2015 Premier Open Show – Show Reports

Miss Sally Leslie (Risdene) judged our first Premier Open Show on 30th December 2015.

Best in Show:    Mrs L & Miss A Newton’s GREAT DANE Bycosdycos Summer Time

Reserve Best in Show:  Howgate & Hull’s WHIPPET Palmik En Vogue JW

Best Puppy In Show:  Mr D C Smith’s POMERANIAN Densown Benjamin Button

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Howgate & Hull’s WHIPPET Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn

Best Veteran in Show:  Miss J Wickers’s SIBERIAN HUSKY Jacalous Nephthys at Icekingdom

Reserve Best Veteran in Show:   Mr & Mrs Harding’s FIELD SPANIEL   Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Kingsmist Eternal Knight ShCM

CRITIQUES RECEIVED:  Gundog Group & Breeds judged by Sally Leslie, & Jonty Gill-Davis, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,  Tibetan Spaniels, Whippets, Rough Collie, Shetland Sheepdog,  Working Group & All Breeds

Yeovil & District Canine Society Premier Open Show

30 Dec 2015



Thanks to the officers and committee of this efficiently run show for a very enjoyable day.  The welcome was as warm inside the excellent venue as the weather was cold and inclement outside.  I congratulate exhibitors for presenting their charges in such good order despite the conditions.


Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)


J (3,1abs)

1 Morgan’s Erikachen O‘Ruadh For Deltandamba  Good head properties, well shaped skull, nice eye and pleasing expression, masculine and well bodied with an excellent quality jacket, strong busy mover

2 Ward’s Melanitta Galatina


PG (2)

1 Ward’s Flushpoint Whata Aristocrat At Melanitta (IMP SWE) mature and typical, preferred head of 2 but 1 scored with sound, positive gait, good front, legs and feet, could be firmer in topline but workmanlike and uses his shapely hindquarters well

2 Erikachen O’Ruadh for Deltandamba


O (2,1)

1 Ward’s Melanitta Fireblade BOB Stands balanced, fit and active with good depth of body and correct length of back, good fore assembly, well sprung ribs, pleasing head with good skull and foreface that fits the standard, liked his expression, shown in good double coat, moved effectively 

2 Palfrey’s Foxdown Bertie Allsorts



Retriever (Flat Coated)


Open (5)

1 Weddell’s Bitcon Luther  BOB headed some nice ones, classic outline, super head and expression, masculine but nothing overdone, lovely correct neck and shoulder, good bone, forechest and brisket and well ribbed, muscular loin, shapely rear assembly, moved freely

2 Moon’s Llantrussa By The Book (AI)

3 Lewin’s Vynesbrook Cappa Bleu



Retriever (Curly Coated)


Open (3)


1 Courtier’s Maycourt Hunky Dory JW BOB Good to find three nice examples, 1 pleased in topline and correct underline, stands well in front on good legs and feet, had all that I was looking for with her pretty, well proportioned head and soft expression, good in upperarm, correct depth and width of chest and body generally, angulation as it should be throughout, moved soundly, coat also of suitably high quality

2 Mistlin’s Maycourt Starman By Crookwood

3 Edworthy’s Rydons Wishfull Thinking



Italian Spinone


Open (4,2)


1 Sheppard’s Luduci Niamh Of Whissgig  BOB Battle of the clowns with both exhibits playing the fool but in the end maturity won out. Both likeable specimens and in the group the puppy settled well to show herself to best advantage.  1 feminine and well made presenting with good frame, well ribbed and strong, attractive head with good eye and typical expression, good coat and skin, moved ok

2 Allum’s Inostricani Palmina Del Macarica





Jun (4,1)

1 Phillip’s Rivertone Oasis Appealing juvenile who has all the essentials, typical with good height to length ratios, nice head properties, carried ideally on good neck and shoulder, needs a little more practice but very efficient, stylish mover

2 Morgan’s Parhelis Irulan

3 Dakin’s Astraios Wizard Of Aus


G (2,1)

1 Powell Parhelis Dante  Stood alone but deserving of his red card, good skull and foreface with that air of nobility, stood well on correctly boned and well shaped feet, fit and firm throughout, excellent supple skin and quality coat, sound and free moving with panache.


O (4,1)

1 Powell & Tatum’s Weltguist Amy Quality individual, well proportioned, nicely headed and feminine with taking expression, well set on good neck and shoulders with pleasing upper arm and angulation generally in the forehand matched by good rear assembly used to advantage to travel with correct reach and drive and use the ring to excellent effect, good muscle tone, headed a satisfactory line-up for BOB


Spaniel (American Cocker)


G (1)

1 Marsh’s Wraxhill Yukon Strike really good representative with smashing outline which did not disappoint on closer inspection, beautiful head, free from excess but with the desired shaping and delicious expression I am looking for, flows all through and moved a storm, presented in top quality order BOB


O (1)

1 Luczynski’s Fecimus Pink Petticoat At Kanara ShCM  Aptly named as she was in her petticoats today but a nice black, feminine,  stands on good front assembly, well bodied with good underline, moved soundly



