– 2018 Show Report – Premier Open Show


Border Terriers
Judge Robert Brewster (Stowthorney & Breckgreen)

Firstly, I would like to thank the committee of Yeovil & District Canine Society for asking me to judge at their Open Show. I would like to thank my stewards Adelaide Jasper & Angela Callow for keeping the ring order running smoothly. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for entering under me on what was an extremely warm day and thank them for taking my decisions gracefully.

Class 87 Puppy Dog or Bitch 3 entries
1st Pile’s Heading For Home at Moleschamber.
11-month-old grizzle and tan dog. Strong otter head with a perfect scissor bite. Dark eyes, broad skull and neat ears held close to cheek. Good reach of neck. Narrow front with good shoulders. Good angulation front and rear. Lovely top line which he held on the move or which he moved very well. Pleased to award him Best Puppy. Later to hear that he won the Terrier Puppy Group Then Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Brown & West’s Lady Shirley Temple
8 month old grizzle and tan bitch pup. Very feminine head. Good scissor bite. Harsh double coat. Ribbed well back. Nice angulation from and rear. Moved ok.
3rd De Booder’s Booderway Crimson Maple.

Class 88 Junior Dog or Bitch 5 entries 1 abs
1st Haydon & Gibbing’s Earthtaw Jessica Rabbit
Grizzle and tan bitch that came to the hand well. Keen expression. Large strong teeth with a good scissor bite. Well laid shoulders into a level top line. Good tail set. Harsh double coat. Moved well.
2nd Earthtaw Jasper Carrot at Moleschamber
Grizzle and tan dog. Nice head. Good scissor bite. Harsh dense coat with a thick pelt. Ribbed well back. Nice tail and tail set. Moved well
3rd Falke’s Falkes Miss Sophie
4th De Boorder’s Booderway Monkey Puzzle

Class 89 Post graduate Dog or Bitch
No Entries

Class 90 Limit Dog or Bitch 4 entries 2 abs
1st De Boorder’s Mulberry Blossom For Booderway
Grizzle and tan bitch. Pleasing otter head with a keen expression. Perfect scissor bite. Neat ears. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulders. Ribs well back. Deep harsh double coat. Nice tail and tail set. Moved well
2nd Martin’s Bortino Lady Jane
Grizzle and tan bitch. Came to hand well. Typical otter head. Nice angulation. Harsh double coat. Good top line which she held on the move. Moved well.

Class 91 Open Dog 5 entries 1 abs
1st Pile’s Dr Zhivago at Moleschamber
Grizzle and tan dog. Presented in tip top condition. Large teeth with a good scissor bite. Dark eyes with keen expression. Good reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Strong loin. Harsh double coat with a good pelt. Moved very well. Pleased to award him Best of Breed and later heard he was awarded Terrier Group 2.
2nd Phipps Tufterslodge Tea n cake
Blue and tan dog. Pleasing otter head. Good scissor bite. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulders. Nice top line. Moved well just lost out today on coat.

Class 92 Open bitch 2 entries
1st Falke’s Ger Ch Badgerbeck Mousai
Grizzle and tan bitch with a pleasing feminine otter head. Correct scissor bite. Keen expression. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulders. Thick pelt. Good angulation front and rear. Level top line that she held on the move. Moved well. Pleased to award her Reserve Best of Breed.
2nd Brown & West’s Lady Shirley Temple.


Yeovil & District Canine Society – Premier Open – 14/15 July 2018

Handling Classes

A pleasure to be invited to judge the handling at this prestigious show, with a group of considered handlers, showing good care to their dogs. Remember to always keep an eye on the position of the judge, but to complete your pattern before returning to the judge’s feet, and not to start or finish too close to the judge – if the dog is stood right at my feet then I can’t see it!

Day One – 14/07/2018

6-11 Years (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Zak Luter (7) handling a Pug. A little nervous on what I understand to be his first go in the ring, with an exuberant and challenging dog to handle. Will need to work hard on knowledge and skill in the future but this will also bring confidence in years to come. Well done on your first attempt at showing, and good luck for the future.

