2017 Show Reports – Premier Open Show


Utlilty Group – Sue Almay,   Toy Group – Rob McCleod,  Labradors – Kay Cook,  Pastoral Group – Carol Turner,  ETT – Jan Harman,  WHWT – Ida Bouwhuis,  Gundog Group – David Coode,  Working Group – Sue Lloyd-Denman,  Stakes & BIS – Sheila Jakeman,





Yeovil & District Canine Society Premier Open Show

15th July 2017


I should like to extend  huge thank you to the committee of this club for inviting me to judge at their open show. Their welcome and hospitality was second to none.





Lefebvre-King’s Buttonlove My Dashing Lad

Nicely balanced 20 month old happy boy. Good head developing nicely, tight dark eye, soft benign expression, good ear set, good angulations throughout, well muscled, moved with drive BOB





1st  Robinson & Morison’s Robinsteck The Revenant With Xandene

17 month old upstanding brindle boy. Sweet head, nice eye, strong muscular neck, stood square on straight legs. Powered easily round the ring. BOB. G3

OPEN (5,0)

1st  Lovell & Beaumont’s Winuwuk Minerva Mena At Pinedown

Pretty 17 month old fawn bitch. Correct head, strong muscled neck, good angulations throughout. Excellent movement, covered the ring with great ease. RBOB





1st. Louch & Forsey’s Muzoku Let’s Go Crazy

15month old boy enjoying his day out. Lovely markings, good open coat excellent construction. Good length to upper arm, deep chested. Moved with drive. RBOB

OPEN (1,0)

1st Louch and Forsey’s Dark Diamond Snowflake Of Engel At Muzuko Jw.ShCM

Loved this 3 year old boy. See he is the sire to the previous class winner. Certainly passed on his good looks and excellent conformation.  Lovely cap and mask, correct ears, good dentition, Deep in brisket, wonderful open coat of good texture and markings. Angulations good throughout which showed when he commanded the ring with power and ease. BOB & G2





1st Massey’s  Jojavik Kissy Suzuki

22 month old pretty bitch of good confirmation. Nice head complimented by tight dark eye. Good ear set and dentition. Strong firm topline, deep in brisket. Stands perfectly on straight legs and tight feet. RBOB

OPEN (1,0a)

1st Pieters  Supeta Will Eye Am Tuffenuff JW ShCM

4 year old upstanding male oozing quality and power. Nice head piece, strong muscular neck, deep in brisket, very nice level topline held on the move. Good angulation and straight legs on tight feet. Moved well covering the ground with ease. BOB, G4





1st Newton & Newton’s Stpiran Velocette At Shlarra JW

Fabulous 17 month old fawn Great Dane bitch. Pretty head of correct proportions, strong arched neck, good angulations throughout. Lovely straight legs on tight feet, deep brisket. At one with her handler. In the challenge just gave on her topline though not in the class. Must have a good future.

OPEN (2,2a)

1st Newton & Newton’s Bycosdycos Summertime At Shlarra. Another outstanding fawn  bitch from the same kennel as winner of previous class. Same attributes apply, good head piece with excellent ratios, kind dark eye. Ears soft and falling correctly. Strong arched neck, excellent upper arm and lay back of shoulder. Straight legs, tight cat like feet, deep in brisket and strong tight loin of correct length. Perfect topline which she held on the move. This beautiful bitch just “floated” round the ring. A joy to watch and delighted to see her go RBIS.BOB, G1, RBIS




MP (1,1a)

PUPPY (2,0)

1st Bruce and Clarke’s Ruption Knightcott Sweety Boxer, Placed 4th in a very strong Breed Graduate class. As her name implies a real Sweety! 10 month old pretty brindle. Good head, very muscular body for one so young. Good angulations and mover well from strong hindquarters. BAVP, PG2

OPEN (2,1a)

1st Tibbotts Misstricks Forone Nite Only Placed 2nd in her breed class. 21month old brindle bitch. Sweet head, dark eye, good conformation, moved well.


1st Vearncombe & Hale’s Ruption Lazy Lover With Knightcott ShCM 7 and ½ year old bitch who belies her years. Pretty head, tight dark eye, strong neck, well muscled body, good angulation throughout and excellent movements fore and aft. Lovely topline held on the move. A credit to her owner.





1.      Great Dane

2.      Alaskan Malamute

3.      Boxer

4.      Doberman



1.      Newfoundland. Newton & Newton’s 6 and ½ month old bitch. Still very raw but has all the makings and substance to develop into a very nice young lady. Super construction, great angulations throughout, good length of upper arm and layback of shoulder.  Good reach of neck and lovely bone. Good topline held on the move. A little close behind but excellent reach and drive.

