– 2016 Show Report – Premier Open Show

The show was a great success and here are the judges critiques we have received:


Fox TERRIER Wire:  O (2) 1 Forman & Jones Travella Big Impact at Maidfern. Good looking dog although big enough .Has a long head well placed dark eye neat ears used to advantage giving keen expression , long neck into well angulated shoulders  strong body with good depth has well set tail moved well on powerful   quarters. BOB.  Fox TERRIER Smooth:  G (2) 1 Turleys  Tamedale Beethoven at Llyunamill  B/W male with long head perhaps a little strong in skull had well placed ears fair length of neck deep chest would prefer shorter couplings had good feet front movement a little untidy but good drive from rear quarters.  O (3) 1 Turleys Zetamaz Marcel Marceau avec LlyunamillJW Sh CM . Attractive male on his toes long head well filled under eye which was small and dark ,good length of neck shoulders well laid back deep chest short back good set on moved well on good legs and feet BOB. 2  Turleys Zetamaz Paris by Night avec Llyunamill Sh CM  sister to above liked her a lot same remarks apply in a feminine version.  3 Rundles Saredon American Girl. Parson Russell T:  G (2) 1 Harcourt-Morris Kylini Primadiva for Lenacourt Pleasing head and ears good strength of muzzle  moderate length of neck decent front, tail a little low set which affected top line. O (2)  1 Fieldings Matsstars  Ladys Mantle at Starfield.  Head of good proportions well placed ears good strength of muzzle fair length of neck has good bone and feet coat of harsh texture BOB.  West  Highland White T Open  A mixed class for age with some promising puppies  1st .Mealings Reifrandies Muirne A 4yr bitch  looked the finished picture has a balanced head with neat well placed ears dark eye moderate length of neck straight front short back good depth of chest well set tail moved with purpose in good coat BOB .2nd  Jaspers Claveshey Western Seamist 3rd Biscoes Circinus my  lucky Day.  Bull T (Miniature)  G  (1)   1st   Hulls Quayardson Lady Ginny  Most promising  bitch puppy with a Ch dam and Badlesmere sire is a good recipe for success. Today was playing the fool but got it sorted for the Group. BOB .BP.  SBT  G (1) 1 Mignano- Fricker & Fricker  Calaveys Gonna be Magical  Balanced head dark hazel eye   well placed ears strong neck good shoulders deep chest well sprung ribs has plenty of muscle moved a little close behind. O (2) 1 Mignano- Fricker & Fricker Calaveys Magical Dream  Possesses a well proportioned head correct round eye pleasing ears medium neck good width of chest close coupled body light in loin strong quarters with low set tail  pleasing topline on the move BOB. Cairn T. G (2)  1 Oldales Tweslam Voodoo Child Typical foxy expression  has a reasonable front fair length  of neck medium length of body good set on moved well profuse harsh  coat. 2 Peers Performing the Dream for Tweedisle. O (2) 1 Peers Tweedisle April Beauty  Another with typical expression  ears small and well carried dark hazel eyes moderate length of  neck well set to compact body with just enough length to back strong quarters moved with purpose BOB. Dandie Dinmont T: O (5) 1 Milliners Dandiroyal Ferrywiggle at Millerim Scored in head skull broad and well domed well set eyes large full and round of dark hazel colour ears set well back and low moderate neck long in body ribs well sprung and round good depth of chest has just enough arch over loin well set and carried tail, would like to have seen more sparkle on the move but thought her the most typical, BOB. Later in the Group with a different handler really stepped out  to show her qualities.  Cesky T:   O (4)   1  Samsons Shasgav Youve been Framed Perhaps big enough but has great ring presence  to show off his qualities . Has a well proportioned head excellent eye well set ears giving pleasing expression very good, neck and front good length of body with just enough rise over loin nice set of tail although  carriage can  be a little high at times  but correct at rest ,moved with drive and purpose in top trim and condition. BOB.  2 Samsons Pendevour Phelix at Shasgav Shcm. AVNSCT G  (3) 1 Fieldings Erredwiltsir Ruby Red Rose. Irish T. Racy bitch with refined head of good length ears a little unsettled today has good length of neck fair angulation of shoulder straight front good legs and feet well set tail sound on the move. 2 Taylors Amberstar Abbey Road SCWT. O (4) 1  Satherleys Ch Silkcroft Colour of Magic Sh cm. A lovely SCWT bitch who I have previously admired.A real pleasure to handle    BNSCT. 2 Satherleys Silkcroft Sky full of Stars ScmJun Ch  SCWT.   A V T .Minor P. (2) 1st Peers Tweedisles Bright Star Cairn Most promising 6mths bitch well proportioned head with very good eye and ears ,moderatly short in body great set on and carriage. 2 Wealls Wringtonbell Ready to Rock Scottish T. P (4)   Rundles Sidewater Sea  Fury Irish T 8mths dog. Excellent character  has good length of head pleasing neck to well laid shoulders chest developing well for age has ample length of back with slight arch to loin moderate hind angulation tail on top moved well on good feet BP. 2 Jaspers Clavesheys Cassiopia Westie. 3 Jaspers Clavesheys Clarissa.  V (8) 1 Martins Bortino High Society Border T, 7yr dog   in fit condition pleasing head good eye fair length of neck good legs and feet  in a well presented hard coat moved out very well. BTV. 2 Taylors Ch Amberstar Eight Days a Week. Schcm. 3 Taylors Lutrabeck Layla Border T.  TERRIER GROUP A very well supported Group of quality exhibits.  1st Fergusons Ch Felfree Rocket Shcm Manchester T . At 4yr this male has matured into the finished article  and whilst  he is big enough has much to commend and was in  top form really pulling out all the stops in less than ideal weather conditions. He was  in superb condition   where I particularly noted  his rich mahogany tan clearly defined from his sleek black coat. 2nd  Cesky S Youve been Framed Also put up a great performance  to earn his place. 3  The top quality Wheaten Ch S Colour of Magic  Pressed hard  and moved well enough but not matching the performance of 1&2.  4th The SFT.   Marcel Marceau avec L . Always puts up a solid performance   but also feeling the elements today. TERRIER PUPPY  GROUP  1st S  Sea Fury   Irish T Showing well displaying true Irish spirit to take top spot 2 Q Lady Ginny Min Bull T This girl had settled down cooperating with her handler to earn her place. 3 C Christina 4th Reads Roxambor Space Invader  . Border T.
Ann  Bradley
Gundogs + BIS
Thank you to the Golden and Lab exhibitors for such a lovely entry of sound dogs. Retriever Golden: P (4,1a) 1 Silverbarrow Secret In Lace By Denmarella. 81/2 months puppy bitch, very balanced, in good coat and condition, excellent angles, front and rear, neat feet and straight hocks. Moved straight and true. BP. 2 Endellion Spinnaker. 91/2 months puppy dog, not much separating these two puppies, good on the move, very pleasing head, good angles front and rear, just preferred balance and presence of 1. 3 Hilsgolden Royal Mint. J (8,2a) 1 Kaspergold Elsa. Lovely young girl, knows she’s being looked at and pulls out all the stops with eye-catching presence. Very balanced and fit for function. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders, front assembly excellent with matching rear angles. Dead level top line, held on the move, driving around the ring. RBOB. 2 Gwyngala Group Captain. Glamourous boy with masses of coat, good bone and melting head and expression. Neat feet. Moved out well. 3 Cassatess Pure Passion For Kidson. N (8,1a) 1 Cassatess Pure Passion For Kidson. Very similar type to the winner of junior, pretty bitch, balanced and good angles fore and aft. Just preferred movement of first and second in Junior today. 2 Hilsgolden Peaches N’ Cream. Liked this bitch very much, has all the typical characteristics of a Golden Retriever, just slightly dipping in the top line today which spoilt the picture. Held on the move and moved straight and with drive.
3 Lamyate Lord Of The Manor. G (17,4a) 1 Kaspergold Elsa. 2 Warrentor Maplemoon. Beautiful bitch in good coat and condition. The two heading this class were outstanding. Balanced and well-proportioned with excellent muscle tone, standing on strong legs and neat feet. Just not moving out as well as 1. 3 Gwyngala Group Captain. OD (6,1a) 1 Harry The Magician At Telanjan. Beautiful dark golden boy in luxurious coat that glimmers of a healthy happy dog. 4 years old this boy is in good hard condition, completely fit for purpose. Very pleasing head, good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good spring of rib, and well off for bone. Moved very well with drive, presenting a beautiful balanced picture. BOB. 2 Gwyngala Group Captain. 3 Kadaka Kappa Bleu At Westcombe. OB (3) 1 Kaspergold Elsa. 2 Tonara Lexington, pretty appealing head, good bone and length of neck into well placed shoulders, strong back end with good muscle. Moved well when settled. 3 Gwyngala Going For Gold. Retriever Labrador: P (8,2a) 1 Keeninspires Eclipse. Two gorgeous puppies headed this class, and very difficult to separate them. 7 months yellow bitch, good bone and balance, neat feet, happy and confident, moved well with drive. 2 Donamick Let’s Dance. Just her second show but not fazed at all, confident and full of character. At correct stage of growth for age, good bone and excellent angles. Moved well for one so young. 3 Champles Betty Grable. J (6,1a) 1 Trewinnard Pippin. 