12-16 Years (2, 0 Abs) A difficult class with two very good handlers.

1st – Meaylee Lewis (15) handling a Flatcoat Retriever. Showed great empathy to her charge, particularly in the warm weather. Demonstrated good knowledge, and shadowing was good. Patterns are a little untidy, but always kept her eye on judge’s positioning. Smooth lead changes and good positioning showed off the dog to the best advantage. Best Junior

2nd – Poppy Wynter (14) handling a Wire Fox Terrier. Handled well with care and consideration, but remember the difference between bite and teeth when asked to present just the bite. Need to brush up on anatomical knowledge, but patterns had clean, neat lines and shadowing was considered and not over exaggerated.

17-34 Years (2, 1 Abs)

1st – Chloe Jefferies handling a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Excellent shadowing throughout, demonstrating good knowledge and a lovely rapport with the dog. Extremely neat patterns, showing the dog off to the best advantage, moving at a sensible pace. Always observed judge’s positioning and compensating for this, with smooth and fluid shadowing. Best Adult & Best Overall Handler (Day1)

35+ Years (6, 0 Abs) A difficult class to judge as many could swap places on another day.

1st – Liesel Thorner handling a Dalmatian. Presented her charge thoughtfully and carefully in the warm weather, with good knowledge and a smooth, considered approach. Extremely neat patterns with a smooth pace showed dog off well and to it’s advantage. Clear and consistent shadowing throughout. Remember the difference between ‘L’ and reverse! Lost out in Adult Challenge with a minor slip-up.

2nd – Sheila Lane handling a Havanese. Excellent shadowing throughout and showed good knowledge. Handled empathetically without fussing, keeping an eye on positioning. Patterns were somewhat neat, but do need some work.

3rd – Anita Skinner handling a L/C Chihuahua.

Day 2 – 15/07/2018

6-11 Years (0)

12-16 Years (2, 0 Abs) A hard class with two very good handlers.

1st – Caitlin Tree (13) handling a Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund. Excellent communication with her dog throughout, showing good knowledge. Shadowing was flawless, smooth and efficient. Correct, neat lines on patterns, always keeping an eye on the judge’s position and showing off the movement of the dog in an effortless fashion. Best Junior and Best Handler in Show

2nd – Poppy Wynter (14) handling a Wire Fox Terrier. Good Shadowing throughout the class, still need to work on the anatomical knowledge, but got the bite correct today. Very neat patterns, with good, straight lines. Stacking of the dog was a little over fussed when not needing to be, but good overall.

17-34 Years (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Charlotte Warren-Sinclaire handling a Border Collie. Good knowledge shown, and nice neat patterns. Shadowing was slightly over exaggerated – remember not to step over your dog! Showed a good bond with the dog, but lead changes could be tidier. Best Adult.

35+ Years (1, 0 Abs)

1st – Glenda Tibbotts handling a Boxer. Good shadowing when stood, however did come between Judge and dog on the reverse triangle. Anatomical knowledge OK, but showed excellent empathy towards the dog, showing in a caring and considered manner in such warm weather. Patterns were neat and tidy, with good lead changes when changing position.

Judge: Mr Chrys M Dawson (Carmajay)

Yeovil &Dist CS

TEL: 07971 095447

Hoping Jill Black is making a full recovery, as I was her last-minute stand in judge. A lovely day with super dogs and a very friendly committee.

Siberian Husky
Class 225 Open (1)
1.Toomers Cwnhapus Tigers Eye for Shaali Standing alone this 7 month silver coated boy was shown in fabulous condition. Attractively marked head having alert ear set, very dark bright almond shaped eyes and correct scissor bite. Good front assembly and pleasing outline in the stand. Super double coat and well furred tail. Kept strong topline on the move.BOB/BPIB/WPG4