Spaniel (Field)


O (5,2)

1 Harding’s Thandiwe Shine Over Kingsmist headed 3 typical exhibits who all answered the standard, 1 scored in overall forehand construction, stands balanced and is all Field, excellent head characteristics, softest expression, shapely all through, a little out of coat but moved easily and truely BOB

2 Porter’s Prussia Best Kept Secret Of Winsbrook

3 Harding’s Coverwell Clarissa At Kingsmist




Spaniel (Cocker)



P (3,1)

1 Black’s Lochranza Kola Fizz At Cleolivia Nice baby just as she should be at this age, neat outline, lovely bone, good legs and well padded feet, carries herself well with easy gait and tail never stopped, lovely head and expression, put down in super condition BP

2 McWilliam’s Fernstone Speckled Wood


J (3,3)


G (7,2)

1 Moutrey’s Sunzo Sonatina Nice class headed by very sound, feminine exhibit of good construction.  Well boned right to the ground with best of legs and feet, lovely to find good firm pasterns, has the correct heart and lung room, nothing overdone but fit for purpose.  Excellent skull and foreface and lovely eye, good neck and shoulder and flows all through, consequently moves as she should.  BOB

2 Kew’s Time Traveller By Wylyeview

3 Black’s Tojamatt Lady Cecil At Cleolivia


O (6,2)

1 Kew’s Withiflor Wheels On Fire At Wylyeview good class to go over, preferred outgoing stride of winner, handles well, good tail set, well bodied with good rib, good loin, shapely rear quarters used to advantage

2 Moutrey’s  Sunzo Songbird

3 Fear’s Majestyka Hope N Glory


A.V.N.S.C. Gundog



G (5,1)

1 Reynold’s Kamunting Cast Away To Benoveor JW Pleasing WSS, good height to length ratio and substance, free from exaggeration, good skull and foreface, expressive eyes, correct length of neck and lay of shoulder, flows into back


line well, in good muscular condition, nice quarters

2 Sheppard’s Whissgig Daddy Cool

3 Bradley’s Nyllaup Chilli Pepper


O (7,3)

1 Sheppard’s Whissgig All That Jazz Clumber, moved well with characteristic gait when taken at correct pace for breed, preferred feet of 2 but liked the proportions of 1, appeals in head with all the requisites but not overdone, good depth and width of chest, well ribbed, good firm loin, holds topline well

2 Sheppard’s Sugar Loaf Washington Whissgig (IMP SWE)

3 Holman’s Artycfieath Diamond Dee




M P (15,12)

1 Harper’s Pitswarren Nora Kovach  Hungarian Vizla smart and likely with room to develop as one would expect, well proportioned head for age, nice eye of complimentary colour giving pleasing expression, good in chest and rib, feels well fettled and good to go over

2 Isherwood’s Symitry Silk and Steel

3 Morgan’s Parhelis lrulan



P (5,2)

1 Takacs’ Echo Venalor D‘Ursus Nal Taf Bracco Italiano scores heavily in movement, strides out straight and true with real power from behind, now needs to complete the picture by learning the ways of the show ring when it comes to presenting to the judge

2 Harper’s Pitswarren Zizi Jeanmaire

3 L Kola Fizz at C




O (12,7)

1 Tojamatt Lady Cecil at Cleolivia  Cocker merry example who took this class on outlook and gait

2 Maidment’s Hilsgoldens Temptin Teal

3 Maidment’sHilsgolden Peaches N‘Creme




V (15,7)

1 Harding’s SH CH/IR SH CH Kingsmist Eternal Knight ShCM Smashing exhibits still very much in their prime headed by a Field Spaniel of true type with that air of quiet assurance and knowledge of his own worth that takes me back to the old days, I might be inclined to tidy his gauntlets a fraction because his elbows are good and close to the body just as they should be but his plentiful feathering makes it look slightly otherwise – but it is nit picking

2 Marsh’s SH CH Fielgar Majestic Eclipse ShCM

3 Brown’s Trebettyn Gi Blues At Westcombe ShCM                                              


Gundog Group


G1  Pointer  Siddle & Kruger’s White Squall Seasyde Iced Tea (Imp SA)  Elegant, effortless mover who covered the ground with ease

G2 Hungarian Vizla  Harper’s Hubertus Hungaricum Adal at Pitswarren JW (Imp Hun)  Appealing, sound individual of good type who pushed hard for the top spot

G3  GSP  Jone’s Barleyarch Dubarry  Lovely juvenile who lost out to maturity here but he topped the puppies readily

G4  Irish Setter  Prangle’s Heathclare Old Glory JW ShCM  Might have gone further but just did not give quite his all in the final analysis but nevertheless well made, quality exhibit



Gundog Puppy Group


G1  GSP  Jone’s Barleyarch Dubarry  classy individual, moving freely

G2  Italian Spinone Allum’s  Inostricani Palmina Del Macarica  glad to have the opportunity to put her through her paces properly and see her shine

G3  Hungarian Vizla  Harper’s Pitswarren Nora Kovach another excellent example from this kennel