16 months bitch, very balanced, appealing head and expression with good bone, moved out well. 2 Harpitts Miss Brady Snaps, very similar to 1 and all comments apply, just didn’t have the top line of 1. 3 Oceanwood Diver. Sp Y (5) 1 Donamick China Girl. Just fell in love with this puppy, sister to second in puppy. Oozes character and ring presence, good angles fore and aft, very pleasing head and balanced throughout. Moved very well. BP & PG2. 2 Carohall Day Dreamer At Mibridge. 14 months’ black dog in good coat and condition. Unfortunate to meet 1 in this class, balanced and well-muscled, with good bone and masculine head. Moved out straight and true. 3 Trewinnard Russet. G (9,3a) 1 Cadbarin Loganberry. Although not in best coat today, this dog was the outstanding contender. Stylish, pleasing head, good bone, a little long in the body. Moved out well. 2 Linjor Magnolia At Jaybec. 3½ years yellow bitch, pretty and feminine. Again slightly long in the body and I would prefer a little more bone. Moved out straight and true. 3 Keeninspires Houdini. O (8,3a) 1 Aquadell Montgomery JW.Gorgeous male, what a show man. Lovely head and melting expression, balanced throughout, standing fore square on strong legs and feet. Excellent angles fore and aft, correct top line and tail set, held on the move. Very pleased to award him BOB. 2 Harpitts Forever Tilly. Unfortunate to come up against the dog as I was equally taken by this bitch. Just slightly longer in back than 1. Beautiful head and expression, moved well, handled to advantage. RBOB. 3 Lembas Swings Both Ways At Mibridge.
Michelle Fascione – (Goldrealm)
A 241 class show was held by the Society at the Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet. Weather was a bit so-so but I think we escaped fairly well with a few light showers. Secretary Jacky Ash had everything organised and I enjoyed having  Jacqui Walmsley stewarding for me – we go back a long way, since Jacqui’s junior handling days. BIS was a Gordon Setter dog. Flaxheath McLaren Sh CM, judged in the breed by Helen Gracie. I gave this dog BIS at Christchurch and New Forest two day open shw last May and here he looked very good indeed. Now he has two CCs under hs belt, so I hope that elusive third isn’t far away. Hugapug Nutcracker Treveth JW, a delightful young Pug, full of mischief of course, was Res BIS, narrowly beating the very nice Mini SH Dachshund bitch, Webber’s Swansong in the Process. A gorgeous, sound and happy GSP bitch, Pingarypoint Eye Candy, was BPIS with Res going to a classy Whippet dog, Palmik Depeche Mode. Whippets had drawn a phenomenal entry for an open show – 68 entries for Mrs Pirie, and I thought my NSDTR entry of 16 was good. GERMAN WH POINTER O (5,3) 1 and BOB, Harries’  Myrna Loy. 2 and a half year old, good looking, typy bitch in fine form. Excellent coat, good bone and feet and a clean outline. Intelligent expression. Could be a little firmer behind but a clean silhouette. 2 Beacham’s Kimmax Kall the Kops. GERMAN SH POINTER G (2) 1 BP and also BPIS, Burford’s Pingarypoint Eye Candy, won a nice class of two. 10 months bitch, well constructed puppy with a quality head and lovely expression. Clean neckline, already a good topline. Sound mover, sleek coat and super condition. Well handled. She just got better and better as the day went on and by the time we got to do best gundog, and ultimitely BPIS, she had really nailed it. Great potential. 2 Burford’s Kavacanne Morgan You Know. O (1) 1 BOB, Burford’s Pingarypoint Hot Topic. 2 and a half years bitch, same way bred as ther puppy, earlier litter. Clearly a good combination. Obviously here she had the edge on maturity, a quality bitch, lean and fit. Good head with lovely eyes and expression, well proportioned and good neck, well muscled hindquarters. Moved with drive, again handled to advantage. POINTER J (4,2) 1 and BP, Gordon and Petherick’s Hawkfield Strider, talk about naughty children here! Strider is just 6 months, his handler never lost his patience and got him going very well, but only in glimpses. Well placed shoulders, clean neckline and good condition. Lots of scope and promise as long as his energy can be reined in to his advantage. Expertly handled. 2 Coggins and Adam’s Droveborough’s DCI Lewis at Gemrose. Also so well hadled, 9 and a half months l/w dog. PG (3,1) 1 Tannahill’s Wynbury Walter Jack JW. 2 and a half years  b/w dog, steady and composed showman. Typical head and expression, well boned and bodied and a deep chest and strong quarters. Well handled. 2 Webb’s Wilchrimane Rough Crystal. O (2,1) 1 and BOB, Coggins and Adams’ Sh Ch Droveborough Born to Bound at Gemrose. JW. 6 year old l/w, handsome and mature looking dog. Lovely head, beautiful eyes and expression. Clean outline,  moved and showed well and expertly handled. Excellent coat, sire of 2nd in J. BRACCO ITALIANO O (1) 1 BOB, Powell and Madreliath’s Omaggio, 2 years bitch, dignified showgirl who moved quite well behind, a little out at elbow coming towards me. Feminine head with large, spongey nose, ears supple and folding inwards. Well rounded neck, totally relaxed about it all. NSDTR I was  delighted with the entry of 17 from 14 dogs present. J (3,1) 1 Rice’s Tollerice Carcillo. 17 months dog of excellent quality and type. Good head and intelligent expression, alert and focused. Excellent body and coat, sound mover and at one with his handler going round. 2 Burchell’s Tivalake. Got the hang of things quite well, needs to grow on, good body and clean coat. BP. PG (6,1) 1 BOB and Gundog Group 2, Morgan’s Erickacen O’Ruadh for Deltandamba. JW. 19 months dog, striking young dog in gorgeous coat and colour. Sure-footed and showed himself off really well. Alert and friendly expression, deep chest, well sprung ribs and shapely body. Level topline. Well feathered tail, made the most of himself standing and moving and very well handled. 2 Rice’s Tollerice Carcillo. 3 Crosby’s Born to Run for Valsannra. O (8,1) 1 Anstead’s Lux Ch Riverwatcher Atka. 3 and a half years, masculine head and outlook, kind expression. On the day carrying plenty of weight. Well proportioned with good bone, well carried tail and steady showman. Moved well, excellent coat. Nice quality – a couple of pounds off will give his outline and underline that more finished look. 2 Rice’s Tollerice Carcillo. 3 Anstead’s Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk. JW Lux Jr Ch. CURLY COATED RETRIEVER O (4,1) 1 and BOB, Courtier’s Maycourt Hunky Dory JW. Sh CM. 2 years bitch of excellent shape, feminine head and kind eyes. Good neck and topline, lovely feet. Sensible showgirl and moved ok. Good coat, well handled. 2 Mistlin’s Maycourt Starman by Crookwood. Litter brother to the winner, nice quality dog. 3 Edworthy’s Rydons Wishfull Thinking. CLUMBER SPANIEL PG 1 Whissgig the Bristolian. 22 months dog, very clean and well presented coat. Excellent body, muscular loin, well sprung ribs. Square muzzle and clean eyes. Moved well once he got into his stride. Good bone, sympathetically, bit a of a fidget standing biut good animation and power on the move. 2 Sheppard’s Whisswig Daddy Cool. O (4) 1 Claxton’s Mayghan’s Dunestream at Fiverites. 4 years old black, ultra feminine and most attractive head and expression. Good coat and body, would like a littlew more of her. Beautifully behaved compared to 2 and 3, who were the hooligans on the day. 2 Sheppard’s Whissgig All That Jazz. 3 Sheppard’s Sugar Loaf Washington Whizzgig (Imp Swe). FIELD SPANIEL O (5,4) 1 and BOB, Alexander’s Fecimus Robin Banks. The one and only Field on the day, 4 year old black dog. Masculine head and dark eyes, strong body with good bone. Moved and showed ok, needs a firm hand. AVNSC GUNDOG G (3,1) 1 Bradley’s Nyllaup Chilli Pepper. Yearling IWS dog, well gown youngster in good form. Lovely silhouette, good head and excellent bone and coat. Moved and showed well, good potential and well handled. 2 Luis’ SWD, Brookview Visa. MP (4,1) 1 Newstead’s Champles Betty Grable. 7 month old yellow Labrador bitch. Overall very good and moved ok. 2 Stockwell’s Golden Retriever Hilsgoldens Royal Mint. 3 Wallace’s Labrador, Richbourne Love to Dream of Tiaja. O (21,13) 1 T Lady Cecil of C. 2 R Wishfull Thinking. 3 H Peaches and Creme. Vet (8,3) 1 Jolley’s Sh Ch Wansleydale Loganberry at Jolymore. Sh CM. 10 year old English Setter dog, all male in head and outlook. Kind dark eyes, good body and well proportioned. Showed well, comfortable winner I thought. 2 Powell’s Weimaraner Madreliath’s Renata. 3 Clunie’s Golden Retriever, Nakuru Brown Sugar of Warrentor. GUNDOG GROUP Good line up. 1 Futcher’s Flaxheath McLaren Sh CM. 3 and a half year old Gordon Setter I have admired and given top honours to before. Lovely outline and proportions, in splendid form. A willing and co-operative showman with a good head and expression. Everything in balance easy mover. The Duck Toller was 2nd, then Prangle’s Irish Setter, Heathclare Old Glory. JW Sh CM. A real gentleman with a charming character. Obliging showman, great coat and condition and enjoying going round the big ring, into 4th place was Challis’ Vizsla bitch, Tarafield Anya Panni by Vizslanya. 20 months, excellent quality andf type. Beautiful head and eye, very classy and moved with ease. An impressive quartet of top class gundogs. GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP was won by the GSP bitch. Pingarypoint Eye Candy. 2 Wilcox’s Donamick China Girl. Chocolate Labrador bitch, good head with kind and expressive eyes. Well bodied, moved well. 3 Prangle and Cuff’s Special Reserve with Heathclare. Irish Setter dog, a bit extravagant in fromt movement, stylsh and promising in outline. 4 Hawkfield Strider. Pointer.
Liz Cartledge


