he stood alone. BP.


Graduate (5, 2a)


1.  Mr. G. Mrs. K & Miss Z Stirk’s Mariglen Perfect Day for Grakar.  A very pretty feminine bitch, not big but extremely well made, lovely head with nice dark eyes, well set-on ears, arched neck, good clean shoulders. Deep chest, well sprung ribs, good strong quarters, moved with drive. Lovely to go over, unfortunate to meet the dog that was my B.O.B. Reserve B.O.B


2. Mr. & Mrs. A Whitehorn’s Upperwood Midas Touch of Wennvale


3. Mrs. A.M. Wyatt’s TwylineTumbling Skydiver


Open (9, 3a)


1. Mr. & Mrs. Whitehorn’s Upperwood Summer Sky at Wennvale JW. Close decision between 1st & 2nd. Just preferred his neck into shoulder. This was a very eye-catching young dog, good head, low set ears, elegant arched neck set into well laid-back shoulders. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, well-angulated quarters. He moved with a positive stride and looked impressive round the ring, well=handled.  B.O.B and Gundog Group 3.




2. Mrs. M. Osman’s Bournehouse Royal Design by Marissolo ShCM.


3. Mr. G. Mrs. K & Miss Z Stirk’s Ravensett Suzannah via Grakar


Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla


Open (4, 1a)


1. Mrs R.E. & Mrs H.S.Walker & Beardshall’s Lanokk Dorottya. Loved this elegant 14 month-old bitch, just starting out on her career. Pulled out all the stops to beat the 2nd who was carrying too much weight. Lovely feminine head, arched neck, good lay-back of shoulders – so well balanced and with a well-developed body, just needs time to mature. Good angulated quarters, lovely to watch on the move, very free ground-covering movement, so very sound. B.O.B.


2. Mr. & Mrs. S.&K. Richardson’s Sh. Ch. Tragus Zuri ShCM.


3. Mrs. J. Reed’s Leiborschy Eris via Cuffnells


Italian Spinone


Open (4, 3a)


1. Mrs. R.J. Allum’s Rokeover Fair Dinkum del Macarica ShCM. Shame that this bitch stood alone, but that did not detract from the fact that this was a lovely bitch full of quality, so very sound. Lovely balanced head with soft expression, good bone throughout. Strong neck and well placed shoulder. Correct topline and good driving quarters. Moved and showed well. B.O.B.





A shame there was only one class as there was a wide range of ages in my entry.


Open (9, 4a)


1. Mr. D. & Mrs. R.Burgess’s Gunalt Rock Out With Hantzburg ShCM. This boy caught my eye from the start, he stood away. Great balanced head, great front angulation and good depth of forechest, straight front with tight feet. Well-angulated muscled quarters, well-set-on tail carried level with his back. Moved with style and drive, he really reached and drove off his quarters, a pleasure to see. B.O.B


2. Mr. A.M. Mrs. L.I. and Ms. H.S. Rutland & Jones’ Khamsynn Coast Liaison. A gorgeous, naughty baby, full of quality for one so young. Very balanced outline, moved with that lovely long stride, very true coming and going. Best Puppy, Best Opp.


3. Ms. J. & Mrs. C. Powell & Tatum’s Weltguist Amy.


Hungarian Vizsla


Open ( 3, 1a)


1. Mrs. L.J. Cummins’ Glengamna Solitaire ShCM. Sweet bitch, full of quality and style. Lovely rich dark coat, nice head set onto well-arched neck, good shoulder angulation, well-made body of good length. Strong, well-muscled quarters, moved with drive and style B.O.B.


2. Mesdames S.M. & H.S. Hunter & Beardshall’s Tossneer Nell


Spaniel ( American Cocker)


Junior (2)


1.  Mr. S. & Mrs. M. Marsh’s Wraxhill Yukon Strike. Loved this baby boy, he has such style and is so eye-catching. Gorgeous, well-chiseled head and soft expression, arched neck, great front angulation and depth of chest. Short, deep body, with good rear angulation, which gave him reach and drive – he flowed round the ring. Beautifully presented, great coat. B.P. & B.O.B.