G4  Retriever (Golden) Vicar’s Catcombe Calico Appealing youngster of typical make and shape, straight forward and sound  


BIS  Great Dane  Newton’s Bycosdycos Summer Time  Impressive female, good to handle, stands balanced and moves with purpose in the unmistakeable style required, pleased to award her BIS

RBIS  Whippet  Howgate’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn has star appeal, such a superior example did not put a foot wrong just unlucky to meet the winner in such fine form


BPIS Pomeranian  Smith’s Densown Benjamin Button showing a clean pair of heels when moving, winning head and expression, typical and rather accomplished for his age

RBPIS  Whippet  Howgate’s Palmik En Vogue JW  Another top drawer exhibit from this kennel with that air of sheer quality that cannot be discounted


BVIS  Siberian Husky  Wickers’ Jacalous Nephthys At Icekingdom JW  Takes the eye both standing and moving, holds herself well and wears her 9 years lightly

RBVIS Field Spaniel  SH CH/IR SH CH Kingsmist Eternal Knight ShCM Typical throughout, grand specimen, classic in head, kindest of eyes, moving like he should, hard to believe his date of birth is accurate


PUPPY (2,0)

1st./BPIB Drinkwater’s Brabrook Sassy Pants

6 months bitch.  Sweet head, eye and expression. Clean neck and withers.  Well made forehand, legs & feet.  Excellent body & ribs for age.  Firm topline & strong hindquarters.  Sound mover once into stride.  Very promising.

JUNIOR (8,4)

1st./RBOB/BOS Crocker & Siddle’s Meadway Morag

Stylish 13 months bitch.  Feminine head, good eye & expression.  Well made neck & shoulders, legs & feet.  Good body & ribs, strong loin & couplings.  Excellent thighs with well let down hocks.     Scored in hind movement.  Skilfully handled.

2nd. Rutherford, Judge & Brend’s Devacott Temptation To Clonageera

Smart 16 months dog.  Masculine skull, kind eye.  Scores well in bone, substance & general outline.  Well made ribcage & strong body.    Good topline & over all deportment.  Scored in angulation.

3rd. Roberts & Bye’s Colanme Georgia


1st. Crocker & Siddle’s Meadway Morag

2nd. Partridge’s Kerrydown Octavia

22 months bitch.  Feminine head.  Sweet eye & expression. Good skull, nose & ears.  Excellent head carriage, forehand angulation , legs & feet.  Well made body & ribs.  Good thighs in hindquarters.  A little more attention to detail in presentation would improve appearance of outline, on which she scored.  Well handled.

3rd.  Hoskins’ Sandstream Just A Breeze .







1st. Crocker & Siddle’s Meadway Morag

2nd. Partridge’s Kerrydown Night Hawk

Masculine head.  Good skull, eye & expression.  Broad nose, fine ears.  Well made neck & forehand good legs & feet.  Deep ribs, strong loin & hindquarters.  Moved well.  Scores in outline, make & shape.

OPEN DOG (4,1)

1st. /BOB Prangle’s Heathclare Old Glory

Masculine head.  Gentle, dark eye.  Well made neck and fine withers. Good angulation to forehand, excellent bone and feet.   Deep, well sprung ribs, on which he scored.  Strong back and loin.  Well coupled up.  Muscular thighs.  Scored in profile movement, topline & outline.  Sparkling condition & immaculate presentation.  Handled to maximum advantage.

2nd. Drinkwater & Jarvis’s Brabrook Jagerbomb

Quality head, eye & expression.  Neat shoulders, well made legs & feet.  Deep ribcage, strong back & loin. Good turn of hindquarters & set to hocks.  Scored in movement.  Well handled.

3rd. MacDonald’s Redclyst Kearney


1st. Prangle’s Heathclare Que Sera Sera

Feminine head.  Clean, well chiselled skull, sweet eye and expression & fine ears.  Correct head carriage, neck and forehand angulation.  Fair body & ribs.  Muscular hindquarters.  Excellent topline and general outline.  Moved soundly with style.  Well handled.



PUPPY (7, 2)

1st./BPIB Baker & Judd’s Harpitts Miss Brandy Snaps

8 months dark chocolate bitch.  Well made skull, muzzle, eye & expression.  Correct head carriage, neck & forehand.  Clean legs & feet.  Excellent body & ribs.  Powerful loin & hindquarters.  Good coat & tail.  Sound mover.  Scored in outline & deportment.

2nd. Shacklock’s Trewinnard Sunburst

10 months yellow dog.  Very forward for age.  Substantial bone, powerfully built but all in proportion at present.  Scored well in coat and tail.

3rd. Kerry’s Oceanwood Diver

JUNIOR (4,2)

1st.   Hoban’s Meadowleigh Romantic Quest

13 months black bitch.  Neatly made head & ears.  Attentive eye & expression.  Excellent head carriage, strong neck, well laid shoulders & upper arm.  Good legs & feet.  Excellent body & ribs for age.  Well made hindquarters.  Fair coat & tail. Happy mover, well handled.