Irish setter

P. 1 1st Prangle and Cuff, special reserve with Heathclaire, Super young man just right for his age, Lovely head and expression arched neck into correct shoulders, gentle sloping topline correct croup and tail set, suoer angulation, moved well for 1 so young BP


J 3 (1)

1st Pym Thendara the watch maker pleasing head good front, reach of neck good spring of rib, correct croup and tail set moved well

2nd Gilks Danwish The lion king


SY 3 (2)

Halls Glennara never can tell  sweet head and expression super reach of neck good front and rear angulation moved well res bob


G 5(3)

McCabe  Redclyst Cosette  won this class on movement , finest of heads with a soft exression good neck, correct shoulders gentle sloping top line


2nd Robinson

Kerrydown Nightingale


O 10 (5)

1st Prangle Heathclaire Old glory   Handsome boy with a true Irish expression lovely arched neck into clean shoulders the very best of fronts good spring of rib sloping top line, bend of stiffle into well let down hock moved out with drive BOB

2nd Partridges  Kerrydown Octavia

3rd Gilks Suttersett mr Uppity

Res Partridge Tsitskama Glen Acacia at Kerrydown

VHC Allum  Macarica Street Dancer



English Setter


J  2 (1)

Stevens  BumBlecorn Winter snow   gave her handler a hard time moved well once settled Pleasing head and expression good angulation fore and aft used her lashing tail to advantage

PG  1

Jolley and Taylor  Anlory Burano via Jollymor, nice young man nice head good lay back of shoulder well ribbed nice top line moved well

O 2(1)

Jolley and Taylor  Wansleydale tribute to Jollymore

6 yrs male best of heads, suoer neck that flowed into shoulders, lovely front and rear angulation  that allowed him to drive round the ring BOB


Gordon Setter

G 3(2)

27 withdrawn


O 2(1)

Futcher, Flaxheath Mclaren shcm, This boy blew me away the minute he entered the ring Fabulous head lovely arched neck, the very best of shoulders, front and rear angulation to die for in this breed, moved with the correct reach and drive, one of the nicest Gordons I have had my hands on in a while, this boy is the complete package.

I was thrilled to learn that he did not only take the gundog group but then went on to win BIS



J 2(1)

Morgan,  Parhelis Irulan  Just out of puppy so still a bit raw good angulation fore and aft good tail set moved ok


G 4(1)

Philips Rivertone Oasis at Liddlycleve

Loved this boy won this class on his movement, Good head neck and shoulders, good angulation width of thigh, moved with purpose  BOB

2nd Power  Parhelis Dante

3rd Jeffreys   Silbermeer Wayward Spirit


O 3(1)

Jeffreys Silbermeer Blithe Spirit Nice girl of good proportions, good front moved ok Handler needs to let her stretch herself

2nd Powell  Weltguist  Amy


Hungarian Vizla

O 1

Challis  Tarafield Anya Panni by Vizslanya

finest of heads nice shoulders great sternum and rea angulation moved with drive BOB


Hungarian wire Vizla

O 2

1st Collier Belatarr North by north west, upstanding dog best of heads, super construction throughout moved with drive

2nd Revel  Falcongreen Kizsca


Flat coat Retreiver

O 3

1st Weddell, Bitcon Luther, Super boy with the very best of

heads super reach of neck, flowed into shoulders fantastic front and rear angulation covered the ground with ease


2nd Hayman Lussac Thorin

3rd Smith Paviland Pity Mor Dreamer of Matlor


Italian Spinone

O 2

1st Allum  Inostricanini Palmina Del Macarica

Lovely girl with teh very best of heads  super bone correct topline croup and tail  set her super construction allowed this girl to drive around the ring BOB

2nd  Sheppard Ludici Niamh of Whissgig


Cocker Spaniel

P 1

1st Watson  Duranbell Bands of Colour  lovely Roan boy nice head good shoulders lovely top line held on the move

J 3

1st Jarman  Acquelin Elektra  Stunning girl loved her the minute I set eyes on her, the correct size for me very best of heads, super front shoulders, just enough bend of stiffle firm topline kept on the move  BOB

2nd Black Lochranza Kol Fizz at Cleolivia

3rd Jarman  Fernstone Speckled Wood

G 6(3)

1st Black Tojamatt Lady Cecil at Cleolivia

Pleasing head nice neck and shoulders firm topline moved ok

2nd Watson Durandabell Tittle Tattle

3rd Fear  Majestyka winning streak

O 3

1st Jarman  Acquelin Double fara flare   nice male of good proportions nice head moved well

2nd Kew  Withiflor wheels on fire at Wylyview

3rd  McWilliams Fernstone wood you forget me not


American Cocker

O 3

1st Rivett  Greenadell Black midnight super head and expression lovely arched neck into good shoulders would have prefered a more slope to the topline never the less  moved with drive BOB