2. Mr. W & Mrs. S. Blackburn’s Wraxhill Ivory Summer.


Post Graduate (2, 1a)


1.  Mr. K & Mrs. W Woolley’s Challeymead Little Gem. Nice outline, well constructed, well chiseled head. Well-angulated quarters, moved well. Carrying a bit too much weight.


Open (2)


1. Mr. S. & Mrs. M. Marsh’s Fielgar Whistlin Dixie ShCM. Lovely black dog. Presented and handled beautifully, good proportioned head, well set-on ears, good length of neck, good front angulation, deep well bodied chest. Good rear angulation, moved round the ring with real presence and drive, a happy dog. Res B.O.B


2. Mr. K & Mrs. W Woolley’s Challeymead Secret Riddle


Patricia Rutherford

UTILITY – Pauline Lock ((Paulin)



Lovely way to end the year, lots of lovely dogs to go over and good company to make the day such an enjoyable one.  My thanks to the committee and especially my steward for their hospitality and help

Poodles Min O 4 (1ab) 1. David Maybesque Magnetic, well proportioned head, gd eye & ear placement, gd reach neck & soundly constructed front.  Deep chest, well bodied up for age, high tail set, moving with drive.  Preferred outline and overall balance, showed well in group BOB & BPIB G4 & PG2.  2 Bell Jusanin Glenister, very sound moving well with gd width throughout, appealing head, slightly longer cast than 1.

Poodle Toy 1(0) 1 Godfrey Aedan Talk of the Town Eye catching black, well made, gd angulation and high tailset.  Gd shoulder placement, sufficient bone, promising puppy. BOB & BPIB

Poodle Standard 8 (5) 1. SterryVicmars Caught in the Act ShCm well proportioned head, dark eye, lovely in profile.  Short coupled, gd depth chest & spring rib, well constructed front and high tailset.  Moved well. BOB 2. O’Higgins Ninhill’s This is theWay to go toSarnia (Imp) beautifully presented and shown, gd reach neck, deep chest, masculine head, slightly longer cast than 1.  RBOB

Shar Pei 9 (1) lovely class overall 1. Bragg Jimmy Choo with Loopang black male, excellent in profile, no exaggeration but sufficient work to produce desired effect.  Well off for bone and overall substance, gd angulation, topline and head properties for age. Moved freely and with purpose BOB & BPIB PG4. 2 Walker Pontshannon Gingling Gypsy, bit skittish in the noisy hall but handled easily & moving well when settled.  Sufficient padding and work in head, clean sound front and correct topline.   3.Bull & Warren Starferry Beyond Belief ShCM slightly heavier in head but otherwise a well made bitch moving out soundly

Dalmatian Grad 8 (1) Hajee & Tidcombe RainBeau of Hope overall construction gd, well proportioned head, gd ear placement, neck and shoulders.  Deep chest, well ribbed up, gd body & muscle tone.  Moving well.  RBOB 2. Ward Shulune Fantasy Red Dragon, solid puppy, gd shape, deep chest, with well constructed front, gd tail carriage and topline. BPIB 3Cousins & Cobb McGill Kalokairies Lady Platinum

Open 5 (0) 1. Fillingham &Whincup Tamilanda Blue Water Lilly at Dotsadaisy well defined but lightly spotted.  Feminine head with gd earset, gd shoulders & set on of neck.  sufficient bone and overall substance, clean outline and looking gd on the move.  Would have liked a little more width to head to complete picture.  BOB 2. Cousins Kalokairies Lord Ladies Man at Dallywest broader more masculine head & skull, reach neck and deep chest, gd tailset moving well 3. Thorner Tolutim Evensong at Naracoopa

Tibetan Terrier G 6(2) 1. Rutley Sumanshu I have a Dream at Javey (imp Ned) pale gold, eye-catching beautifully presented and shown, very feminine head, with sufficient width and work in head to produce appealing expression.   Excellent construction throughout, maturing well and presenting lovely picture on the move BOB & G3 2. Jessop Potalagold Golden Nugget very much a baby, but very promising.  Lovely outline with gd reach neck, high tailset, well constructed overall showing in movement BPIB. 3. Meakin Dogwarts Bertie Bott

O 3 (0) 1. Rutley Javeys Hear Comes Summer JW ShCM black and beautifully presented, sweet well proportioned head, gd pigment, well laid shoulders, and reach neck. gd topline and in excellent coat and condition moving well RBOB 2. Meakin Khados over the Boundary at Miksang black sable, masculine head, dark eye, sound front and well bodied up, moving well but not in full coat.  3. Jessop Lasang Super Tramp at Potalagold

Min Schnauzer grd 1(0) 1 Ilott Leecurt Court by Surprise Beautifully presented and shown as expected from this kennel.  Sufficient width and strength in head whilst remaining feminine,  gd angulation front and rear, deep bodied, short coupled and high tail set. Moving well.