Class 226 Open (5)
1.Vicks Mia Von Der Alten Festung At Vickangels (Imp HRV) JW ShCM Compact and powerful 2 ½ year old bitch in gleaming condition. Smart head with good stop, dark eyes, good mouth and length of muzzle. Well used neat ears on crested muscular neck. Filled front and deep well sprung ribs. Good rear angulation with strong topline and muscled hindquarters enabling the smoothest gait. A well deserved BOB/WG1
2.Markers Jaegerot Smooth Criminal Alert, striking headed 10month puppy dog, pleasing viewed from all angles. Maturing well having the appearance of great strength, with a clean arched neck and muscular forechest. Balanced in the stand and moved well. RBOB/BPIB/WPG2
3.Vicks Ava Von Der Alten Festung At Vickangels (Imp HRV)

Class 227 Graduate (3/1)
1.Myles Shake Maker Into Boxadore Showy red 9 month bitch having a lovely expression, head of good proportions with broad muzzle and distinct stop. Well used ears complimented a clean muscular crested neck flowing into well held topline, slightly sloping. Good straight bone and tight feet with correct rear angulation, producing good movement. RBOB/BPIB WPG3
2.Robinsons Charlards Love Is In The Air At Robinsteck A pleasing 14 month red bitch with a very smart head. Front not as filled as 1 but nice in the stand. Movement also not as good as 1.
Class 228 Open (3)
1.Robinsons Gravity Pulls To Robinsteck Strong red 2 yr old boy with a super smart head having good stop and muzzle, sound bite and nothing exaggerated. Pleasing throughout with a showy muscular crested neck super front assembly, tight feet, well held topline and muscled hindquarters. A picture of power and masculinity in the stand and on the move. BOB WG3
2.Tibbots Misstricks Forone Nite Only ShCM Not as showy as 1 but pleasing overall this brindle bitch having a good mouth and jawline. Front not as filled as 1 but good depth and nice tight feet. Moved out well.
3.Myles Boxadore Hoedown Throwdown

Alaskan Malamute
Class 229 Graduate (3/1)
1.Barnes & Sextons Muzoku Lildevil 16 month old silver coated dark mantled bitch with broad skull and correctly proportioned muzzle set off by attractive cap. Straight well boned legs, moderate angulation and good breadth of torso. Coat in great condition with nicely furnished tail. Very balanced throughout and easy smooth movement BOB WG4
2. Smiths Snowshoes Telmarine King 12 month old boy having a very attractive head and almond eyes, lighter than 1. Nice tight feet, needs more front to fill and just a little rear high at present. RBOB/BPIB
Class 230 Open (2)
1.Smiths Mlt Ivram Bradley You’re the One At Snowshoes ShCM(ImpMlt) 21/2 yr handsome silver dog with a white face and smart dark hood. Dark almond eyes, filled deep front, good topline and nicely feathered hind legs. Moved well.
2.Woodgates Snowshoes Mountain Ranger Smaller, more compact boy having lovely markings, a very attractive head, correct bite and balanced throughout. Just a little unsettled in the heat.

Class 231 Graduate (2/2)
Class 232 Open (2/2)
Class 233 Junior (2/2)
Class 234 Graduate (0)
Class 235 Open (2/2)
St Bernard
Class 236 Open (1/1)
Tibetan Mastiff
Class 237 Open (1/1)
A.V.N.S.C. Working
Class 238 Graduate (0)
Class 239 Open (1/1)

A.V. Working
Class 240 Puppy (6/2)
1. Markers Jaegerot Smooth Criminal, Rottweiler puppy 2nd in class 226
2. Toomers Cwnhapus Tigers Eye for Shaali Siberian Husky 1st in class 225
3. Vicks Ava Von Der Alten Festung At Vickangels (Imp HRV)
Class 241 Yearling (2/2)
Class 242 Open (4/3)
1.Tibbots Misstricks Forone Nite Only ShCM Boxer 2nd in class 228
Class 243 Veteran (3/2)
1.Markers Sundrifters Tiffany Aching Rottweiler, reserve in class 226 Compact 7 yr old bitch. Very nice shape and belying her age as she moved smoothly and powerfully around the ring.