2nd Luczynski  Fecimus Pink petticoat at Kanara shsm

3rd  Luczynski Baladeva Scarlet letters for Kanara

Overall, a very good quality entry that I enjoyed judging. Chinese Crested: O 1 Loader’s Habiba Kung Fu Panda to Kettrice. Sound and elegant, moves with drive and elegance. Nice head with well chiselled muzzle. Well placed and carried ears leading to strong gracefull neck and well placed shoulders. Level topline that he carried throughout, well placed and carried tail. BOB. 2 Grant’s Lea Z Jasne Hvezdy at Moorheath (Imp). 3 Snell’s Yustin Z Jasne Huezdy at Moretonia. Italian Greyhound: O 1 Drysdale’s Gemmend Rainbows End. Nice head, expressive, dark eyes. Moved well with elegance, straight front and well angulated. BOB. 2 Davis’ Minitopo Le Filippo Del Jemalsheva. 3 Allen’s Francole Getting to Know You at Jzan. Pomeranian: J 1 Brown’s Vanilla Zefir. Nice foxy head and expression; dark, bright eyes with well set and carried ears. Well set and carried tail. 2 Fleming’s Snowvilla Fifi Fever. G 1 Reid’s Pomirosa My Precious. Lovely foxy head and expression; dark, bright eyes with well set and carried ears. Level topline that he carried on the move. Well set and carried tail. BP. O 1 Brown’s Densown Sunrise. Excellent foxy head and expression with dark, bright, expressive eyes and correctly placed ears. Sound and moved well with brisk and buoyant action. Coat in excellent condition. BOB. 2 Minas’ Queen of North Feeling My Magic Oz. 3 Reid’s Ch Bai Shou Lin of Chiao La Ya at Pomirosa. Papillon: J 1 Stanbury’s Inixia Hot Stuff. Well balanced and elegant, correct shape with level topline. Correct shaped head with appealing, intelligent expression and well placed ears of good size. 2 Hart’s Purepixie Swish and Flick. 3 Sparkes’ Pinkmead Delightful Eve. G Stanbury’s Inixia the Bees Knees. Promising puppy. Well balanced and elegant, correct shape with level topline that she carried on the moved. Moved will. Correct shaped head with appealing, intelligent expression and well placed ears of good size. BP & BOB. O Stanbury’s Inixia Saucy Sam. Appealling head and expression, well placed and carried ears. Balanced, elegant, correct shape with level topline. 2 McShane’s Bedellus Forever Amber. 3 Sparkes’ Pinkmead Twistin Time. Havanese: O 1 Lane’s Starleisha Dazzling Dream. Well balanced and sturdy, correct for size and shape. Dark eyes giving gentle expression.  High set tail, carried correctly over the back. Moved with drive and a slight spring in her step. BOB, G3. 2 Wootton’s Newtonwood Star Gazer from Jetandra. 3 Lane’s Staleisha Heavenly Star ShCM. Bichon Frise: G 1 Osborne’s Magstarai Heart of the Ocean. Well balanced, correctly proportioned head, large dark eye. Moved excellently with drive and elegance. Good coat in excellent condition. BOB. 2 Tomsett’s Suretobe Oxlade. 3 Stokes’ Magstarai Caresed by the Sea at Anneymar. O 1 Osborne’s Minibelle Top Dog Rossa Diamante for Magstarai. Moved very well with drive and elegance. Good coat in excellent condition. Balanced and correct for size. Dark eye and good pigmentation. 2 Shorter’s Fiyero’s Devil in Disguise ShCM. 3 Tomsett’s Miss Lisamarie of Somerset. Pug: J 1 Beech & Schofield’s Delwin’s Peter Piper. Sound, well built and moved very well. Good head and expression, dark expressive eyes, well placed and carried ears. Well set tail with tight curl. 2 Lee’s Glenalua I’m Meryl Tuckenhay (IKC). 3 Alexander’s Tangetoppen’s Easy to Say Treveth (IMP) NAF TAF. G 1 Beech & Schofield’s Tidemill Gordon Bennett. Excellent head, eye and ears. Moved well, with level topline and typical pug roll. Well set and carried tail. OD 1 Alexander’s Hugapug Nutcracker Treveth JW. Ideal size and shape for a pug, compact, cobby and sound with a level topline. Correctly shaped and proportionate head, good pigment. He moved effortlessly around the ring, with characteristic roll. BOB, G1. 2 Beech & Schofield’s Tidemill Stormin Norman ShCM. 3 Mayo’s His Lordship Bertie. OB 1 Lee’s Tuckenhay Olive Maeve. Compact, square and cobby with level topline that she carried on the move, typical pug roll to her gait. Good head and expression, dark, sparkling eyes with well placed ears. 2 Mayo’s Lady Pop Pop. CKCS: P 1 Coole’s Jolainey Naughty But Nice. Good for size, well balanced, moved well in profile, maintaining level topline. Correct shaped head and appealing expression. Dark eye, well placed ears with good feathering. Well placed and carried tail. 2 Coole’s Jolainey Whizadora. 3 Neal’s Quizzbeck American Twist. G 1 Mochrie’s Downsbank Voodoo Sunrise. Pleasing expression, well balanced head, dark eye, well placed ears with good feathering. Moved well, maintaining a level topline throughout. Just didn’t seem to be enjoying his day which held hime back in the final line up. RBOB. 2 Walton’s Gayhalo Pique with Underknoll. 3 Hawkins’ Pendralier Crowley. PG 1 Lewis’ Carleeto Midnight Dream JW. Correct size and well balanced, sound and moved well, maintaining level topline. Dark eye with pleasing expression, well placed ears with good feathering. Well placed and carried tail. BOB. 2 Walton’s Underknoll Redbeckia. OD 1 Hawkins’ Pendralier Pascal. Pleasant expression, head was ok, well placed ears with good feathering. Moved well, maintaining a level topline throughout. 2 Conibere’s Bellrise Lil Bo Peep. OB 1 Lewis’ Harana Martha Reeves Carleeto. Correct head with appropriate stop, large dark eye and well set ears. Well constructed and balanced, moved well carrying her well set tail appropriately. 2 Conibere’s Featherfalls Hy Delight for Bellrise. AVNSC: G 1 Faithfull’s Riagaioch Coraline at Jonevelyn. Affenpincher. Correct for size and shape; excellent head and expression with dark sparkling eyes, well set and carried ears. Sturdy and sound, moved well with typical gait. BAVNSC Toy Puppy. 2 Wedlock’s Cream Little Girl. O 1 Faithfull’s Hemlock the Conspirator at Jonevelyn. Good for size; correct head and expression with dark sparkling eyes, well set and carried ears. moved well with typical Affenpincher gait. BAVNSC Toy.  2 Wedlock’s Cream Little Girl. AV Toy: V 1 Watts’ Ch Estivals Airbourne Magic JW ShCM. Top quality Min Pin, still in very good condition. Correct for size, compact and square shaped and sound as a bell. Strong neck and forequarters with the correct sloping topline that she held throughout. Well angulated and toned hindquarters, giving correct drive when on the move. She has a good hackney action with no exaggeration. 2 Walton’s Underknoll J’Adore JW ShCM. 3 Cross & Sheppard’s Amalek Making Magic for Sulasky. Toy Group: 1 Pug. 2 Affenpincher. 3 Havanese. 4. Cross & Sheppard’s Sulasky Meant to Be, ETT. Correct for size and shape, well placed, candle flame ears that he carried well. Dark eye, correct wedge shaped head. Toy Puppy Group: 1 Watts’ Estivals Koko Chanel, Miniature Pincher. Well balanced and elegant. Sound on the move with a good hackney action and drive from rear. Compact, square body with correct topline that he held on the move. Well placed ears, strong neck and jaw. I expect he will continue to make an impact in the ring. 2 Papillon. 3 Cavalier. 4 Affenpincher.
Derfel Owen
My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this, their 1st premier open show at this venue.  Their hospitality was very good.  The show was held outside so there was no lack of space, however it was a very cold June day.  This and the long grass affected the breeds I judged. English Toy Terrier: G (1) 1 Snell’s Moretonia Chrystal Charm. A confident young bitch that was always alert, good wedge head with dark eyes and well shaped ears, correct face markings and pencilling, good topline and balanced profile, strode out well but it was difficult to discern the correct movement because of the long grass. RBOB. O (3) 1 Cross & Sheppard’s Sulasky Meant To Be. Well balanced overall with correct markings except no bar, good head shape and good candle flame ears, maintained a good topline and balance on the move, best mover in the class as there was a tendency in the others to hackney in the long grass, BOB, G4. 2 Snell’s Moretonia Kindle Fire. 3 Cross & Sheppard’s Ch Sulasky Please Don’t Go. Miniature Pinscher: G (6, 1) Three of the five dogs in the class were puppies so it was a difficult day for them.  1 Watts’ Estivals Koko Chanel. A very promising youngster who stood out in the class, pleasing head and balanced shape, correct markings, neat feet,and she actually managed to hackney on the move, well done. BP, Very pleased to see her gain PG1.  2 Warren’s From Russia With Love. 3 Allen’s Adurus Love In The Mist With Jaycroft.  O (2) 1 Allen’s Pinsky Agent Impossible at Tinolucianna ShCM A smart chocolate and tan dog that performed well in the light rain, clear face markings, good head, topline and rear angulation, neat feet, moved well, BOB. 2 Whetter’s Keehoo Bubble Gum at Mandolais, RBOB.