2nd. Shacklock’s Trewinnard Sunburst.


1st. Farrar’s Henissy All That Jazz

19 months black dog.  Typical, masculine head, eye and expression.  Excellent head carriage, neck & forehand construction.  Well boned limbs and feet.  Good spring & depth of rib.  Loin a shade long.  Good coat.  A little proud of his tail.


1st. Jeffery’s Lembas Swing Both Ways At Mibridge

Black dog.  Masculine head, good ears & nose.  Correct head carriage, neck & forehand angulation. Well made ribs, strong body, muscular hindquarters.  Scored in coat texture, tail & profile gait.

2nd. Farrar’s Henissy Razzle Dazzle

Smart chocolate bitch.  Kind eye, level bite.  Good over all outline, legs & feet.  Scored well in strength of body, ribs and coat texture.

3rd. Evans’ Pudleigh Crimson Leaves

OPEN DOG (4,1)

1st./BOB Harvey-Major’s Linjor Chopin

Yelloe dog.  Kind, gentle eye & expression, neat ears.  Excellent head carriage, neck & forehand with well boned limbs & feet.  Strongly ribbed, level back, powerful loin & couplings.  Muscular thighs.  Good coat & strength in tail.  Sound, free mover, on which he scored,  keeping his outline in profile.  Skilfully handled to best advantage.

2nd. Cary’s Aquadell Montgomery

Quality black dog.  Typical, masculine head, eye, expression & ears.  Excellent head carriage, forehand angulation.  Well made, ribcage, loin & hindquarters.  Good coat & tail.  Scored in angulation.

3rd. Kerry’s Oceanwood Sunseeker




1st./RBOB/BOS Baker & Judd’s Harpitts Forever Tilly

Chocolate bitch.  Fair head, clean cheeks, good eye colour & ears.  Correct head carriage, neck & forehand.  Well boned legs & feet.  Correct body & ribs, muscular hindquarters, good coat & tail.  Moved with drive.  Handled to advantage.

2nd. Wallace’s Richbourne Signature Tune Of Tiaja

Smart yellow bitch.  Neatly made head.  Attentive eye & expression.  Correct head carriage, lay of shoulder, legs & feet.  Good ribcage, if carrying a little too much weight, for my taste.  Well made hindquarters, coat & tail.  Moved well.  Skilfully handled.

3rd. Hoban’s Meadowleigh Romantica.



PUPPY (11,3)  A lovely class of youngsters.

1st./BPIB Vicars’ Catcombe Calico

Beautifully moulded head.  Typical eye & expression.  Dark pigmentation.  Correct head carriage, neck and lay of shoulder & return of upper arm.  Well boned limbs & feet.  Excellent body & ribs for age. Muscular thighs, strong stifles & hocks.  Scored in breed type.  Sound, well co-ordinated mover.  Very promising. 

2nd. Hocking’s Kaspurgold Elsa

Sweet head, & expression, neat ears.  Well made forehand, legs & feet.  Good ribcage, body, loin & hindquarters.  Pleasing coat texture and tail.  Moved well.  Another promising youngster.           

3rd. Coward’s Tonara Maverick At Fieldacre

JUNIOR (11,7)

1st. Harvey & Anderson’s Alibren Hot Spice For Ashiqua

Typical,feminine head.  Dark eye & expression.  Correct head carriage, neck & forehand construction.  Scored in body & ribs.  Broad hips, muscular thighs.  Scored in outline, make & shape.  Sound mover.

2nd. Maidment’s Hilsgoldens Temptin Teal

Good over all make, shape & type.  Feminine head, dark eye & pigmentation.  Pleasing head carriage, neck & shoulders.  Good body & ribs, loin and hindquarters. Scored on angulation and angle of croup.

3rd. Maidment’s Hilsgoldens Peaches ‘n’ Cream


NOVICE (8,2)

1st. Purnell’s Catenae A Sky Full Of Stars At Saffrio

Cream bitch.  Feminine, typical head, eye & expression.  Good head carriage, forehand construction, legs & feet.  Pleasing body & ribs, loin & hindquarters.  Scored in general proportions and deportment, also coat texture.

2nd. Harvey & Anderson’s Alibren Hot Spice For Ashiqua

3rd. Morrish & Deadman’s Devonivy Blu Magic At Oaksjublu


1st. Rees’s Catenae Amazing Grace

Quality moulding to head.  Dark eye & pigmentation.  Sweet expression & neat ears.  Correct head carriage and forehand angulation, legs & feet.  Excellent ribcage, loin & couplings.  Powerful hindquarters & well set on tail.  Sound, free mover on which she scored. 

2nd. Purnell’s Catenae a Sky Full Of Stars At Saffrio

3rd. Brown’s Kadaka Kaman at Westcombe


OPEN DOG (8,4)

1st./BOB Johnson’s Devonivy Diamond Cut By Niallgold

Very typical make, shape & outline.  Masculine, well made head.  Good skull & ears, kindest expression.  Excellent head carriage, neck & lay of shoulder.  Correct upper arm, legs & feet.  Big ribs, strong back & loin.  Powerful couplings & hindquarters with correct coat & tail.  Sound, free mover with easy, effortless stride in profile, on which he scored.