O. 2(1) 1. Ilott Leecurt All that Jazz brother to grad winner and similar comments apply.  Clearly masculine, sufficient bone and body for age, gd width throughout.  In excellent coat, moving well, preferred overall balance and outline for BOB.

Shih Tzu p 2 (0) 1. Smith Densown Glitz N Glamour very feminine, sweet head and expression, gd reach neck and well constructed front, short coupled, maturing nicely and moving soundly. 2. Maule Daltricia Wilbur Smith, lovely lad but very unsettled in noisy hall.  Presented well, just needing to settle.

Grd. 3 (1) 1. Daltricia Noble Caesar Very appealing, lovely outline, well proportioned head, gd angulation and moving well once settled, very promising BPIB. 2. Matthews Matsha Que Sera Sera  beautifully presented, well made bitch presenting well in profile.  Overall construction gd, sufficient body and bone but not happy on move.  Would do well if able to settle on move.

O 6 (1) quality class, spoiled for choice.  1. Herring Weatsom Margarets Legacy for Quingshui, ticked all the boxes today, masculine but not exaggerated head, dark eye, gd ear placement giving lovely expression.  Beautifully constructed, and correct height to length ratio.  Well set on neck, and tail set giving that characteristic outline.  Shown and presented to perfection, moving out well BOB & G1. 2. Maule Daltricia Ariadne stronger head but remaining feminine, also very sound and well constructed throughout, well ribbed up and gd width front and rear, moved well RBIB.  3 Healey Chellanda Take a Chance on Me – another dog I have often admired from ringside.  Very impressed with overall quality of this class.

Schnauzer O 4(1) 1. Bawden & Brown Ch Khanate Ginn Fizz ShCM. Very stylish dog, excellent angulation and construction, well laid out head, sufficient width and work to achieve required eyebrows and expression. Preferred outline and general pezzazz of this youngster.  BOB 2. Bradshaw Ch/NL Ch Khanate a Star is Born at Kaiterriteri another well made bitch, showing and moving well, so much to like but carrying a little weight today.  RBOB

French Bulldog O 5(1) 1. Morison Jafrak Ticket to Ryde just a baby but what a baby, lovely shape, feminine unexaggerated head, clean but with sufficient work to produce typical appearance, gd ear placement to complete picture.  Gd front, and breadth throughout, well ribbed up, short coupled and showing her socks off.  BOB BPIB & PG3.  2.Smith Bullfrog Baby Buttercup Well bodied up, plenty of work in head, broad skull, and moving well but preferred overall balance of 1. 3. Small Vangence Comanche

AVNSC Ut. Grd 9(1) 1. Mullarkey Rendel Raisa At Tiangou ShCM Chow, excellent in profile, correct size, shown in gd coat and condition.  Feminine head, broad skull and gd ear placement producing typical scowl, clean eye, dark pigment, broad muzzle but no exaggeration.  Well bodied and constructed, short coupled with  high tailset moving well BOB & G2 2.  Wells & Brown Sanyinko Loopy Lou at Metamorphic Jap Spitz, v appealing bitch, lovely dark pigment, overall construction gd giving free and sound movement. BPIB 3. Prout Kessaku Mr Boombastic jap spitz

O 3(1) 1. Robjohns Qwontox Quincy ShCM Schipperke Super head & expression, in gd coat and condition, strong neck, well set on.  Gd shoulders and ribs, short coupled, lovely outline Moved well.  RBOB 2. Smith Sundancer Deuce of Ringablok ShCM Boston Terrier. sadly a little unsettled in noisy hall, not using ears to advantage but otherwise well constructed and attractive dog moving well.