2.      Boxer






Puppy Stk  D/B 19  1. Lawrence TAZIQUE TOTALLY FABULUSH 10 mth Tib Terrier who never put a foot wrong.   Balanced head with good expression, dark eyes and pigment.  Nicely constructed forquarters and well ribbed back.   Moved out beautifully and in good coat which is going to be impressive. 2. Breeze


DAVRICARD HUMMINGBIRD Similoar aged Beagle with pleasing head and softest of eyes.  Correct make and shape with excellent topline.  Nice angulation and moved out well. 3. Harcourt-Morris DAINTY DANDIES RIVER MERSEYAT LENACOURT


Spec Beg D/B 30  Britnell PIE’N MASH QUEEN This Bull Terrier stood out here, apparently her first show and at approaching two she has been a loss to the ring.  Super head, eyes & mouth.  Good ear set. Really strong and well muscled throughout, super front, ribbing and sound on the move. 2. Mullins HEATHCLARE DUCKIES Young Irish Setter which impressed with good body depth and decent ribbing all clad in a lovely coat.   Pleasing head and moved beautifully. 3. Cann SUNMARCA MOONLIGHT SHADOW


Open Stk D/B 24 Challis TARAFIELD FUTURE LEGEND FOR VIZSLANYA Lovely Hung Vizsla B which moved out gracefully.   Classic head, great neck into decent front and correct topline.  Good depth and length of ribbing and so confident.  2. Bevis CH. SOUSKA EMPTY ROOM AT STARLANCE Tib Spaniel with good masculine headpiece.  Nicely boned and standing on good oval feet.  True construction demonstrated on the move.  3. Courtier MAYCOURT HUNKY DORY


Good Cit Stk D/B 18 Pieters SUPETA’S WILL EYE AM TUFFENUFF Showstopping, big Dobermann whose handler told me I had liked as a puppy.  Correct outline, great head, solid in body with excellent angles and can really move.   Hard to ignore.  2. Lampersberger BENOVEOR FIELD OF DREAMS TO KURZEJA WSS with lovely head and expression.   Good front and shoulders, well ribbed back and in excellent coat and condition.  Moved nicely.  3.  Tannahill WYNBURY AILSA


Veteran Stk D/B 1. Leathart RINGMORE FAIR ROSAMUND Elegant whippet with super head and neck,


Nice in front with shapely body and good rear angles.  At 8.5 years still moving out beautifully.  2. Rogers


FALKMERE’S FIRST IMPRESSION WFT Nicely headed bitch and very well put together.   Showed and moved nicely, just got a little bit of extra cover on her ribbing.  3. Thorner CH. TOLUTIM DRAMBUIE                                                                                                                                                                                 


BIS  From a lovely lineup of seven I could have picked any one of five that really impressed and did not put a foot wrong.   GARAMOND SPICEBERRY  a royally bred Afghan hound with a flowing, full black & tan coat in perfect condition.  At four years old fully mature and knew her job, looked through me of course but has a lovely head and darkest of eyes.   Elegance in neck and well made shoulders over the best of ribbing.  Good at the rear with correct tail with just enough curl.   Loved her standing and on the move she pulled out all the stops to win this lineup.  Res BIS  BYCOSDYCOS SUMMER TIME AT SHLARRA


Another four old bitch who has elegance throughout.   Great Dane with no sign of coarseness in the head.  Well constructed throughout and standing on strongly boned legs and the tightest of feet.   Moved really well and showed superbly.    


BPIS  PALMIK MISTY EVE  Pale fawn Whippet of just seven months.   Attractive from all angles with a good expression, lovely neck and shoulders and the straightest of forelimbs.   Shapely in body and standing well at the rear, without too much extension.    Moved beautifully and must have pleased her owner. Res BP APPALOOSA STATUS TRIPLE CROWN DEL CALAVEY My goodness the name is almost bigger than the dog, a very smart Jack Russell.   Neat overall with sweetest cheeky expression.   Standing well and foursquare at all times.   Moved well and coped with the rough grass as if it were not there.


BVIS CH TOLUTIM DRAMBUIE  A nicely made smart Dalmation bitch who showed continuously and moved well.   Liked her head which is without coarseness, well off for ribbing and nicely angled both ends.


AMALEK MAKING MAGIC FOR SULASKY It was certainly a day for the girls.  Smart ETT who made the most of herself and sparkled despite the cold wind that had got up by this time.  Nice all round.


Sheila L. Jakeman.


Emailed  01.09.17.VIL & DISTRICT cANINE SOCIETY – Premier Open Show – 15th July 2017



German Shorthaired Pointer

Graduate (1)

1ST Spearing’s Viewforth The Rodders, 15 month male, very pleasing in outline, good head with correct length of muzzle, good reach of neck and forehand angulation, nice depth of chest, strong topline, well made hindquarters, moved soundly on good legs and feet, in fit condition. Best of Breed.

Open (1)

1st Spearingis Viewforth Tabathcoom, bitch of 6 years, feminine head, good expression, well angulated forehand, level topline, nice turn of stifle, good bone. Correct coat, moving soundly. In the challenge had to give way to her younger kennel mate. Reserve Best of Breed.



Junior (2

1st Matthew’s, Millpoint Simply Bootiful with Sonham, Black & White 13 months bitch, classix outline, very pleasing head, very good reach of neck and forehand angulation, level topline, strong through the loin, strong hindquarters, good bone and feet, a pleasure to watch on the move.  Best of Breed and later Gundog Group 1.

2nd Cuff’s, Silvernitjar Wagtail Waltz.