2nd. Brown’s Kadaka Kappa Bleu At Westcombe

Masculine, well made head.  Good eye & expression.  Pleasing head carriage, strong neck & well made forehand.  Good bone & feet.  Scored in body & ribs.  Fair hindquarters and movement.

3rd. Hurrell’s Kadaka Konfidential At Gilliansgold


1st.RBOB/BOS Main’s Gwyngala going For Gold

Mid gold owning a very attractive & typical outline.  Feminine head, soft, gentle expression.  Excellent head carriage, neck and forehand.  Robust ribcage, excellent substance in limbs.  Muscular thighs with strong stifles and hocks.  Sound, free mover.  Pressed really hard for top honours with a very skilful handler. 


2nd. Rees’s Dasmaks Elladora

Feminine head, dark eye, gentle expression.  Good head carriage, neck & shoulders. Good upper arm, legs & feet.  Strong body & ribs. Well made body, ribs and hindquarters.  Good coat texture and tail.  Always commanded attention.  Well presented & handled.

3rd. Linfield’s Tonara Lexington


JINTY GILL DAVIS (Judge).                                                                                  


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Puppy (4,1abs)

1st Cridensa Coltrane, 8 month old ruby dog, His colour and shape are the first things that strike you when he first enters the ring, a rich ruby coat just gleaming in condition. Still with some puppy fur to shed but his adult hair is superb. He stands 4 square to show off his shape. On the table his is well boned with good angulation, nothing over exaggerated. Good spring of rib with plenty of chest. Correct bite. Nice dark eyes correctly shaped. Moved well around the ring with good reach and drive holding a level topline at all times. I just loved his head and charming expression which will only get better. BOB and BP. It was nice to see him go G3 and PG4. 2nd Gayhalo Pique with Underknoll. 3rd Merryanna Cherry Pie.


Junior (6,2abs)

1st Carleeto Midnight Dream, 16 month old Black and Tan Bitch. Nice shape and size with good front and rear angulation. Correct reach of neck running from her well laid back shoulders. She is well boned. She moved out well carrying her tail of her back well. Pretty femine head with dark eyes.  Great tan markings with rich bright tan. In great coat and condition. I understand this was her last award needed for her Junior Warrant, Congratulations! 2nd Culverhill Carte Noire. 3rd Calonlan Albus.


Special Yearling (6,4abs)

1st Carleeto Midnight Dream (see junior) 2nd Cridensa Claudette.


Graduate (5,1abs)

1st Harana Martha Reeves Carleeto, 27 month old Black and Tan Bitch. Supper happy show girl I just loved her personality. She possesses the sweetest of expressions with round eyes and good pigmentation. Well made with good angulation leading to graceful free flowing movement. Good spring of rib. 2nd Underknoll Honesty JW. 3rd Bellrise Mr Bojangles

Open Dog (1,1abs)

Open Bitch (5,1abs)

1st Merryanna Seamist, 3 year old Tricolour Bitch. A solid girl with good length coat. She moved well holding a perfectly level topline. Good head, level between her high set ears with a strong tapered mussel. Her eyes give her a melting expression. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Carrying a little too much weight for me today.2nd Underknoll Diamond Star. 3rd Underknoll Rudbeckia.

 Helen Long

Puppy (5,1) 1st Hirstwood’s Quintrelle Colour Me Happy. 9 month gold sable dog of good type. Loved his head with good dark pigment. Well shaped eyes with dark eye rims. Well placed ears used to advantage. Good mouth with well padded muzzle and enough chin to give the typical Tibetan expression. Good neck leading to well set shoulders. Profuse puppy coat over the back gives an illusion of a rising topline, but it is all coat, he has a level topline. Hocks well let down, well set tail with plume developing nicely. Moved well with drive. BP. 2nd Lodge’s Malia Breaking Dawn over Caskornil.
Junior (4,1) 1st Smith’s Quailmoor Put a Spell on You. 14 month shaded sable dog. Another with lovely pigment. Well shaped eye, well padded muzzle with plenty of chin, good mouth. Ear fringing developing nicely. Well set on neck leading to good shoulders and level topline, good turn of stifle, hare feet. Well set tail with nice plume, in good coat. Moved well. 2nd Lodge’s Malia Breaking Dawn over Caskornil.
Post Graduate (3,2) 1st Lee’s Dandydayo Anything Tonight at Tibbilon. 18 month old Black and Tan dog presented in superb condition with a gleaming black coat. Correct shape to skull, correct oval eyes, well placed ears giving typical expression. good mouth with plenty of padding to muzzle. Good neck and correct front with slight bow. Level topline held on the move. Well set tail with good plume. Moved with purpose.
Open Dog (4,1) 1st Lee’s Tibbilon Boss. Heading the best class of the day, this 4yr old Particolour dog is one I have admired before and he was on top form today. So good for make and shape, not overdone in any way. Masculine head with good properties, good mouth with well padded muzzle, plenty of chin, well placed ears used to advantage. He has an arrogant expression which is so typical of the breed. Good angles fore and aft, level topline at all times, tail carried well. Enough coat and good furnishings. Moved with drive and purpose, at the correct pace. Could not be denied BOB today. 2nd Bevis’ Souska Empty Room at Starlance.
Open Bitch (2) 1st Lodge’s Malia Felicia JW. 2yr old gold sable bitch. Well made feminine lady with lots to like about her. Good head with typical Tibetan expression. Nice dark pigment, well shaped eyes, good mouth and well padded muzzle. Ears well set with good fringing. Well made body and level topline. She really came into her own on the move, was a pleasure to watch. Liked her overall balance, which won her the class and BOS. 2nd Hirstwood’s Yllastel Suki Takes it Off for Quintrelle.
Gary Quest (judge)