Sylvia Hirst
Shetland Sheepdog: I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge at this show and also my steward Michelle Smee for her efficient organisation. N (6,4) 1 Eldridge’s Sherkarl Lucy Locket At Petara, s/w bitch well placed neat ears, well placed dark eye with well-balanced head and good expression, nice reach of neck and level topline, well angulated, and handled to advantage. 2 Cremer’s Sherkarl Look Of Gold At Lyngarso (BP). G (4) 1 Rossiter’s Lorainian Starlight Wonder, g/s/w bitch, nice eye & shape giving that melting expression, neat ears well used, good reach of neck into a level topline, giving a good overall shape, good angulation and moved easily with a well fitted coat and nicely presented.  2 Moore’s Shellamoyed The Statesman JW. 3rd Bussey’s Kelgrove Kinda Black Magic. PG (12,3) 1 Paterson’s Lorainian Celtic Star, a very feminine g/s/w girl with a lovely eye and expression, neat ears used well, good reach of neck and level topline, good angulation with nice bend of stifle completes the picture, moved well and beautifully presented.  2 Gruszka’s Samphrey Shades Of Blue. 3 Moore’s Invictus Prince Iago Du Domaine Des Danaides At Santiara. OD (4) 1 Paterson’s Lorainian Campbell Clan, g/s/w dog, have judged this boy before as a yearling and still of the same opinion, he has the correct wedge shaped head with well filled foreface, nice dark eye correctly set and neat well placed ears giving that lovely sweet but masculine expression, good breed type of correct size and overall shape, good angulation front and rear, nice bone, positive on the move and well presented. (BOB). 2 Moore’s Santiara Moon River ShCM. 3 Riggs’ Petara Shining Star For Shastondale. OB (9,3) 1 Gruszka’s Samphrey Bitta Sweet nicely marked b/m bitch, good eye well set, ears well placed, giving a pleasing  expression, good reach of neck, giving a well-balanced outline, good angulation, moved soundly keeping a level topline and well presented. (RBOB). 2 Whitfield’s Kimarg Summer Breeze. 3 Wood’s Petara Sheer Destiny
 Val Winfield (Oakcroft)
Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren): O (2) 1 Harris’ Delator Spring Is Here at Tolnedra ShCM. 4 yr old dog of good size who appealed for overall type and balance. Finely chiselled head of correct proportions, moderate stop, dark eye of correct shape and excellent ear set. Good length of neck, firm topline, nice depth of brisket and slight slope to rump. Standing nice and straight in front and muscular hindquarters with moderate angulation. Excellent showman. BOB. 2 Potter’s Niavana Jamaica. Bearded Collie: O (5,2) 1 Jackson’s Karmeliann Firefly. Approaching two years this boy presented a nicely balanced outline and was so good to go over. Muscular neck of good length, firm level topline, nice spring of rib and strong loin. Well proportioned head with broad skull, moderate stop and correct dentition. Moving well all through with good length of stride. Good coat for texture and presentation. BOB. 2 Carter’s Karmeliann Kindred Spirit. 10 mth bitch. Another soundly made exhibit. Feminine girl with nicely proportioned head, broad flat skull, good eye for shape and colour and scissor bite. Moderate length of neck, level topline, rib developing nicely and good tail for set and carriage. Well laid shoulders and straight well boned forelegs. Covering the ground well when viewed in profile. Best Puppy and later Puppy Group 1. 3 Webb’s Megamaree Just Amazing. Australian Shepherd: O (2,0) 1 Alder & Haste’s Jacanshe Harvest Time with Aussiame ShCM. 8 yr old dog who presented a well balanced outline with clean neck of moderate length, level topline, good depth of brisket, strong loin and well sprung ribs. Nicely proportioned head with good eye for shape and colour and correct dentition. Moving well in profile and coming towards but closer behind than desired. BOB. 2 Scanlan’s Mistyholly Blues Brother. 8 mth blue merle dog of nice size. Nicely balanced with moderate length of neck, topline needs to settle but he has time on his side, good depth of chest and strong loin. Attractive head and expression and correct dentition. Well laid shoulder, straight forelegs, good feet and moderately angulated hindquarters. Moving well in profile. Best Puppy. Welsh Corgi (Cardigan): O (2,0)1 Siviter’s Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM. 2 yr old brindle dog who appealed for type and overall balance. Muscular neck of good length, firm topline, prominent sternum, well sprung ribs, strong loin and good tail for both set and carriage. Nicely proportioned head with excellent eye and ear and super expression. Muscular thighs and well angulated hindquarters. Moving well in profile. BOB. 2 Siviter’s Bredwardine Aled ShCM. Border Collie: G (2,0)1 Chainey’s Taranza Mayan Eclipse. 8 mth bitch with lots to like. Nicely balanced outline with good length of neck, firm level topline, good depth of brisket, pleasing rib for one so young, muscular loin and good tail for set and carriage. Feminine head and expression with oval-shaped eyes of excellent colour and correct dentition. Standing nice and straight in front with very good feet, muscular hindquarters and good turn of stifle. Moving soundly all through. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3. 2 Cole’s Fycoegyn Fieldfair. O (3,1) 1 Verplancke’s Taranza Imagination. 2 yr old dog who greatly appealed. Masculine head and expression with no suggestion of coarseness, excellent eye and ear, strong muzzle and scissor bite. Neck of good length, firm topline, nice spring of rib, strong loin and tail set on low and carried correctly. Well constructed both front and rear and moving soundly when viewed from all angles. Very well handled to take BOB and later Group 2. 2 Cole’s Fycoegyn Fieldfair. Norwegian Buhund: O (3,1) 1 Crocker’s Kntyshall Noor Ul Ain. 7 mth black bitch who shows great promise. She presented a beautifully balanced outline with medium length of neck, short, straight back, firm loin and high set curled tail. Feminine headpiece with moderate length of muzzle, dark expressive eyes and excellent ears for size and set. Nice straight front with elbows held close to the chest, very good feet and moderately angulated hindquarters. Moving soundly all through with excellent self carriage. Just needs to gain a tad more confidence. BOB, Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2. 2 Bethell’s Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas of Minforst (Imp USA). Swedish Vallhund: O (3,0)1 Etches & Bayliss’ Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda ShCM. Red dog just shy of 12 yrs and what a super boy he is! He really does not look his age and he still so well muscled. He scored for type and balance with muscular neck of good length, firm level back, well sprung ribs, strong loin and good depth of chest. Well laid shoulders, standing well in front, good feet and muscular hindquarters with well bent stifles. Super head and expression with excellent eye and ear and first class dentition. Moving freely and using himself fully at all times. BOB, Group 3, Best Pastoral Veteran and delighted to see that he ended the day by taking Best Veteran in Show. 2 Howe’s Pepperthyme On A Rainbow. 3 Hackney’s Starvon All About Me. Promising youngster with attractive headpiece; wedge-shaped with dark oval-shaped eyes, good ear set and correct dentition. Balanced in outline with nice length of neck, firm topline and strong loin. Moving soundly. Best Puppy. Collie (Rough): J (5,1) 1 Ware’s Wassail Mixed Spice. 6 mth sable/white bitch who easily won this rather mixed class. Only a baby but showing great promise. Feminine head and expression with excellent eye and ear, parallel planes, slight stop and correct dentition. Neck of fair length, firm topline, good depth of brisket, rib developing nicely for age and good tail for both set and carriage. Moving soundly when viewed in profile and has the best front action of the class. Tad close behind. Best Puppy. 