Post Graduate 1

1st  Coombes, Wilchrimane Tick’t Boo, Orange & White 23 month bitch, feminine head, correct ear set, nice reach of neck and lay of shoulder, level topline, strong hindquarters, glossy coat, moves with drive from behind, but tends to pin in front a little.

Open  3

1st Wood’s, Wilchrimane Let’s Boogie at Penbro,  black & white male of 6 years, soundly made, good bone, masculine head, correct reach of neck, strong topline, well muscled hindquarters, in glossy coat, moving out soundly, Reserve Best of Breed.

2nd Tannahill’s, WynburyWalter Jack JW

3rd Wood’s, Penbro White Queen.


Curly Coated Retriever

Open 3

1st Courtier’s Maycourt Hunky Dory JW ShCM, 3 ½ years old liver bitch, nice type and size, pleasing head, good ear set, nice reach of neck, and lay of shoulder, good depth in chest, well boned legs and tight feet, firm topline,  would prefer a little  more drive from the rear quarters, crisp curls. Best of Breed.

2nd Courtier’s Maycourt Crimson Moon, Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy.

3rd Edworth’s Maycourt Cadillac.






Field Spaniels

Open 6 (1ab)

1st Porter’ s Prussia Best Kept Secret of Winsbrook,  3 year male, very clean outline and overall balance, noble head, good ear set, well angulated forehand, nice bone and feet, level topline, sound hindquarters in good coat moving soundly. Best of Breed.

2nd  Harding’s, Kingsmist Lady in Black, nearly 1 year, just right for her age, most pleasing feminine head, good reach of neck, and lay of shoulder, correct bone, tight feet, level topline, rear quarters still to fully develop, moving soundly Best Puppy & Reverse Best of Breed.

3rd Crisp’s Rowambell Relaxation.


American Cocker

Open 4 (1ab)

1st Blackburn’s Wraxhill Memphis Flash, black of 11 months, a very pleasing dog, particularly good head, with good proportions and padded muzzle, excellent forequarters, good bone and coat, well angulated rear quarters, very sound mover, please to award him Best of Breed, Best Puppy and Gundog Group 2.

2nd Fear’s Wraxhill Gettysburg Address

3rd  Luczynski’s, Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara.


Gundog Group

Being someone who works all my dogs in the shooting season, it is very important to me that the dogs I placed were correctly made and sound moving animals that looked as if they could do a day’s work.

I had a very pleasing group with some nice examples of the respective breeds.  My   Group 1    was Mathews’, pointer Millpoint Simply Bootiful with Sonham, an excellent bitch full of breed type and so sound on the move.  Group 2   was Blackburn’s young  American Cocker Wraxhill Memphis Flash,  another dog right out of the top drawer.  Group 3  was Morgan’s NSDTR dog,  Erikachen O’Ruadh For Deltandamba JW ShCM, a very sound dog who fitted his standard and moved with ease.  Group 4, was Collier’s male Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, Belatarr North By Northwest. A free moving dog in very fit condition.


David Coode – Judge



Yeovil and District Canine Society Premier Open Show 15 July 2017


Thank you for the committee for inviting me to judge West Highland White Terriers at their show, and to the exhibitors that entered their dogs for me to go over. Watching the breed over the years and hearing some comments that there is a problem with size and type of West Highland White Terriers, I must say I was very happy with the quality of dogs brought under me, correct size and of the correct type with no exaggerations. I realised at home that my main winners were all from the same kennel!

The layout of the show was lovely with in and out rings, and plenty of space.

Puppy dog/bitch (4)

1.       Gaydon’s The Dashing Devil’s Popcorn at Gilbri, 7 month old bitch. She caught my eye when in the ring and her attitude made it difficult not to see her. Lovely bitch of the right proportion, lovely angulated without exaggeration, lovely broad head with correct expression and ears well placed, correct bite. Well laid back shoulders and level topline. Lovely coat and , good tailset,  well prepared and handled, moved soundly and enjoyed being there. Best of Breed and Best Puppy. She was later placed 2nd in the Terrier PuppyGroup.

2.       Minett’s Duskhunter Diamond Lil, 7 months old bitch, lovely raw baby with all the right attributes, cheeky expression, lovely head and ears, correct bite, nice shoulders and tailset, well angulated moved well. She seemed a little bit shy today.

Junior dog/bitch (1)

1.       Cotton’s Woo Woo Schnapps, nice 13 month old bitch, well put together, nice head and expression, harsh jacket. A bit long cast, good tailset. Moved a bit hesitant in the grass.

Graduate dog/bitch (2, 1)

1.       Squire’s The Dashing Devil’s Macho Man. Nicely matured male 3 years old. Broad skull and correct earplacement, correct bite. Lovely shoulders going into a level topline and correct onset of tail. Well prepared and handled. Reserve Best of Breed

Open dog/bitch ( 3,1)

1.       Squire’s The Dashing Devil’s La Diva, 4 year old bitch of correct type and size. Good head and shoulders, level topline well angulated, moved well, for me she was carrying a little bit too much weight.

2.       Morton’s Swifdon Stormy Days, 6 year old bitch of correct size, nice head and expression, level topline, good tailset, moved a bit hesitantly today.

