– 2014 – Limit Show

We held our Limit Show in June and this was a special show to celebrate our 75th Anniversary.  The whole Committee were delighted at the high entry we received and we would like to thank you for turning out in such high numbers.  We hope you enjoyed the cakes and bubbly and that your gift will be useful.



Sporting & BIS Report from Marcia Forman





It was a pleasure to judge the Members’ Limited Show in their 75 th year.   A well run show with friendly atmosphere, with good home made food available throughout the day,with a lovely cake to mark the occasion, held at Keinton Mandeville Village Hall on Saturday 21 June 2014 .  There was a  good entry of dogs various breeds many of which were of a high standard.  My best in show winner was Miss B Cawlley’s Manchester Terrier Digelsa Dancing With Darla, reserve best in show was Miss Hunt’s Whippet Lavinia Love, best puppy was Walker & Beardshall’s Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, reserve best puppy went to Mrs V G L Hill’s Scottish Terrier Samstever Gold Amulet,  and best veteran in show was Roberts & Spearing’s  Beagle Redcap Break The Mould At Linkenlees SHCM.   AV Gundog( 6 ) 1 Walker & Beardshall’s Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla Lanokk Dorottya a well constructed 7 month old, nice head good spring of ribs well let down shown in good coat and condition, moved well very sound.  2 Newstead’s Retriever (Labrador) Champles Top Tottie.  Puppy d/b( 0 )entries. Junior d/b( 3,1 )Partridge’s Irish Setter Kerrydown Night Hawk  young bitch shown in good condition with super coat  lovely head good mouth moved so well.  2 Baker & Judd’s  Retriever (Labrador) Harpitts Forever Tilly.  Special Yearling d/b(1 ) a late entry I do have the details )  Graduate d/b(, 6,1) 1 Hugh’s  Retriever (Golden) Lornabell Right Said Fred  shown in good condition with super coat, nice head correct mouth, strong bones very sound in movement. 2 Rivett’s  Spaniel ( American Cocker) Geenawell Black Knight.  Open d/b (8) 1 Marsh & Hill’s Spaniel (American Cocker)  Fielgar Whistlin Dixie SHCM  very striking dog in super coat and condition, nice head and correct ears, moved sound covering the ground well.2 Beardshall’s  Hungarian Vizsla Tossneer Jethro At Markarchy .  Veteran d/b( 2)  1 Luczynski’s Spaniel (American Cocker) Semsox Thanks For The Memory At Kanara SHCM  an 11 year old dog, certainly not feeling his age looking great in coat with free movement covering the ground well very alert with nice head.  BIG Fielgar Whistlin Dixie, BPIG Lanokk Dorottya. BVIG Semsox Thanks For The Memory At Kanara SHCM.  AV Terrier mpd/b (5,1) 1 Cawley’s Manchester terrier  Mariablue In A Twirl  a young puppy with a nice head ears and eye good shoulders with well shaped back should mature well  given a little time.  2 Evan’s Lakeland Terrier  Ralphina You Cant Catch Me. Junior d/b (1) 1 Scottish Terrier  Hill’s Samstever Cornish Miner.  A strong dog with good head and jaw standing well but not too keen to move being a little lazy to day.Special Yearling d/b( 5,1) 1 Coles West Highland White Terrier Reifandies Esprit D’amour, very well proportioned young dog good head and pigment nice eye and ears , good neck short back with tail on top, moved well but played his handler up a little  2 Martin’s Border Terrier Bortino Lady Jane.  Graduate d/b( 3 ,1) 1 Burgoine & Woodward’s Lakeland Terrier EskwyreThe Whole Shebang a well proportioned dog with nice head and ears  heavy in shoulder as carrying a bit too much weight  moved OK . 2 Martin’s Border Terrier Bortino Red Emperor.Open d/b (4,1) 1 Cawley’s Manchester Terrier Digelsa Dancing With Darla. A quality bitch lovely head eye and correct jaw and bite well shaped neck and shoulders with correct line of back into her tail carriage, moved sound both ways, alert all the time with attention on her handler who was most professional  obtaining the best from her dog.   I wish her well for the future. BIS.  2 Burgoine & Woodward Lakel;and Terrier Jelliroll Lady Lucinda . Veteran d/b (4,2) 1 Farrand’s Scottish Terrier Pendlehill Olwen At Amberyl an 11 year old bitch showing no sign of her age lovely head with good strong body covered the ground well. 2 Burgoine & Woodward Lakeland Terrier Aaronsway Sungleam.  BIG Digelsa Dancing With Darla BPIG Samstever Gold Amulet BVIG Pendlehill Olwen At Amberyl.AV Hound mpd/b( 0 ) Puppy d/b (1,1).  Junior d/b (4, 1) 1 Taylor’s  Whippet Willingwisp Lindy Hop  very nice young bitch, lovely lines in body with straight legs leading into neat feet, sound mover both ways. 2 Harrison’s  Afghan Garamond Loganberry Al Kabira JW.  Special Yearling d/b (2) 1 Taylor’s  Whippet Willingwisp Jive Bunny nice head and neck leading into good body  nice quarters, moved well. 2 Hunt’s Whippet Sakota Super Sensational. Graduate d/b (4 ,2) 1 Allisston’s Whippet Hergehills Hero, Very streamline dog lovely head in good condition, good legs and feet, moved true. 2 Roberts & Spearing’s Beagle Linkenlees Lustre.  Open d/b (5) 1 Hunt’s Whippet Lavinia Love I found this to be a bitch of high quality in super condition  with a good coat. Lovely body,well let down with good spring of ribs, strong bones and neat feet moved with purpose .  RBIS Veteran d/b (1) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Beagle Redcap Break The Mould Linkenlees SHCM  8 year old bitch  still very sound and in good condition, nice head and good ears , strong legs moved well.BVIS.   BIG Whippet Lavinia Love , BPIG Whippet Erinnis Shades Of Silver BVIG Beagle Redcap Break The Mould.   Brace d/b (16, 10) 1 Cross & O’Brien  English toy Terriers,  well matched and moved as a brace. 2 Taylor’s Whippets.  Special Beginners d/b (5,4) 1 Rivett’s Spaniel (American Cocker)  Geenawell Black Knight.  Special Owner Bred & Handled d/b (8,4) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Beagle Linkenlees Lustre 2 Plummer’s Tibetan Terrier Tetsikarma Stargazer.  Chairman’s Puppy Stakes d/b (9 ,5) 1 Black’s Miniature Pinscher  Royalview Rupert Bear 2 Cawley’s Manchester Terrier Mariablue In A Twirl.  Lucille Sawtell Memorial Special Yearling Stakes d/b (4,2) 1 late entry 2 Sanford’s Whippet Erines Shades Of Silver.  Shirley & Roy Hooper Memorial Open Stakes (13 ,9)  1 Tibbotts Boxer Vasmascall Agusta  2 Baker & Judd’s Hungarian Vizsla Tossneer Jethro At Markarchy.