Thanks for such a large and quality entry- competition was hot in some classes.

I think  a number of my entry had had too much Christmas dinner- quite a few were a bit podgy today!

Puppy (10,2a)

  1. 1.     Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk till Dawn, 9 months quality brindle parti bitch of ideal size and balance, sweeping lines and lovely curves. Gorgeous head and expression, long arched neck into smooth shoulders, straight front with plenty of depth and fill. Good length of rib and loin, sweeping underline, strong well muscled hindquarters, low hocks, long tail to balance. Neat feet with well arched toes. She is a real powerhouse on the move, superb reach and drive but without exaggeration, keeping a lovely balanced outline on the move. I loved her presence and head carriage. BP, PG1, Reserve Best Puppy in Show, well done!
  2. 2.     Holmes’ Supeta’s So Snazzy at Tronjheim, 8.5 months brindle parti, another lovely puppy and similar to 1st. He is just right for size and proportions, handsome head, long neck, deep chest and correct well filled in front. Balanced outline, moderate hind angulation. Sound on the move, just preferred front movement of my winner.
  3. 3.     Rishworth’s Richclass King of Kings.


Junior (9,3a)

  1. 1.     Howgate’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk till Dawn
  2. 2.     Richard’s Richclass Simply Magic, 6months red brindle parti boy, upstanding and with plenty of substance for age. Handsome masculine head, dark eyes and pigment, long neck, straight front, good length of body, long tail to balance. Most beautiful fine coat and skin. Moved soundly, still just needs to drop in chest.
  3. 3.     Bridge’s Chesilven Meadow Sweet




Yearling (11, 4a)

  1. 1.     Chappell’s Nattah Sky’s the Limit at Blueflight, quality feminine brindle parti girl of 16 months, built on racy lines. Lovely head with attractive expression, long elegant neck into smooth shoulders, straight front, good for length, strong well muscled hind. Would just like a little more fill in front. Move soundly, with good reach and drive, holding her topline on the move.
  2. 2.     Bennett’s Alamayn Solstice Sun, 18mths brindle boy, handsome head with lovely expression, arched neck into smooth shoulders, straight front with good fill and depth. Not quite the scope of 1st but a quality boy with a beautiful fine coat and in super condition. Moved soundly but would just like a little more drive.
  3. 3.     Kirtland’s Copsebury Comedy Chaos.


Graduate (9,2a)

  1. 1.     Vearncombe’s Deep Blue Dreams, pretty and classic feminine fawn bitch, lovely for size and a curvy outline, beautiful head, elegant neck, correct topline and unexaggerated angles front and rear. Straight front, neat well arched feet, enough bone for size. Moved really well, with effortless reach and drive and making a lovely balanced shape all the way, absolutely sound. Just carrying too much weight today, which unfortunately affected her underline, but I really liked her a lot.
  2. 2.     Lawrence & Woodward’s Bryntreia First Glance, handsome red fawn parti boy with the most beautiful coat and sparkling white trim. Lovely head, long neck into smooth shoulders, straight front with good fill, balanced outline and good length, unexaggerated hind with long tail to balance. Unsettled on the move today.
  3. 3.     Severn’s Nattah Silver Lining


Open Dog (6, 2a)

  1. 1.     Smeath’s Almawhip Welcome to my World for Willingwisp, a gleaming black stallion of a dog, in sparkling condition and with a beautiful coat and skin and lots of quality. Handsome head and expression, long arched neck into smooth shoulders, straight front with good fill, enough length of rib and loin, curvy topline with underline to compliment. Strong well muscled hind with a  long tail to balance. Very sound on the move and with lots of ring presence. RBOB
  2. 2.     Sanford’s Erinnis Shades of Silver, quality fawn dog built on classic lines, handsome head but would just like a little more underjaw. Long neck, smooth shoulders, straight front, correct topline and underline, good length of rib and loin, strong unexaggerated hind. Moved very soundly.
  3. 3.     Kirtland’s Palmik Starlight Raider

Open Bitch (13, 3a) What a lovely class!