2 Baker’s Martlese Azure Mine at Albakin. 3 Congdon’s Aaronwell Azure Betty. G (4,1) 1 Ware’s Wassail Mixed Blessing. 6 mth tricolour dog who scored for size, balance and soundness here. Muscualr neck of nice length, firm level topline, good depth of chest, strong loin and tail carried correctly. Pleasing head with parallel planes, excellent eye and correct scissor bite. Sloping shoulders, standing nice and straight in front with good feet. Moving well in profile with good drive from the rear. 2 Congdon’s Aaronwell Azure Betty. 3 Legge’s Lynmead Amalie Bye Bye Love at Kalzan. O (5,1) 1 Ware’s Rowlands Paddy McGinty at Wassail. Sable/white dog who impressed for balance and outline. Muscualr neck of fair length, firm topline, well sprung ribs, good depth to brisket and good tail for set and carriage. Good layback of shoulder, nice straight forelegs and well bent stifles with hocks well let down. Nicely proportioned head with parallel planes, slight stop, dark eyes and correct ears. Eye catching side gait and excellent self carriage. Closer behind than I would prefer. Excellent coat and presentation. BOB & group 4. 2 Congdon’s Monsolana Bounty Taste for Aaronwell (Imp Rus) JW. 3 Legge’s Redola Just A Breeze at Kalzan. AVNSC Pastoral: G (5,1) 1 Harrell’s Chiceron Endeavour. 11 mth black & tan Beauceron dog. This puppy really took my eye. Powerful, well built boy with muscular neck of good length, firm level topline, ribbed well back, strong loin and tail set on correctly and carried low. Soundly constructed both front and rear and comes into his own on the move with effortless, free ground covering action. Attractive head with moderate stop, strong muzzle, dark oval-shaped eyes and ears set on well. Best Puppy AVNSC Pastoral. What a pity that he didn’t stay to compete in the Puppy Group. 2 Meakin & Turner’s Sarnoushka Penny Lane, Samoyed. 3 Merrill & Gray’s Littlehive Hi Ho, Lancashire Heeler. O (3,0) 1 Hillier’s Mybeards Dreamer. 20 mth Polish Lowland Sheepdog dog. Quality young male who was a delight to go over. He excels for type and balance. Masculine headpiece of correct proportions with moderate breadth of skull, expressive eyes of correct shape and colour and scissor bite. Good layback of shoulder, straight well boned forelegs, muscular thighs and well angulated hindquarters. Moderate length of neck, firm level topline, good depth of brisket, excellent ribbing and broad muscular loin. Moving soundly and in typical fashion for the breed. Best AVNSC Pastoral and later went on to take Group 1. 2 Harrell’s Pebbleena’s Mille Murphy. 3 Merrill & Gray’s Jazz Mustang Sally Traqdean (Imp Fin). AV Pastoral: MP (5,1) 1 Bethell’s Minforst Galadriel. 7 mth wheaten Norwegian Buhund bitch. Another very promising Buhund puppy. Feminine girl all through with the most appealing head and expression with dark expressive eyes, super ear set, first class pigmentation and correct dentition. Moderate length of neck, straight back, good depth of chest and short loin. She needs to concentrate on keeping her tail up but she is only a baby and has plenty of time on her side. Moving soundly all through. Later Puppy Group 4. 2 Ware’s Wassail Mixed Blessing. 3 Scanlan’s Mistyholly Blues Brother. P (6,1)1 Harrell’s Chiceron Endeavour
2. Jackson’s Karmeliann That’s The Spirit. 3 Ware’s Wassail Mixed Spice. O (3,0) 1 Siviter’s Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM. 2 Harrell’s Pebbleena’s Millie Murphy. 3 Patterson’s Corimist Musical Soul. V (11,3) 1 Etches & Bayliss’ Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda ShCM. 2 Harris’ Delator Dionysus at Tolnedra ShCM. 3 Alder & Haste’s Jacanshe Harvest Time with Aussiame ShCM. Pastoral Group: 1 Hillier’s Mybeards Dreamer, Polish Lowland Sheepdog. 2 Verplancke’s Taranza Imagination, Border Collie. 3 Etches & Bayliss’ Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda ShCM, Swedish Vallhund. 4 Ware’s Rowlands Paddy McGinty at Wassail, Collie (Rough). Pastoral Puppy Group: 1 Carter’s Karmeliann Kindred Spirit, Bearded Collie. 2 Crocker’s Kntyshall Noor Ul Ain, Norwegian Buhund. 3 Chainey’s Taranza Mayan Eclipse, Border Collie. 4 Bethell’s Minforst Galadriel, Norwegian Buhund
Tim Ball
Many thanks to the secretary and committee for the invitation to judge, my first visit to the Royal Bath & West Showground, a pity the weather did not match the calendar date, cold and windy but at least the rain held off. The grass was a bit long but some of the dogs coped. Dogs were well presented apart from a few dirty teeth – why? It’s one aspect of showing you have total control over. Much appreciation to my excellent stewards who braved the elements and managed to stop all the papers blowing away. Longhaired: O (2,1) 1 Fricker’s Dachslur in his Prime, mature shaded red dog, strong head, good front, ribbing and topline, excellent coat, moved with purpose, BoB. 2 Alford & Worth’s Dachslur Diddleydoo at Deeseedax, RBoB. MinIATURE Longhaired: O (2,1) 1 Dear’s Quested Cream Teddie, 10 month old cream coated dog, good head and dark eye, good front and topline, ribbing needs to mature, did not like the long grass, BoB and BP. 2 Banting’s Indicott Moonlight Sonata, RBoB. Smoothhaired: O (4,2) 1 Jones’ Adnerbs Lexi Get Fizzical, 9 month old red bitch, good head and eye, good front and length of neck, hard coat, a little unsettled on the table, moved well though better going away than coming to, BoB and BP. 2 Jones’ Hampdach Who Made Who for Adnerb, RBoB. MinIATURE Smoothhaired: O (1) 1 Stokes’ Webbers Swansong, 2 year old bitch, black and tan, up to size, ignored long grass and moved very well, good head and eye, front and topline, could do with more ribbing, rather close behind, BoB. Wirehaired: O (1) 1 Jackson Fields’ Ablebody Maybe Baby, 17 month old brindle bitch, good harsh coat, very feminine, typical friendly disposition, lovely head and eye, good top and underline, balanced on the move, front and ribbing need to mature. MinIATURE Wirehaired: O (6,3) 1 Miller’s Palsuz Easter Bon-net,14 month dark brindle girl, up to size, excellent harsh coat, good top and underline, pleasing head, ribbing needs to mature. 2 Billinghurst’s Drakesleat Mrs Shilling for Jiljac. 3 Becket’s Beckshounds Under my Spell.
Ian Smith (Salixian)
Whippet: What a lovely entry for me to judge, but above all some really lovely quality Whippets. Thank you all for bringing your lovely dogs under me. P (16,3) 1 Russel’s Palmik Depeche Mode, brindle/ white trim dog, one day off his first birthday. Lovely size, nicely balanced and just fills the eye. Masculine and elegant from tip of nose to tail.  Correct angulation which showed in his free flowing movement.  No exaggerations. Sound as a pound on the move both in profile and coming and going.  Just loved him. BP, PG1 and RBPIS. Very well done. 2 Chamberlain’s Collooney Candyman At Alacrity, 9mth fawn boy that I also loved. Same comments as above applied to him. Difficult choice. Just preferred the topline of 1. 3 Smeath’s Selinko Black Panther. J (6,2) 1 Bellamy’s Kandalama Royale, striking brindle/white lad of 14mths. Another out of the same mould as the puppy winner.  Lovely for size, masciline head, elegant overall picture. Good angulation. Second thigh developing well. Moved very freely round the ring. Sound in profile and up/down. 2 Taylor’s Willingwisp Moment In Time At Musblaiks. 3 Sutton’s  Palmik Hearts On Fire