A.V.N.S.C. Pastoral
Class 260 Graduate (5/2)
1.Ludwigs Danga’s D’Loui X-Son (ATC AU03015 Swe) This 16 month sable coloured, showy, sturdy Swedish Vallhund boy took my eye straight away having such obvious character and attitude. Alert, expressive muscular and balanced throughout with correct mouth and 2 to 3 body ratio. Elbows tucked well under a deep chest, he moved with drive and purpose. A super example of the breed. BOB PG1
2.Hows Danga’s Diva X-Dotter of Valaller (Imp Swe) Litter sister to 1 and equally as together, but just pipped this time by the attitude and stance of her brother.
3.Varnes Laarau De La Mesta Pastores (Imp Fra) Pyrenean Sheepdog
Class 261 Open(2/1)
1.Hows Pepperthyme On A Rainbow. Another super example of a Swedish Vallhund. With a pert wedge shaped head, held high, this 3½ yr old girl, having a neat yet strong torso, moved true and soundly around the ring. RBOB

Class 262 Puppy (2/2)
Class 263 Yearling (0)
Class264 Open (2)
1.Warren-Sinclaires Meretrix Harley Isds Border Collie from class 247 Nice overall shape, nothing overdone. Good scissor bite and kind expression. Not as showy as some but a pleasing type and a very steady mover.
2.Siviters Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM Cardigan Corgi from class 253 Solid character who stood well and moved with purpose.

Class 265 Veteran (3/2)
1.McShanes Milesend Drama Queen Shetland Sheepdog Superb 12 yr old bitch having a profuse red coat with clean white chest. Alert ears and clear dark eyes she produced a pretty picture, moving very smoothly for an older girl.



Yeovil and District Canine Society 15th July 2018

Thankyou to the society for the judging appointment her is my critique
Bearded Collies
Ent 3 – 2 abs
1 – Mr L and Mrs L Webb SHCM , JW 3yr old dog
Pleasing head with broad flat and square skull ,strength in muzzle with correct dentition around throughout and on the move was relaxed and cover the ground with ease BOB

Australian shepherds
Ent 1 – 1 abs

Boarder Collie
Junior Ent 2 – 1 abs
Mrs S Wallwork
Defying Gravity 10 mths B Just a baby with pleasing head dark eye good bite nice reach of neck and level topline correct bend of stifle well muscled for the age .Moved around the ring very well for the age BOB and BPIB

Post Graduate
Ent 2 – 1 abs
1 – Miss C Warren -Sinclaire
D good head eye and ear carridge when used moved ok not the type I usually look for .

Ent 3 – 1 abs
1- Miss FA and Mr GG Snook – James
Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe (A1) JW B 2 year old
Nice bitch but played up on the day had correct head and ear carridge lovely bone would have liked to see it move better could have gone BOB

2 – Miss C Warren – Sinclaire
Moshanta movin on out JW
6yr old bitch nice head well ribbed with good depth of chest good angulation moved ok.

German Shepard
Open Ent 3 – 3 abs

Norwegian Buhund No entries

Rough Collies

Graduate Ent 2 -1 abs
1 – Mrs J Bolt
Nutslade Kiss The Stars
D 2 year old nice sable and white Correct size good head with a nice almond eye and ear carried , well coated needs a little more training BOB

Welsh Corgi Cardigan
Open ENT 2 – 0 abs
1 – Mrs L Siviter
Rubegud Takin the Mick SHCM
D 5yrs old a shapley dog with good topline correct head and ear set nice eye moved well around the ring .BOB

2 – MrsA Ludwig
Owain Stajnia Magia D 7mths
Nice puppy Lovely top line correct head eye ears and tail set moved extremely well for his age BPIS

Shetland sheepdog
Junior Ent 4 – 4 abs
Post grad – Ent 2 – 2 abs

Limit Ent 4 – 3 abs
1 Mrs P E Curtis
Keltihope in the frame at Yasleyrose D 6yrs
Nice size with good head and a sweet expression almomnd eye good ear placement used them well good chest and angulation level topline well coated and groomed , moved well around the ring BOB

Open Dog Ent 2 – 1abs
Open Bitch Ent 4 – 4 abs