Ida Bouwhuis (Llovall)



English Toy Terrier


Unfortunately I believe there was another Open Show being held within the area plus the breed club Open Show on the same day. Thank you exhibitors for your entry.





Neerodan Just in Time. Compact little dog with a lovely dark jacket. Nice head with a good wedge shape would have preferred a darker eye to advantage. Correct thumbprints.Today he did not seem happy with the long grass in the ring so movement was not as fluid as it could have been but I am sure this boy will provide his owner with some fun on indoor rings.Best Puppy



Junior. 0.





Sulasky Out of Control. Very composed pretty little bitch. Feminine expression with a wicked eye. Lovely rounded buttocks. Moved soundly fore and aft. Correct markings.





Ch.Sulasky Please Don’t Go.Well made upstanding dog nice size. In good coat with glossy black jacket. Strode out confidently on the grass moving well with drive. Worthy . champion. BOB



Jan Harman



Utility Group

Poodle (Min).

1. Cann’s Sunmarca Moonlight Shadow.

Alone here but a well presented & well proportioned black bitch of 13 months. Lovely head & expression correct angulation front & rear so she moved out very well.


Poodle (Standard)

1. Williams’ Sarnia Hocus Pocus at Quarlfox.

Upstanding mature bitch of quality. Nice  feminine head with good eye & correct bite. Well proportioned throughout with good bone & tight feet. Nice tail set & carriage moving out with good length of stride. BOB

2. Taylor’s Novatell Schone Blume




1. Davies’ Maddidalli Embers Glow.

Well spotted teenage bitch with sweet head & neat ears. Sufficient angulation front & rear. Moved ok.

2, Thorne’s Spotray Billy Elliot of Castletop



1. Thorne’s Maddidalli Girl on Fire of Castletop.

Liver spotted bitch of good proportions. Just out of puppy so still full of mischief! Moved well in front but a little close behind.


1. Thorner’s Tolutim Evensong at Naracoopa

Very nice feminine bitch of excellent proportions. Lovely head & expression good length of neck into well angulated shoulders, straight fore legs & well angulated hind quarters. Moved well with good tail action. BOB


French Bulldogs


1. Smith’s Lacoral Holy Moly

Nice young bitch – so serious in expression! Good eye shape , dark pigment & good sized nose. Correct bat shaped ears, well placed & held. Cobby body, elbows held tight to chest wall & strong quarters so she moved well. BOB

2. Freeze’s Rojobk Chasseenay Darce

3.Mignano-Fricker & Fricker’s Calavey’s Perfect Illusion


1. Smith’s Lacoral Pukka Pye

Nice enough lad with good breed features but not so well constructed as his kennel mate. Nice short body but elbows rather lose so didn’t move as well.

2. Hammond’s Twinhoe Rockin Robin


Japanese Spitz

1. Chudley’s Kessaku Penelope Pitstop

Very showy youngster with lovely head, dark eyes & most appealing expression. Well made, quality girl in excellent proportions throughout. Moved very well. Had decided to dress for summer so not in her best coat today. BOB

2. North’s Tawvale Taishita


Boston Terrier

1. Snell’s Talkaccatur Inola

Stood alone here but a good representative of her breed. Very nice type with good head, compact body & correct angulation in front & rear. Only 16 months but already showing & moving well. Should have a good future. BOB


Tibetan Terriers.

Junior :

1. Rutley & Keulers’Sumanshu Pretty Woman At Javey

Lovely black bitch of excellent proportions. Sweet head, well covered with coat & feathering, correct tail set carried well over her back in fact moved very well round the ring holding her topline.

2. Lawrence’s Tazique Totally Fabulush

A very promising puppy taking Puppy Group 4 today

3. Betts’ Gandaki Baron Zeiland


1. Rutley’s Javey’s Here Comes Summer

Eye-catching bitch, mature & well presented in full coat. Nice head, good eye colour & correct bite. Standing four-square naturally & holding herself well with great carriage on the move. BOB

2. Meakin’s Khados over the Boundary at Miksang

Miniature Schnauzer


1. Ilott’s Leecurt Silver Ziva

Lovely puppy not yet 7 months but surely showing promise of an exciting future. So well balanced throughout, lovely head, correct bite slightly arched neck into good shoulders, short body & firm hindquarters. Beautifully presented. Couldn’t resist her – BOB & Puppy Group 2 today.


1. Woods’ Spirited Away Kinka For Penbro

Very smart quality bitch in good coat & moving very well. Lovely head, good angulation front & rear, dead straight fore legs, firm hind quarters with neat hocks. Well handled.

2. Ilott’s Leecurt All That Jazz



1. Moore’s Fabulous Saltus Ze Zahrabske

Good sized &  balanced bitch in well-prepared coat, moving round the ring with great confidence. Nice head, correct bite & overall balanced compact body. Deserved BOB & Group 3 today for her breed type & showmanship.


AVNSC Utility

1. Steadham’s  Albionspitz Tanzanite

Eurasier bitch standing made a balanced outline. Sweet head & expression, alert to handler & moving well. Won the Open AV class too.