Non-Sporting Report  from Liesel Thorner

Yeovil and District Canine Society Limit Show. 26th June 2014


I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge the non-sporting breeds at their limit show. I enjoyed it immensely and had some lovely dogs to go over.

Some of the exhibits seemed to be suffering from the effects of the heat on the day which did affect their placings.


AV Utility

Minor Puppy (5, 2)

1st and BPIG, Dogworts Bertie Bot, Tibetan Terrier

Seven and a half month handsome S.Sable. Balanced male at upper end of ideal height. Good spring of rib and deep chest, good bone on straight legs. Good feet. Adequate angulations producing good steady movement, correct coat, still developing.

2nd Starferry Where’s Wally, Shar Pei


Puppy – No Entries


Junior (4, 2)

1st Mekong Jiang Power of History at Densown (It. Imp) Shih Tzu

Fifteen  month nicely balanced dog. Good head on this red and white male with lovely bright expressive well placed eyes. Correct slightly tip-tilted nose and correct mouth. Good topline and tailset. Well coupled. Nice arrogant movement with good drive from behind showing full pad.

2nd Tibbillon Lady Million, Tib Spaniel


Yearling (2, 0)

1st  Starferry Beyond Belief, Shar Pei

Almost three year old Red bitch showing well; squarely built and well balanced with moderate angulations. Nice head, correct topline with required high set tail. Good coat and furnishings that were not over done. Moved well and seriously considered for BIG.

2nd Bullyview Buttercup Baby, F.Bulldog.


Graduate (4, 1)

1st and BIG Tamilanda Blue Waterlilly at Dotsadaisey, Dalmatian

A B/S bitch I have judged before that was at the top of her game today. Stood and showed well. Nice feminine head with good ear carriage. Arched neck into defined wither. Balanced front and rear with moderate angulations. Good spring of rib and deep chest. Legs straight with good bone and feet. Moved with drive. Handled well.

2nd Tetsikarma Lola Stargirl, Tib Terrier.


Open (4, 2)

1st Tetsikarma Stargazer, Tib Terrier

Two and a half year old tri male. Nice head with dark, well set eyes. Square and balanced with good bone and feet. Good top coat with correct woolly under coat; Moved well.

2nd Sundancer Deuce of Ringablok ShCM, Boston Terrier.


Veteran (2, 1)

1st and BVG, Chrevle Karen Zaza at Tetsikarma, Tib Terrier

Grey/smoke almost eight year old bitch. Taller and slightly heavier type, with profuse coat. Good spring of rib and deep chest, moderate angles allowing her to move well.





AV Toy


MP (3, 1)

1ST and BPIG, Royalview Rupert Bear, Min Pin.

Eight month male, not quite the required slope to topline when stood with hocks in correct position but still a nice honest balanced dog. Medium boned with moderate angulations. Moved well with correct hackney action.

2nd Densown Prince Albert, Pomeranian.