  1. 1.     Howgate & Hull’s Palmik En Vogue, gorgeous fawn bitch with white trim who I have admired from the ringside and was certainly not disappointed. She is all quality, feminine but still with substance. Lovely head and alert expression, clean elegant neck into well laid shoulders, correct front with good fill and depth, neat well arched feet. Unexaggerated all through and with a balanced outline, good length of rib and loin, moderate hind angulation, lovely low hocks and long tail to balance. Beautiful fine coat and skin. She is superb on the move, fluent and effortless, with excellent reach and drive and absolutely true coming and going, so impressive- she outmoved everything else today. Loved her. BOB, HG1, Reserve Best in Show- well done.
  2. 2.     Holloway’s Jzan Zanalishi, fawn girl with white trim, lovely for type and size, very feminine and all quality. Beautiful head and expression, long neck, good straight front and deep chest, neat feet. Curvy outline, with matching topline and underline, moderate hind angulation and long tail to balance. Lovely fine coat and skin. Moved very soundly, holding her topline.
  3. 3.     Vearncombe’s Deep Blue Dreams

Liz Winstone (judge)

Held at Shepton Mallet

COLLIE (Rough)

Puppy (3) 1st Stevens’ Samhaven Remy at Lekoy NAF Shaded sable 8mo bitch, nice white collar, balanced in outline & moved well Front feet need to tighten. Correct in topline,nice straight hocks and good length of tail. Ears well placed & tight, excellent teeth, good eye shape, good pigmentation. Nice type, charming BP 2nd Legge’s Erjon Eleni at Kalzan
Graduate ((4) 1st Mr P Ross’ Rahlissa Fairytale at Samshernik sable/white junior bitch , super bright colour Nice rise over the loin, excellent arch to neck, good balance of bone to size. Well handled to show drive from behind, nice tidy feet with lay of pastern to give her a spring in her step. Liked her  smooth rounded foreface, small attentive ears & nice dark well shaped eye BOB on her excellent neck and easy flowing movement2nd Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (ImpRuS) JW
Open (3) 1st Morey’s Nutslade Dizzy Storm at Brookynut 6yo shaded sable boy, well presented and behaved, especially good in head & expression Balanced in bone for size, nice shape & outline 2nd Ross’Tremaro Star Touch at Samshernik JW


Puppy (5) 1st  Greaves’ Clanavon Love Me Do Sable/white 9mo bitch puppy of beautiful colour. Well presented, attentive to handler, ears perfectly set adding to lovely expression, head is balanced with well rounded muzzle. Correct tail, good fall of croup, standing on nice shaped feet and pasterns. BP won on eye shape & excellent layback of shoulder 2nd Arnould’s Shadoway Rosa Esmerelda, classy 6mo baby
Graduate (5) 1st Mitchell & Fiddocks’ Karmidale Secret Love at Lowenek, 2yo tri bitch built on clean lines, nice fall of croup, excellent type & construction, moved beautifully but could do with more enthusiasm. Attractive markings, well moulded muzzle, eye shape could be better 2nd Mrs RIggs’ Petara Star Shine at Shastondale
Limit (4) 1st D. Moore’s Invictus Prince Iago du Domaine des Danaides at Santiara (ImpFra) 2yo blue merle male, well marked but rather a steely colour at the moment, of excellent bone and correct size, very well angulated behind with super forechest. Balanced in head if a little broad, moved with drive 2nd Mitchell & Fiddock’s Lowenek Calypso, very sweet 6yo golden sable
Open Dog ( 3) 1st D. Moore’s Santiara Moon River ShCM 4yo cheeky tri boy of ideal size, attractively marked with white collar & rich tan, moved with purpose.  A balanced head, attentive ears, eyes could be better shaped and placed. Lovely sweep on the tail, standing on good feet, very nice in forechest & good topline on the move. BOB on overall type & fluid in outline 2nd Lewis’ Tobias Toonesson
Open Bitch (5) 1st MsA Thomas’ Jolex Frosted Ice Blue merle bitch, new coat coming should improve the colour, well marked. Of good size, nice bone, moves with purpose. Very well moulded head, dark eyes, teeth are good, attentive ears add to sweet expression 2nd Arnould’s Shadoway Perchance to Dream typey golden sable

Thanks to all those exhibitors who braved the wind & wet to attend this Show !


Siberian Husky

 Junior 3 (1).  1  Crowthers. Kobuk  Snow Fall .13 month bitch of good outline in nice coat and condition pleasing head and expression correct in chest and loin and moved with easy light gait. 2 Wickers & Munday Vukasin Dance with Dragons


Grad 2 (1). 1 Vukasin D with D .Promising 9 month dog well made throughout with good shape head  presenting a fox like expression , good in body but still maturing and needs to body up ,moved out well BP.