AV Utility

Minor Puppy:

1.Moore’s  Odivane Mummy’s Boy At Fillipers

Well grown for 5 months & already showing great confidence & moving so well. Good masculine head but not over-done. Correct balance & conformation so he stood four square with great attitude. Puppy Group 3.

2. Snell’s King Of Atholl Boston Terrier

3. Beasley’s Chenrezie She’s a Star Tib Spaniel



1. Smith’s Balgay Ma Beau At Saxina Tibetan Spaniel

Very nice boy, masculine head, dark eye & correct bite. Well angulated front & rear so he moved with good length of stride. In full coat with required fringes & shawl.

2.  Hammond’s Twinhoe Eva Peron French Bulldog



1. Stedham’s  Albionspitz Tanzanite Eurasier



1. Thorner’s  CH. Tolutim Drambuie  Dalmation

Showy, eye catching lady of quality. Sweet head with dark eye, slight arch of neck into well laid shoulders, straight fore legs, mature body & well angulated hind quarters. Correct amount of bone & tight feet. Moved out with style with good tail carriage & action. Looked as if she could go all day.  Group 1 &looked so well in the main ring & delighted to see her placed Best Veteran in Show.

2. Jones’ Tsering Utse Nima Tib. Terrier

3.Meakin’s Khados Over the Boundary at Miksang Tib. Terier


Utility Group

1. Thorner’s CH Tolutim Drambuie Dalmation

2.Bevis’ Balgay Ma Linette At Starlance Tib Spaniel

3.Moore’s Fabulous Saltus Ze Zahrabske Schnauzer

4. William’s Sarnia Hocus Pocus At Quarlfox  Standard Poodle

Utility Puppy Group

1. Bevis’ Balgay Ma Linette at Starlance. Tib Spaniel

Second in the main group as she is the most delightful & quality young lady with such confidence & personality that she demands to be noticed! Typical in head with correct bite, excellent body properties  expertly handled & beautifully presented. Definitely one out of the top draw & obviously my co-judge agreed as she had topped the good Tibetan Spaniel entry today.

2. Ilott’s Leecurt Silver Ziva Min. Schnauzer

3. Moore’s Odivane Mummy’s Boy at Fillipers Schnauzer

4.Lawrence’s Tazique Totally Fabulush Tib Terrier

Sue Almey  (Judge)




Yeovil & D.C.S.  15th July 2017

The length of the grass in the ring did affect movement.

Italian Greyhound

G (2,0)

1 & BOB Tiley-Davies’ IBISCO ONE SUMMER FOREVER AT TOERAG fawn/white with long fine head. Fine bone and neat feet. Nice depth of chest and correct topline and rear angulation. Fine textured coat. Quite sound movement and pleasing profile.




G (1,1)

O (1,)

1 BOB & G2 Brown’s DENSOWN SUNRISE orange/sable. Ideal compact shape and size. Liked his head proportions. Super neat ears and good eye and bite. Nice legs and feet. Well ribbed. Moderate rear angulation. Smart brisk action and pleasing outline going round. Well presented jacket of correct texture.



P (1,0)

1,BP & PG1 Orchard’s PANSPAYON EYE OF THE STORM smart B/W boy,well marked head. Alert expression, nice eye, good bite. Straight front, hare feet. Nice rib and body ok, nice quarters. Well presented coat. Quite sound on the move once he got his act together as the grass was a great distraction.

J (2,1)

1 Cox’s DENEMORE CHASING ELEGANTE FLORA AT TRICIANBRI (ikc) r/w girl of pleasing size and fair balance. Dark eye, good bite. Nice legs, feet ok. Fair rib and level topline. Nice textured coat. Tail a little loose. Moved quite soundly, again somewhat distracted by the grass.

G (2,0)

1 Morrell’s SERENGLADE LEAP OF FAITH FOR TEMELORA b/w phalene. Nice head with soft expression, lovely dark eye, good bite and nice neck. Good legs. Good coat. Sound steady movement and presented a nice profile.

2 Orchard’s LYNFLYER NORTHERN DANCER FOR PANSPAYON 10 month r/w with sweet feminine expression. Nice eye and good ears. Fine legs and feet ok. Nice rib and body for age, level topline. Fair rear, brisk movement although a little untidy in front.

L (1,1)

OD (1,0)

1 Morrell’s PUREPIXIE SWISH AND FLICK B/W with pleasing well marked head. Good eye, bite and well feathered correctly set ears. Straight front and hare feet. Nice rib perhaps could have a little more body, nice topline. Tail well set although could be carried a little tighter. Good quarters and really sound movement fore and aft.

OB (4,0)

Nice class

1,BOB & G1 Cox’s TRICIANBRI TUPPENCE A KISS JW Really liked this girl. Ideal make and shape. Delightful feminine head and expression. Good eye and bite. Ears well set but need more furnishing. Fine bone and hare feet. Nice rib and adequate body, excellent topline, nice quarters. Fine coat texture. Smart brisk movement and super profile.





J (2,2)

G (2,1)

1 & BOB Lane’s STARLEISHA DAZZLING DREAM grey girl of pleasing make and shape. Skull broad and nice width of muzzle. Good bite, dark almond eyes, ears well set. Straight front, hare feet. Fair rib, level topline.Well presented coat of silky texture. Pleased in profile although a little close behind.