Junior (2, 0)

1st Mosthabull Indiana Jones at Hergehill, Italian Greyhound.

The two dogs in this class gave me a little trouble in my choice for 1st place. Both dogs fit their standard well and I was splitting hairs at the end.

This thirteen month male appealed for his elegance, type and  aloof appearance. He is balanced with correct  angles, bone and long well muscled thighs. This boy moved with a free high stepping action with enough drive from behind. Coat short, fine and beautifully glossy. Would prefer just the tiniest bit more weight.

2nd Pinskey Agent Impossible at Tino Lucianna, Min Pin.


Yearling (1, 0)

1st Sulasky Out of Control, English Toy Terr

Fifteen month old bitch with wedged shaped head and candle flame ears. Long slightly arched neck runs nicely into withers. Deep, narrow chest and good tuck up. Good angulations front and rear. Moved ok.


Graduate – No entries


Open (4, 2)

1st and BIG, Densown Red Son ShCM – Pomeranian

Four year old male I have judge before. Liked him then and still like him now. This boy, although a small fine boned breed, has substance under his correct coat. Foxy head carried on short well set neck. Well laid shoulders set around barrelled ribs and a fairly deep chest. Compact body with hind angulations that compliment the fore. Moved freely and with energy. He obviously loves the show ring. Well handled.


Veteran (1, 0)

1st and BVIG, Rayol Seunta for Pinkmead, Papillon.

Still a very fit, happy ten and a half year old Phalene bitch, enjoying her day out. Balanced with substance, but still maintaining her daintiness. Alert expression on face framed by large heavily fringed  ears, held beautifully when alert. Moved very well for a senior veteran.


AV Pastoral


MP, (1, 0)

1st and BPIG, Rubegud Taking the Mick, Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)

Six month old balanced brindle and white male. Lovely foxy head with alert expression and dark eyes. Shoulders well laid and good angle of upper arm. Well sprung ribs and level topline. Nice feet. Rear needs to strengthen and this shows on the move.


Puppy, Junior, Special Yearling, Graduate – no entries.


Open (2, 0)

1st and BIG, Strco Chip-n-Pin, GSD.

Was pleased to finally get my hands on this boy and he did not disappoint. Five year old sable who is proportionate in every way with no exaggerations. Balanced head set on fairly long strong neck, carried well on the stand and lowered correctly on the move. Well laid shoulder equal in length to his strong upper arm. Front legs straight from all angles with good bone. Firm topline and well muscled loin. Good tail set. Nicely muscled hindquarters with strong complimentary  angulations and firm hocks. His beautiful coat completes the picture. All parts of this male work in harmony to produce a smooth rhythmic action on the move keeping his topline. His handler really gets the best out of him. A lovely GSD.


Veteran (2, 1)

1st and BVIG, Bredwardine Aled Shcm

Seven year old B&W alert male. Foxy head sat on muscular neck flowing into wither with good shoulder and upper arm. Balanced angulation, good bone and feet. Moved well.





AV Working


Minor Puppy, (1, 1)


Puppy, (4, 0)

1st Snowshoes Aurora Borealis, A. Mal

11 month bitch. Femine head with nice cap markings. Good ear carriage. Strong arched neck into good shoulders and topline with slight slope down to croup. Good set on of tail and carried nicely over her back. Good strong bone in straight legs and good feet. Balanced well angulated front and rear allowed her to move out well.


2nd Ardhub Gibson, Bullmastiff.


Junior (2, 0)

1st Ardhub Gibson, Bullmastiff

Second in previous class. Taller, balanced ten month old playful fawn male with correct black facial markings. Square head with broad Skull and deep well filled cheeks. Dark eyes well set. Muscular neck of moderate length into well placed shoulder. Good topline. Nicely muscled hindquarters with moderate angulation. Moved with a smooth, controlled rhythmic action with good rear drive and correct feet postioning, keeping his topline.


Special Yearling (no entries)


Graduate (1, 0)


1st VAsmascall Agusta, Boxer.

Four year old square brindle and white bitch. Nice head with dark eye and alert expression. Balanced front and rear wit good long shoulder and nice layback and angled correctly with upper arm. Muscular but not over done. Chest deep wth good spring of rib. Legs string and straight with good feet. Nicely muscled rear, moderate bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved with drive.


Open (1, 0)


1st and BIG,Libertia Son of Anarchy, A.Mal.

Almost 3 year old capped male going through a moult so a little out of coat today, but did not detract from the overall dog. . Lovely alert expression on good masculine head without coarseness. Dark nicely set eyes and good ear carriage.Well laid shoulder and good angle of upper arm, leading to straight, strong boned legs and good feet. Deep chest and nicely sprung rib cage. Good topline over muscular loin into correct tail set and carriage. Hind legs strong with nice bend of stifle, dead straight when viewed from rear.  Well let down hocks. Steady balanced movement completed this picture with good reach and drive keeping his topline.


2nd Robinstek The Godfather – Boxer