Y (9,2) 1 Lawrence & Woodward’s Bryntreia First Glance, brindle/white dog, overall balanced picture. Masculine without being coarse. Flowed from head to tail. Good angulation showing in his curvy outline. Good depth of brisket leading to a lovely tuck up. Free profile movement and sound up/down. 2 Taylor’s Willingwisp Moment Of Hope To Musblaiks. 3 Zevenbergen’s Gold Finch. G (16,4) 1 Perkins’ Dejare Would You Believe At Zeglynn, fawn dog maturing nicely. Elegant but undoubtedly masculine, built on classical lines. Have judged him before and liked him then.  Would prefer a tad more length for his height which could have been due to the chilly breeze blowing, but nevertheless a very sound dog. 2 Russel’s Glantam Going My Way. 3 Sutton’s Palmik Hearts On Fire. Od (10, 2) 1 Boughton’s Danluke Double Tango With Ipanema, fawn/white trim dog I have admired from the ringside since first seeing him as a puppy, and he did not disappoint. Maturing into a lovely Whippet with just about everything in the right place. Lovely angulation which facilitated his free flowing movement. Masculine and elegant. Beautifully balanced which gave him a lovely overall appearance. On good form today despite the chill and threat of rain. BOB and HG3. Well done. 2 Russell’s Glantam Shooting Star. 3 Russel’s Chapleigh Asellus Borealis. Ob (11,2) 1 Smeath’s Wilingwisp Rumba, very shapely fawn/white trim bitch just carrying a tad too much condition. Lovely curvy profile and balanced picture when stacked. Built on classical lines as her breeding would imply. Very feminine and sound moving girl. Good topline and length of ribbing. Flowed round the ring in profile and sound forward and back. 2 Woodward & Bongiovanni’s Chasing Spiderwebs Around Tervanty, brindle/white 10 yr old veteran bitch who could certainly move it with the youngsters.  Just loved her carefree attitude and very much enjoying her day out. Very sound on the move. A great shame that she did not enjoy the show ring when younger. 3 Davis’ Jemalsheva Kaliska
Sarah Pirie
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) O (2) 1 Scott’s Sole Trader Aint Acting Up At OverbeckS (Sh CM) Very smart 3 year old bitch, with a deep chest and medium level topline. Moved with drive. 1 Puckett’s Overbeck’s Artie Fishel (Sh CM) Another quality hound, close up to (1). Lovely head, moving very well with excellent breed type. Basset Hound: O (1) 1 Beckett’s Woferlow Tickety Boo At Beckshounds.  A lovely bitch with very pleasing lines. Very well turned out in immaculate condition. Correct amount of skin on head, long and deep throughout length. Well muscled and moved with real drive. In a large group I was delighted to award her Second in the Hound Group. Beagle: J (4) 1 Nash & Stevens Maruby’s Dashing Darcy. 9 month old puppy dog. Masculine head, good neck into well laid back shoulders. Topline straight and level. Moved with drive and nicely put together, with plenty of bone. Best Puppy, Res BOB and Puppy Group 4, Barrow’s Timaso Magic Flute At Meganjin. 9 month old puppy bitch. Lovely head with dark eye, nice depth of chest, well let down hocks, preferred the topline of (1). Moved well. 2 Scarlett’s Timaso Saskia For Michelroy. G (3) 1 Barrow’s Meganjin Eriskay. Quality 3 year old pretty bitch with a dark eye. Good neck into shoulder. Good body with spring of rib, level topline held on the move. Moved with drive. 2 Webster’s Moonjoon Lily Of The Valleys For Houndscoast. Pleasing head, dark eye, well set ears. Nice neck into shoulder. Preferred the topline of (1) on the move. Good body with depth. 3 Scarlett’s Rossut Trendy At Michelroy. O (6) 1 Barrow’s Meganjin Muckle Flugga (Sh Cm) 3 year old dog with lovely head and well set ears, dark eye, good neck into well placed shoulder. Good body with level topline, good bone and feet. Moved well. BOB. 2 Steven’s Redcap Albany Beauty At Newdawn. 2 year old bitch with everything in the right place. Good head and expression, long neck, clean front and good body. Well let down hocks and moved with drive.  3 Webster’s Moonjoon Sweet Nothin (Sh Cm) Ibizan Hound: OD (3) 1 Carter and Hozempa Ch. Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time (Imp) JW.  Sh CM. 4 year old dog of quality. Up to size. Quality throughout. Strong head, with erect ears. Very lean neck, steep shoulder blades and level back. Well arched toes and thick pads, low set tail. In excellent condition. Moved well. BOB. 2 Carter’s Afilador Thunderbolt. Smaller dog than (1) but again showing good breed characteristics. Well proportioned throughout but moved erratically today. 3 Carter & Channon’s Afilador Moonlight Shadow (Sh CM) OB (3) 1 Carter’s Afilador Room On The Broom. 8 month old puppy with a very bright future. Fine flat skull, erect ears, long neck. Good front, short coupled body. Nice depth of chest, good bone and feet. Res BOB and Best Puppy. 2 Carter’s Diecisisete Mandarina At Afilador (Sh CM) A 10 and half year old bitch who enjoyed her day out. Still moving well, good head, level back. Liked her drive. 3 Carter’s Amahte’s Bewitched (Imp) Afghan Hound: G (1) 1 Steven’s Ayoubkhan Firethorn. 2 year old dog, with a good coat, long neck, strong masculine head. Well muscled body, good turn of stifle. Moved really well. Res BOB. O (2) 1 Small’s Garamond Spiceberry JW. Sh CM. Quality 3 year old bitch who had real ring presence. Excellent shoulder placement and good depth of chest. Moved with plenty of spring. BOB. 2 Stevens and Croft’s Ayoubkhan Jasmine. 2 year old bitch smaller than (1) and not the coat of Best of Breed winner. Another smart bitch. Deerhound: G (1) 1 Elford’s Rosslyn Skirl. Lovely head, strong neck, shoulders well laid back. Loin well arched, well bent stifle. Moved well. Quality bitch. BOB. Rhodesian Ridgeback: G (1) 1 Smith’s Ungowa Charlie Carson. 19 month old dog. A strong head of fair length, long neck, deep chest, ridge clearly defined. Sound mover. O (2) 1 Chesshire’s Wingsdancin Angel Sheknah. A handsome dog with a strong head, long neck, good depth of brisket, well balanced and sound mover. BOB. 2 Nolan’s Harambee Ku Shani (Sh CM) Another quality bitch. Strong but elegant neck, good depth of brisket and turn of stifle, compact feet. Moved well. RES BOB. A.V.N.S.C. Hound. G (1) 1 Denny’s Debucher Zara At Janimist. 14 month old Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand). Very smart, well balanced bitch. Correct head, long neck, well laid back shoulder and good length of back. Moved with plenty of drive. Has a bright future. BOB. O (2) 1 Denny’s Debucher Heroine At Janimist. 4 year old Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand). Another quality dog from the same kennel as my Best of Breed winner. Happy dog with a good head, strong neck, plenty of length and tight feet. Moved well. Res BOB. 2 Carter’s Kilcavan Issa. 2 year old Hamiltonstovare. Good mover but carrying too much weight. Any Variety Hound MP (7,3) 1 Puckett’s Soletrader Bobs Your Uncle. 8 month old Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit). Correct head, long neck and plenty of length. Moved well. Puppy with a bright future. 2 Perkin’s Jasarat Jetsetter At Zeglynn. 8 month old Whippet. Quality dog puppy, good head, long neck, well filled front, deep chest well bent stifles. A little unsteady on the move but has a bright future.3 Umfreville’s Manitias Silver Prince  of Voyshka. AV HOUND P (6,3) 1 Billinghurst’s Drakesleat Never Say Die. Lovely 10 month old Min Wire-Haired Dachshund bitch. Although unsettled at times, she stood out in this class. Lovely type, correct size and proportions, carried a good topline. Moved well especially when she had to battle her way through the long grass in the ring. I was delighted to award her Puppy Group 3. 2 Quant’s Diamonds & Rubies. 10 month old Whippet, brindle with white trim bitch. Correct head and neck, well laid back shoulders, good topline, bend of stifle and moved well. 2 Quant & Tottle’s  I Said Nothing. AV Hound O  (6,2) 1 Hill’s Kierpark Livin On A Prayer (Sh CM) 4 year old Parti Whippet bitch with a lovely head and expression, long neck, good front and topline, correct bend of stifle. Moved well. A quality bitch. 2 Perkin’s Dejare Would You Believe At Zeglynn (Sh CM) 3 year old Whippet dog close up to winner. Correct head, long neck and front. Well laid back shoulders, deep brisket and good topline Moved well.
3 Holloway’s Jzan Zanalishi (Sh CM) Any Variety Hound Veteran (8,5) 1 Russell’s Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper. A top class Whippet which I have admired through his show career. Now 9 and a half years old he still remains in top condition. He has a lovely topline, masculine head and long neck, good front assembly, deep brisket and turn of stifle. Moved well. BEST VETERAN HOUND. 2 Small’s Cloudside Glitterstorm Jw. Sh CM. 9 and a half year old Afghan Hound. Another excellent veteran, with a lovely full coat, good head, long neck, well laid back shoulders, level topline and moved with spring. A quality Afghan. Hound Group 1 Stoke’s Webbers Swansong (Mon Smooth Haired Dachshund) 2 Beckett’s Woferlow Tickety Boo At Beckshound (Basset Hound) 3 Boughton’s Danluke Double Tango With Ipanema (Whippet) 4 Scott’s Sole Trader Aint Acting Up At Overbecks (Sh CM) (Basset Griffon Vendden (Petit) Hound Puppy Group 1 Russell’s Palmik Depeche Mode (Whippet)  + Res Best Puppy in Show. Jones’ Adnerbs Lexi Get Fizzical ( Smooth Haired Dachshund) 2 Billinghurst’s Drakesleat Never Say Die (Min Wire-Haired Dachshund) 3 Nash & Stevens Maruby’s Dashing Darcy (Beagle)