O (2,1)

1 Lane’s STARLEISHA HEAVENS SECRET ShCM Gold/white feminine head and expression. Darkest of eyes, good bite, ears well set. Nice front and tidy feet. Nice body and rib, level topline, good tailset. Coat was rather frizzy. Moved quite soundly although in the challenge didn’t get it all together.


Bichon Frise

G (1,0)

1 Osborne’s MINIBELLE TOP DOG ROSSA DIAMANTE FOR MAGSTARAI (Imp Rom) Nice head and expression, eye could be darker, bite ok. Nice legs, good rib and topline. Well muscled quarters. Moved well in front although close behind. Pleased in profile, showed drive. Unfortunately in the challenge didn’t get it all together.

O (2,0)                                                               

1 & BOB Osborne’s MAGSTARAI STAR OF THE ORIENT ShCM Good head proportions, good eye and bite ok. Sound straight front, feet ok. Nice reach of neck and well ribbed, level topline. Moderate angulations. Moved well in front, a tad close behind. Coat texture a little harsh.





1,BP & BPG2 Knapp & Blackie’s CRIDENSA CONRAD ruby lad presented so well. Lovely soft masculine head and expression, dark eyes, good bite. Well feathered ears. Nice legs, feet and nice rib and level topline, Nice quarters. Lovely to see the correct tail carriage. Moved soundly.

J (2,1)

1 Yeates’ UNDERKNOLL AMELIA tri girl with well balanced head, dark eye, nice bite. Nice legs and feet. Pleasing rib, topline ok, moderate angulation. Correct coat texture. Moved quite soundly both ways although not totally freely.


OD (1,0)

1 Knapp & Blackie’s CRIDENSA COLTRANE ruby, nice masculine outlook, soft expression. Good eye and bite. Nice legs and feet. Good rib and topline. Very sound on the move although his tail carriage in profile detracted a little. In the challenge he was put off by his kennel mates.

OB (2,1)

1 BOB Knapp & Blackie’s CRIDENSA CLAUDETTE ruby, ideal make and shape. Lovely feminine expression. Sparkling dark eye. Good legs and feet. Nice rib and topline. Sound rear movement and pleasing profil. Correct texture coat, well presented.



A few dogs had nails far too long and several lacked muscle tone.

J (3,0)

1 Prichard’s SNUGGLEPUG VALEGRO masculine head with good blunt muzzle, bright eye. Nice bone and tidy feet.Good depth of chest, nice tail set. Pleasing quarters. Sound movement.



G (2,1)

1 Prichard’s SNUGGLEPUG BLACK MILANO AT VIOLOTTA black. This lad has a good cobby shape. Liked his head and expression, nice eyes and ears. Straight front and tidy feet. Good rib and body, well set tail. Moderate quarters. Moved well both ways with good profile.

L (5,0)

Big variation in size.

1 Prichard’s SNUGGLEPUG LIKE IT SWEET AT VIOLOTTA nice make and compact shape. Feminine outlook, would prefer  more rounded eye. Nice legs and feet. Good rib and topline. Good tailset and moderate rear angulation. Scored on sound movement both ways. In nice condition.



OD (1,0)

1,BOB & G3 Alexander’s HUGAPUG NUTCRACKER TREVETH JW ShCM Fawn lad with good expressive head. Just the right amount of wrinkle, dark sparkling eyes, good width of jaw. Strong neck, good legs, tidy feet. Well ribbed, good compact body and condition. Moderate rear angulation. Smart sound movement with pleasing profile.

OB (1,0)

1 Lee’s GLENALUA I’M MERYL TUCKENHAY fawn with pretty head, nice eye. Nice legs and feet. Compact body, moderate angulation. Could be in harder condition. Crabbed but nice profile.


Miniature Pinscher

G (2,1)

1 & BOB Whetter’s TUBIZE MACY AT MANDOLAIS B/T ideal shape and size. Pleasing head, nice eyes, ears well set, could have been used to better advantage. Nice depth of chest and good topline. Good coat and markings. Moderate angulation. Smart accurate movement.

O (3,2)

1 Allen’s PINSKY AGENT IMPOSSIBLE AT TINOLUCIANNA ShCM chocolate lad, pleases for size. Typical head, good eye, used ears to advantage. Nice rib & body. Unfortunately tended to crab coming and going.



G (4,3)

1 & BAVNSC Martin’s POCOPERRO CHLOE OF FLUTURA (L/C) red/fawn girl pretty head,  dark eye, good bite, well placed ears. Nice legs, feet ok. Nice rib and body, level topline, high set tail. Smart brisk action fore and aft, nice profile.

O (2,1)

1 Martin’s LEATHEA’S WHISPERING STAR (L/C) red/fawn dainty head, dark eye, nice bite, ears ok. Fine bone, feet ok. Fair rib. Moderate rear angulation. Nicely presented coat, correct soft texture. A little untidy in front on the move.