AVUT MP 5(2) 1. Wayman Chenrezi Supermodel for Mynapaw Tib Span lovely mover, with clean and balanced outline.  Very much a baby, but so much to like about her.  Well proportioned head, gd chin and ear placement. gd spring rib, short coupled, high tail set.  Very appealing. 2  Jessops Potalagold Honest Tod Tib Terr. Another eye-catcher, well made with appealing head needing to settle on the move. 3. Bradshaw Kaiteriteri Izbrannitza Schnauzer

P. 3(2) 1. Somerset Maybesque Magic Flute, sufficient body and substance, gd outline, and well proportioned head shown in gd coat and presentation but needing to settle on move.

Vet. 9 (2) what an incredible class 1. Bawden & Brown Ch Khanate Million Dollar Baby ShCm Schnauzer 9yrs and still looking as spritely and glamourous as ever.  In excellent condition, beautifully constructed and moving so soundly. BVET.   2. Robjohns Qwontox Quintessential ShCM schipperke 8yrs young and  very typy, sound, excellent condition moving out so well 3. Bull Starferry Devil Rays incredible shar pei at 14+yrs still showing like a youngster, in great condition and still well muscled up.  Moving like a train incredible and a credit to the breed and his owner.

Puppy G1 Quest Chenrezi Another Love

Pauline Lock (PAULIN) Judge



WORKING GROUP – Tim Hutchings

It was a pleasure to judge for this extremely well run and friendly society.  There was a real holiday feel around the show, with everyone glad to be out and about again after Christmas.  I was pleased with the overall quality.  Most of my group placings came from the breeds I judged, but I was also pleased to have the Boxers in the final line up.  G3 was Gibson’s Drallim Lethal Weapon of good overall shape and free of any exaggeration, very pleasing head and expression, good topline and tailset, nicely balanced angulation both ends, moves off well and has good scope in profile.  Could be a bit cleaner coming on.  PG4 was Morison’s Jobaran Marathon Man to Xandene a raw but promising youngster who shows very well.  Nicely angulated both ends with good reach of neck and strong topline.  Typical head of good overall balance.  Stands on good legs and feet.


Siberian Husky

Grad (5,1)

1st, BOB and G1 Rees’ Amical Tori.  The first class of the day and this is where I found my star.  Turned out in beautiful condition by a handler who got the very best from her.  A wonderful head and keen expression.  Beautiful front and feet.  Great set of shoulders.  Complimentary angulation front and rear.  Moved extremely accurately out and back and with good scope in profile.  Only just over 12 months so still with room to mature but so full of quality and breed type.  In a strong group I had no hesitation in making her my winner.

2nd Sutton’s Aspen Ranger Wilderness Spirit at Lyfearon

3rd, BP Wickers’ Skimarque Sent from Heaven to Vukasin


Open (7,2)

1st A Tori

2nd A Ranger Wilderness Spirit at L

3rd Goodwin’s Amical Tikia



Open (4,1)

1st, BOB, BP, PG1 Bland’s Sandbears J’Adore at Weybears just 6 months and a day, but putting in a very accomplished performance.  Only a baby but so full of promise and quality.  Very sound with lovely neck and shoulder, standing on good legs.  Correctly made head of good proportion.  Correct topline and well set and well made quarters.  Went very accurately from all angles with good extension in profile.  Was a very worthy puppy group winner

2nd Bodman’s Shinglebay Indian Summer of Acara

3rd Bodman & Brain’s Acara Licence to Thrill



Graduate (5,4)

1st Capell’s Ruzuna Amazing Valour, pleasing head of good overall balance with a well shaped eye giving a good expression.  Well made quarters providing good drive from behind.  Topline needed time to settle and I would have preferred slightly more forehand angulation.  Stood on good legs and feet.


Open (5,3)

1st, BOB, G2 Stansbury & Pilgim’s Woodbriar Luciano, a favourite of mine who I have done well before and I saw no reason to change my mind today.  Lovely flowing body lines.  Great neck and shoulder.  Typical head and expression.  Super topline and tailset.  Good driving quarters which he really knows how to use on the move.  Very accurate out and back, with good reach in profile.  Showed extremely well to demonstrate his many virtues.