Open 5 (3) 1Wickers Jacalous the Sourcerer at Vukasin JW ShCM. Overall a well made dog constructed with good angulation body proportions and depth of chest strong loin in good coat and condition and moving sound fore and aft with light easy stride. BOB.  2 Crowthers Kobuk Midnight Stargazer





Open 6 (2) 1 Dunn Sandbears  Adored at Weybears . Overall nice bitch with substance but retains femininity broad strong head with gentle expression strong body in good double coat moved with easy gait . BOB 2 Bodman Shinglebay Indian Summer of Acara 3 Newton Sandbears Mirum





Junior.  4 (2) 1 Lovell & Beaumont Winuwuk Minerva Mena at Pinedown. 7 mth bitch presents a very nice profile square build correct for bone good proportioned head good in body and quarters just needs to tighten and moved well for age BP. 2 Millard Drallim  Heaven Sent .


Grad 4 . 1 Vearncombe Stansbury &Pilgrim Ruption Blue Booty with Woodbriar . Would not want any more of her but o/w quite well made with good head straight front and strong rear quarters good feet moved out well. 2  Athersuch & Robinson Robinsteck Philomena 3 Verncombe &Hall Ruption Blue Bombsicle


Open  5 (2) 1 Wills Knightcott Bump n Grind with Ruption.  Good head and expression well made generally with good straight parallel front square build stands on correct tight feet moved with ease BOB.  2 Gibson Drallim Lethal Weapon 3 Athersuch  Chalards Miss Mary Poppins. 



Alaskan Malamute



Grad. 4 (2). 1 Blackburn. Cristakell April Shadows 8mth dog.Super broad powerful head on arched neck into strong well angulated body up to size but with substance thick correct coat compact feet moved with ease mature for age BP . 2 Smith Snowshoes King’s Legacy



Open  2 (1)  1Blackburn  Celticwolf Long Night ShCM Mature bitch of good proportions liked her head and expression well built body good front  angulation and strong rear quarters which she used to move with easy tireless stride well presented in thick coat  BOB.








Open. 4 (2). 1 Horton&Williams. Gertlush Glory of the West Sh CM . Litter mates this boy is correctly and powerfully built compact body good head on strong neck would prefer straighter stance at front but moved more positively in rear than bitch. BOB.    2 Horton & Williams Gertlush Lady Henniker Sh CM



Rottweiler .



Junior. 1. 1 Disney . Pureaz Bob Marley .9 mth dog correctly proportioned but needs to body up good head on strong muscular neck OK in rear quarters moved with powerful stride. BOB & BP.


Grad  1  1 Watkins & Taylor. Minealea Taylored for You . Finer type but is well proportioned with good straight front and ok rear quarters would prefer stronger head moved quite well.


Open. 2 (2) .





A.V.N.S.C.  Working.



Grad. 6 (2) 1  Newton. Bycosdycos Summer Time. Great Dane .  Fawn bitch that stood away  presenting a correct strong elegant outline ,head with great length and strength of jaw, fairly deep set eyes well arched neck muscular shoulders straight front deep body strong hind quarters good feet moved with lithe springy ground covering action to take  Best AVNSC & Working group. Pleased to see she went on to BIS. 2 Reed Ankors Haminja Over Lilybrook  Portuguese Water Dog  3 Bird Kernow Let It Be at Cullumbern Bernese Mountain Dog .4   Mathews. Silbertraum Fire and Ice  Giant Schnauzer .



Open 2 (1)  1 McGowan Starways Gimme a Kiss for Benvistadane Great Dane . Harlequin Bitch that has a well proportioned head good neck body but would prefer straighter front moved Ok.



A V Working .



Minor Puppy  5 (3). 1. Amesbury Lionscourt Griffon at Morwinas. Leonberger . 7 mth dog Well developed for such a baby but needs time to come together has substance and in good coat. 2. Wyatt Danemoor Saskla Great Dane.



Puppy. 6 (3). 1 Veal Philoma Man After Midnight Giant Schnauzer 10 mth dog that presents a powerful square outline strong head of good length strong jaws correct slightly arched neck into well laid shoulders broad and deep body strongly muscled rear quarters with free and balanced gait for age in harsh coat Best AVNSC  Puppy & Working Puppy Group  2 Mansley Vukasin a Clash of Kings. Siberian Husky 3 Millard Drallim Heaven Seven Boxer .



Open.3 (2)1 . Giedraityte La Toya Jackson Arcano. Great Dane. Blue dog of good size and substance correct length of head into strong neck good angulation in front and hindquarters slightly long back which shows when on the move.



Veteran. 2(1). 1. Wickers Jacalous Nephthys at Icekingdom JW. Sib Husky 9 year old bitch who shows no sign of age free moving with sweet head and expression well made throughout and in good coat and condition  Best Working Veteran and glad to see she went on to Best Veteran in Show.



Working Group .


1 Bycosdycos S T   Great Dane   2 Sandbears Adored at W   Newfoundland.  3 Celticwolf L N

   Alaskan Malamute.  4 Jacalous the S at V.   Sib Husky.

 Working Puppy Group.

  1 Philoma M after M.  Giant Schnauzer.  2 Vukasin D with D   Sib Husky.  3 Pureaz B M  

 Rottweiler .   4 Cristakell A S.  Alaskan Malamute.

 Working Veteran Group.

 1 Jacalous N at  I.   Sib Husky .

Judge . John Bainbridge.