1 & PG4 Warren’s NEERODAN JUST IN TIME (ETT) liked his size. Long lean head, small dark eye, good bite. Nice legs, feet ok. Well marked and bright tan markings. Topline needs to settle, A little proud of his tail which detracts from the outline. Moved quite soundly.


V (5,1)

1 Cross & Sheppard’s AMALEK MAKING MAGIC FOR SULASKY (ETT) just shy of 10 years old and in really hard condition. Ideal shape and size. Lean head, excellent ears and carriage. Excellent front and tidy feet. Well ribbed and moderate rear angulation. Ideal topline giving the flowing lines with correct tail carriage. Moved soundly




Rob McLeod (Dunline)(Judge)






Labrador Critiques  – Judge:  Kay Cook
 Yeovil & District Canine Society Premier Open Show, 15th July 2017
I’d like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge Labradors. Thanks to my excellent steward for his assistance and patience and to the exhibitors for accepting their placings in good spirit. I had some lovely dogs to go over.
 Puppy (3) (All at very differing stages of development)
1st Baker& Judd’s Harpitts Rumour Has It: Substantial 9months Chocolate boy. Pleasant eye shape and gentle expression. Good reach of neck leading onto level topline & well set on otter tail. Solid in body with well barrelled rib. Short coupled. Correct angulation front and rear, excellent turn of stifle with good width of 2nd thigh. Sound & steady on the move. Out of coat, but brought enough to give him BPIB.
2nd Wilcox’s Donamick Every Day
3rd Kennet’s Magnavalley Cornishman
 Junior (3)
1st Kerry’s Oceanwood Day Break:  14month Yellow Bitch. Very pretty feminine head with correctly shaped eye. Good reach of neck. Nicely barrelled in rib, short coupled with a good turn of stifle, although would have preferred a little more second thigh. Good  length of  leg. Tight feet and moved well. RBOB
2nd Wilcox’s Donamick Rave On
3rd White’s Lunarpet Sweet Honeysuckle
Novice (4)
1st Kerry’s Oceanwood Climbing Ivy:  2 year old Black Bitch. Feminine head with pleasing expression. Good reach of neck. A pleasing outline with well developed rear quarters. Moved well.
2nd Goodwin& Bishop’s Centenalee Polly Anna
3rd Bake& Judd’s Harpitts Rumour Has It
Graduate (4)
1st Kerry’s Oceanwood Diver:  2year old Black boy, full of himself & just wanted to have fun, but pulled it together when required. Masculine but very pleasing head full of expression. Good reach of neck leading onto level topline with well wrapped otter tail. Correct angulation front and rear. Solid in body with well barrelled rib, short coupled and moved freely with enthusiasm.  BOB
2nd Kennet’s Magnavalleys Paint It Black
3rd Harpitt’s Rumour Has It
Open Dog (1)
 1stst Sharple’s Cadbarin Loganberry:  6year old Black boy. Pleasant expression. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Level topline. Tight feet.  Moved OK
 Open Bitch (2-1a)
1st Evan’s Radigan Iris Of Tara:  5 year old Chocolate Bitch. Soft & gentle expression with correct eye shape. Good front & rear with tight feet, moved well.

Yeovil & District Canine Society, 15thJuly 2017.
Judge :Carol Turner.

Belgian Shepherd Dog ( tervueren)
Open D/B 2 entries.
1 Harris, Delator spring is here at Tolnenra Shcm.
Well proportioned red dog masculine head correct  ear carriage ,dark eyes, complete scissor bite,forequarters and hindquarters of correct angles,good feet and bone,moved Briskly round the ring,just lacking coat, BOB.
2, Ainsworth, Hawkflight light my fire,
I did like this little bitch,lovely feminine head,dark eyes, scissor bite, good height to length ratio,chest deep and well let down,front feet round and back feet slightly oval.moved freely but also lacking coat on the day.

Bearded Collie
Graduate D/B 1 entry
1 Rann Malandex  Xplicitly  Brown for Dramatrix.
2yr old Brown feminine head with lovely bright expression ,skull broad flat and square,with plenty of brain room,good eye colour,scissor bite, adequate reach of neck,level topline,chest developing nicely,correct lay of shoulders and upper arm ,oval well padded feet,lacking coat today, moved a little apprehensive around the ring.BOB.
Welsh Corgi (cardigan)
Open D/B 2 entries.
1 Siviter,Rubegud Taken  the Mick Shcm.
3yr old sturdy little dog ,correct length to height ratio,Foxy head correct ear carriage. Medium size eyes with kind expression,shoulders well laid back,elbows close, legs short but leaving ground clear,hindquarters strong,but a little sluggish on the move today,BOB.
2 Siviter, Bredwardine Aled Shcm.
A ten year old dog, looking good for his age, but reluctant to move today,BV.
Border Collie.
Junior D/ B 3 entries (2abs).
1 Birbeck, Closheps Blue Mist
10 mth old B/T  quite well proportioned for his age, needs his coat trimmed in places.a bit of a handful for his owner, but once settled moved ok.BP.
Open D/B 3 entries  (1 absent)
1 Hartfield, Moshanta Movin  on JW, Shcm,
This was a lovely feminine bitch,well proportioned ,showing quality smooth outlines,kind eye and alert expression ,neck of good length flowing into well angled shoulders and upper arm,level topline ribs well sprung,strong hindquarters ,well arched toes,in super condition ,move free and easy with minimum lift,covering the ground with speed,I think will go far in the future,BOB Group 2.
2 Verplancke, Taranza imagination  Shcm.
This was a lovely dog,a little broad in head,angles front and rear  good ,well muscled, level topline  well sprung ribs,oval feet,moved free and easy,a little too much coat on chest,making him look a little heavy in front.  RBOB.