2nd Roden, Keyse & Futter’s Taevas Sweetest Perfection


Alaskan Malamute

Junior (3,1)

1st Louch & Forsey’s Diamond Diosa Snowflake of Engel at Mukozu, lovely neck and shoulder.  Head of good overall proportion with a very typical expression.  Could sometimes be a little bit lazy with her tail.  Moved with accuracy out and back and with good ground covering stride in profile. Good bone and feet.

2nd Prout’s Kessaku Gorgeous George


Graduate (2,0)

1st BP, PG3 Smith’s Snowshoes Chasing Rainbows, extremely pretty baby who was immaculately presented.  Lovely head and expression with correct ears.  Super temperament.  Great bone.  Good angles both ends.  Went extremely well on the move, keeping her good topline

2nd K Gorgeous George


Open (2,0)

1st BOB, G4 Louch & Forsey’s AZ/MK/MD Ch Libertia Son of Anarchy at Mukozu, handsome male with a very well made masculine head.  Good eye and expression.  Very solidly built with good bone and feet.  Super topline which he kept at all times.  Moved with drive and purpose.  Very well balanced angulation both ends.

2nd Smith’s Snowshoes Aurora Borealis


Giant Schnauzer

Open (2,0)

1st BOB Veal’s Philoma Sioux Fighter very well schooled, handled and presented.  Good neck and shoulder, excellent topline and tailset.  Well balanced head with excellent expression.  Good bone and feet.  Well balanced angulation front and rear.  Went well going away but could have been cleaner coming on.

2nd Matthews Figosky’s Solo von Silbertraum



Graduate (5,2)

1st BOB, BP Watkins & Taylor’s Minaeleas Taylored for You, only a youngster but very well schooled and handled.  Pleasing topline and tailset.  Good balance of angulation.  Correct neck and shoulder.  Typical head, if a little short in foreface.  Lovely temperament.

2nd Vick’s Minnaeleas Taylored to You

3rd Brooks Saintlythans Polly Garter at Frizlbach


Open (3,2)

1st Stephen’s Majestic Spencer at Jetsball, put in a slightly distracted performance today with his mind not fully on the job.  Good overall type was obvious once he settled.  Balanced angulation both ends.  Typical head and expression.  Good reach of neck.


AVNSC Working

Graduate (3,2)

1st Horton & Williams’ Gertlush Lady Henniker, Bullmastiff with nicely balanced angulation front and rear.  I admired her neck and shoulder.  Correct topline, well made quarters.  Typical head which doesn’t want to get any stronger.  Good mouth, well shaped eye and good expression.  Moved soundly both out and back and around.  Needs to gain a little in confidence.


Open (3,1)

1st Best AVNSC Horton & Williams’ Gertlush Glory of the West, Bullmastiff handsome dog who is all male.  Powerful head, typical expression.  Nicely made with good overall shape.  Good mouth.  Correct neck and shoulder.  Moves off strongly and accurately.

2nd Crooks & Gamble’s Achatesbay Miss Venus


AV Working

Minor Puppy (6,4)

1st PG3 Titmus Satinea Celestino, Dobermann I really admired this youngster of just 6 months.  Takes his time to settle but when he does so he is a lovely overall shape with excellent forehand and shoulder.  Clean through the withers.  Good balance of angulation.  Plenty of dog behind the tail. Very pleasing head in the making with super mouth and good ears.  Will take a bit more time to come together on the move but when he does so, I think he will do very well.

2nd Louch & Foresy’s Dark Diamond Snowflake of Engel at Muzoku


Puppy (3,1)

1st Vearncombe & Hale’s Ruption Blue Bombsicle of Knightcott, Boxer tall and scopey with an eye-catching outline.  Good topline and tailset, correct underline.  Good feet.  Well made quarters.  Head is of good overall proportion and balance. Would prefer a tad more shoulder angulation and I hope her mouth holds.  Went accurately out and back.

2nd Powell’s Jobaran Home Run


Open (1,0)

1st Athersuch’s Chalard’s Miss Mary Poppins, Boxer smart r/w with very well balanced angulation.  Full of personality.  Typical head and expression.  Good overall make and shape with good topline and tailset.  Well made, unexaggerated hindquarters.  Good eye.  Went with enthusiasm and accuracy.