J Turnbull
POODLE (MINIATURE) O (4,3) 1 Tidmarsh Maybesque Majic Flute smart black, nice head & expression, thick jacket, good feet, lovely topline & moved well BOB. POODLE (STANDARD) O (3,2) 1 Hutton Haylesdown Hadria head of decent shape, correct mouth, lovely thick black coat, correct length of neck, good reach & drive on the move. BOB
SHAR PEI: G (1) 1 Elmer Carennydd Sweet Dreams very apprehensive today but a well balanced bitch, good outline, good depth of chest, neat ears. BP & PUPPY GROUP 4.  O (3) 1  Bragg Jimmy Choo with Loopang  well balanced dog correct coat, good depth of chest, strong bone & body. BOB. 2.  Elmer Carennydd Withn Temptation Avec Peipals. 3.  Bull & Miss L Warren Starferry Beyond Belief. DALMATIAN: G (1) 1 Hajee & Tidcombe Rainbeau of Hope very clear white coat with good spots, correct  bend of stifle, moved with purpose. BOB & GROUP 3. FRENCH BULLDOG: G (7,3) 1. Smith Lacoral Holy Moly good head, well placed ears, strong neck going down to well placed shoulders, good bone & firm body. BP. 2. Neely Belle Rue Bear. 3. Stidwell Beaufrogz Beyond Beauty. O (6,2 abs) 1. Mrs C Hammond – Twinhoe Rockin Robin masculine dog with a quality head & ears, strong bone & body, took the ring over on the move. BOB. 2. Smith Lacoral Pukka Pye. 3. Neely Belle Rue Bear. JANANESE SPITZ: O (2) 1.  Chudley Ch. Kessaku Pumpkin Paws lovely outline, stands foursquare, loved her feminine expression & pigmentation, strong neck, good feet, her sparkly character was infectious & pleased to award her  BOB & GROUP 1. 2. Chudley Kessaku Penelope Pitstop BP & PUPPY GROUP 3.  BOSTON TERRIER: O (7,3) 1. Scipio & Lightfoot Taravo Sassy Lassie nicely proportioned head with a flat skull, large dark eyes well set apart & good nose placement, moved well. BOB. 2. Jackson Matildas Dream. 3 McGowan & Yong Truebeau Little Big Man. TIBETAN TERRIER: J (3) 1 Stickley  Walkamile Here Comes The Sun ultra masculine dog, pleasing balanced head type, square in stature, when moving covered the ground well, nicely handled & presented. BP & PUPPY GROUP 2. 2. Stickley Walkamile Sunflowers. 3. Lawrence Tazique Gurt Lush G (2,1 abs) 1 Rutley Sumanshu I Have A Dream at Javey correct size & proportions, good expression, typical rib length, moved with drive. O (4) 1.  Rutley Javeys Here Comes Summer very typical black bitch, strong underjaw & teeth, super head & expression, beautifully presented & moved well. BOB. 2. Stickley Silgarhi Dexterity at Walkamile. 3 Meakin Khados Over The Boundary at Miksang. MINIATURE SCHNAUZER: G (2) 1 Harvey-Miller Kariwight Mr Blue Sky has style, confident mover, good harsh coat, well presented & went well on the move. 2.   Ilott Leecurt Rock on Ruby. O (1) 1 Ilott Leecurt Star Indi pleasing head & dark eye set, strong neck going into correct shoulders, good texture to coat, moved well BOB. O (3,2 abs) 1 Bawden & Brown Ch. Khanate Gin Fizz this dog fits the bill, pleasing head & eye set, strong neck going to correct lay of shoulder, super front quarters, excellent texture of coat, lovely outline both moving and standing BOB & GROUP 2 AVNSC UTILITY G (4) 1 Stedman Albionspitz Tanzanite loved this Eurasier for her feminine head and expression, good set of ear, sound and well balanced, would just like a little more weight but none the less a lovely bitch, took the ring over when on the move. Best AVNSC  Group 4. 2 Robjohns Aradet Amelia Pond For Qwontox Schipperke. 3. Hornby-Smith & Smith Druitz The Gingerbread Man of Spitzbury German Spitz (Mittel) O (3) 1 Mullarkey Rendel Raisa at Tiangou Chow Chow compact with well laid out head, width to flat scull, dark eye, arched neck, good bone, moved steady. 2. Robjohns  Qwontox Quincy Schipperke. 3 Stavrou Rissa of Minas Spitzdog Chow Chow. AV UTILITY. MP (4,2) 1. Elmer Carennydd Sweet Dreams Shar Pei. 2. Harvey-Miller Andix It’s A Wonderful Life At Kariwight Miniature Schnauzer. P (5,2) 1 Mignano-Fricker & Fricker Calavey’s Athena French Bulldog balanced feminine head, well padded muzzle, dark eye, good rear quarters, moved well. 2. Smith Lacoral Holy Moly French Bulldog. 3. Scipio & Lightfoot Taravon State Trouper Boston Terrier. O (4.2) 1. Stedman Albionspitz Tanzanite Eurasier. 2.  Stavrou Rissa of Minas Spitzdog Chow Chow.  VETERAN (3) 1 Robjohns Ch. Qwontox Quintessential Schipperke feminine head, good eye & mouth, nice ears, correct straight front with good bone. Good brisk movement. 2. Bawden & Brown Ch. Khanate Million Dollar Baby. 3. Bull & Warren  Starferry Shanghai Style. GROUP 1 Japanese Spitz. PUPPY GROUP 1 Tibetan Spaniel. GROUP 2 Schnauzer. PUPPY GROUP 2 Tibetan Terrier. GROUP 3 DalmatiPUPPY GROUP 3 Japanese Spitz. GROUP 4 Eurasier PUPPY GROUP 4 Shar Pei.
Mrs Pat Gregory
Rottweilers: J (7,1) Very nice class of quality youngsters. 1 Smith’s Cheroho Jedi – 6 and a half month old male, lovely head and expression with dark eye and well set ears, dark pigment and correct dentition. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, tight feet and lovely rich tan. Good rear angles, level topline which was held on the move. BP. 2 Ezzard & Allen’s Jodipas Paint It Black To Kassasan. G (1) 1 Marker’s Sundrifters Tiffany Aching, 5yr old medium sized bitch in good condition, pleasing head, correct dentition, good angles, moved ok. O (2) 1 Smith’s Auberon Viktor Krum, 5yo good sized male, masculine head, dark eye, well set ears, correct dentition and dark pigment, good length of neck into well laid shoulder, level topline, good hind angles, moved well BOB. 2 Mahoney & Clapps’s Rockstarotts Mini Jet Black RBOB
Rebecca Verran
I very much enjoyed judging these classes which were full of good quality dogs, thank you to the Committee for inviting me to their well organised show which was held outside in spacious rings. AV P Stakes (44) 1 Burford’s Pingarypoint Eye Candy, German S/H Pointer, a real cracker, lovely balance all through, beautiful head and expression very typical, good neck front and shoulders, well sprung ribcage, good strong hindquarters, shown in fabulous condition and moving particularly well in this very good class. 2 Chudley’s Kessaku Penelope Pitstop, Japanese Spitz. 3 Barrow’s Timamso Magic Flute at Meganjin, Beagle. AV Sp Begin (40) 1 Lawrence’s Tazique Gurt Lush, Tibetan Terrier, black/tan of nice size and good appearance, shown in super coat, good head carriage, felt good on handling, tail set fine, moving very well across the grass, didn’t put a foot wrong. 2 Hutton’s Haylesdown Hadria, Standard Poodle. 3 Crosby’s Born to Run for Valsannra, Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. AV O (35) such a strong class I wanted 10 firsts! 1 Small’s Garamond Spiceberry JW Sh CM, no apologies for selecting my own breed here, this bl/tan bitch is top quality, has breed type and is now fully mature, feminine head of strength and power, beautifully balanced throughout, particularly good in front assembly, correct ribcage and length of loin, sweeping quarters, ringed tail, ate up the ground on the move with no effort at all, shown in good coat and condition. 2 Carter’s Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time JW ShCM, Ibizan Hound. 3 Bull and Warren’s Starferry Beyond Belief ShCM, Shar Pei. AV GCS (31) 1 Carter’s Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaican Time JW ShCM, Ibizan Hound, firm favourite of mine, beautifully presented hound of strength and athleticism, lovely male head, good ear set, straight front, good topline and strong loin, balanced hindquarters, powers around the ring and completely captures the image of the breed, lovely dog. 2 Wood’s Tamarbern Dusky Maiden, Bernese Mountain Dog. 3 Tannahill’s Wynbury Walter Jack JW, Pointer. AV V Stakes (18) 1 McShane’s Milesend Drama Queen, Shetland Sheepdog, 10 years old and in wonderful bloom, lovely feminine head, good ear set, finely boned and nicely balanced on the stack and moving, credit to her owners. 2 Taylor’s Lutrabeck Layla, Border Terrier. 3 Powell’s Bronio Burlesque, Bracco Italiano.
Jill Cross