German Shepherd
Open D/ B 1 entry.
1 Fenn & Foster,Chalksville Cool Running over Jandeburn.
This 2 yr old sable dog had great stamina, masculine head, dark kind eyes, self assured temperament ,perfect scissor bite,strong neck flowing into well laid back shoulders and upper arm .strong level topline,broad and well muscled hindquarters ample turn of stifle,correct rounded toes well closed and arched with well cushioned pads .all this put together gave him his wonderful movement without any change in his top line .i am sure will have a great future, BOB & Group 1.

Rough Collie.
Junior D / B  2 entries (1 abs).
1 Ware, Macirtoft Decided Free at Wassail ( Di ).
This was a very nice youngster,feminine head with sweet expression correct head proportions developing nicely, dark almond shaped eyes,correct  ear carriage, shoulders well angulated,with good length to upper arm.stong back with the slight rise over loin,a good first and second thigh,nice feet, moved soundly.as a great future,BOB & BP.
Graduate D/B  2 entries ( 1 abs ).
1 Ware,Bella Bimba Della Buca Della Fate at Wassail.
A very feminine bitch with that sweet expression ,dark almond shaped eyes,head of correct proportions ,level back with rise over loins.out of coat today,also a little sluggish on the move.RBOB.
Shetland Sheepdog.
Postgraduate D/B   3 entries (1 abs)
1 Creamer. Sherkarl look of gold at Lyngarso.
2 yr old S/W  slightly taller than I would like,kind and gentle expression,head refined blunt wedge,correct ear carriage ,dark almond shaped eyes,scissor bite,shoulder and upper arm of good angles,deep chest,well sprung ribs,muscular hindquarters ,moved gracefully .

2 Eldridge,Sherkarl  Lucy Locket at Petara.
Pretty little bitch,correct almond shaped eyes,giving that sweet expression,good angles front and rear,moved with minimum of effort ,lacking coat on the day .

Open Dog  3 entries.
1. Gruszka. Samphrey  Moonlight Shadow JW.
This was a handsome dog ,head had a refined blunt wedge, dark almond shaped eyes,Arched neck flowing into correct angles of shoulders and upper arm .correct height to withers,hindquarters strong,hocks well let down,moved effortlessly .RBOB & BV.
2  Curtis. Keltihope in the frame at Yasleyrose.
Lovely dog sweet expression correct head and ear carriage,good angles front and rear,Correct height to withers,moved covering the ground with minimum of effort .
3  Creamer. Lyngarso ebony ice.
Open Bitch 4entries  (1 absent).
1. Gruszka. Samphrey Shades of Blue.
5 yrs old blue Merle bitch,lovely wedge head,dark almond eyes giving her that sweet expression .complete scissor bite,good reach of neck,flowing into well laid back shoulders with correct angles to upper arm,correct height to withers,deep chest to point of elbows,ribs well sprung,level back with graceful sweep over loins,muscular hindquarters .hocks well let down,moved gracefully around the ring,in good coat. BOB Group 3.
2. McShane. Milesend. Drama Queen.
Wonderful little bitch for her age of 11,correct head and ear carriage ,well balanced.correct height to length ,moved effortlessly .
3 Eldridge. Petara  Sheer Charisma.

AVNSC, Pastoral. 3 entries (1 absent)
Open D/B
1. Reid,  Ch, Khushalkhan the Bogmeister.
This was a lovely Hungarian Puli  in good profuse corded coat,Very sturdy dog of correct proportions,head small and fine with slightly domed skull.dark eyes with dark rims and flews,scissor bite, medium length of neck sitting into well laid back shoulders and upper arm,  forelegs straight, medium length of back , deep ribs well muscled hindquarters ,ample bend to stifle,moved with typical short stepping quick movement .BOB  Group 4.

2   Wyatt, Khushalkhan Pixie.
Another lovely Puli, plenty of breed type,daughter  to the above,very  similar in confirmation ,just slightly shorter in back.in good profuse corded coat,short stepping quick movement, RBOB.
AVPastoral Veteran.
D/B  6 entries (3 absent).
1. Gruszka. Samphrey  Moonlight Shadow J W.

2.  Harris. Delator Dionysus at Tolnedra  Shcm.

3.  Rann, Skyebucks  Wishing & Hoping at Dramatrix.

Group 1
German Shepherd. Fen& Foster, Chalksville  cool running over Jandeburn.

Group 2
Border Collie. Hartfield. Moshanta Movin on JW.

Group 3
Shetland Sheepdog. Gruszka, Samphrey Shades of blue.

Group 4
Hungarian Puli.  Reid. Ch, Khushalkhan the Bogmeister